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5-Day Intensive Testimonials

5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Read testimonials from Michael Mirdad’s Intensives:

Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive

Soul Family

"Mere words cannot convey the experience that enveloped my soul in your Mastery Workshop. My essence is still 'glowing with the knowledge & transformational change I experienced while others around me are noticing a significant difference making them very curious about what I did on my vacation! I would definitely say it shifted me into letting go of unhealthy beliefs I've held (way too long). I was touched in every area of self€“Physical (feeling healthier & getting back into my body to move & groove as who I really am); Emotionally (feeling that it's fine to let go of toxic emotions that slowed my vitality); Mentally (knowing I am truly focused, anxiety has lifted & sensing what to say & how to speak with a greater clarity to others); Spiritually (definitely in alignment with God & seeing the synchronicity already in play with all of the above combined). The fluidity of the workshop from the information shared by Michael & with others; hands on learning; delicious meals & relaxing accommodations made me feel safe & at ease to awaken to my real Self. I really felt the connections I made with myself & with others were completely amazing! It felt like I was leaving my 'soul family when it was time to go home."

--Cherlyn, TX

A Fountain of Love

"There is so much to write, yet there are no words for me, only the imprint on my heart and soul in a feeling, ineffable! I left with a fountain of love and joy to share with the world. I would so like to share my private feelings in regards to the unfolding process of this love and joy, when I come down from Cloud #9. I really enjoyed the whole retreat. For me it was the fellowship and the Communion with the All Mighty. There was a feeling of radiance that was a constant. Loved that! On an empathic level, the interpretation of the heart is so hard to put into simple words. It can only be felt with an open heart, mind, and Soul. There were rushes and calms of elation, visceral sensations that sent me into verbs of ecstasy and bliss. Loved the Garden! I would so love to speak to the architect who did the design in regards to why this and why that. It was very inspirational and sensational."

--Vicki, TX


"The Mastery Workshop was the most freeing, liberating, loving, transforming, Workshop I have attended. Attendees provided a safe and enjoyable environment to open up and grow. I felt a total release of lots of inhibitions/habits/behaviors that were holding me back from lovingly expressing myself. Highlights were: Yoga exercises, Jean's creative clay exercise, Reiki, the sacred warming fire, drumming, and the Soul Retrieval. Also, thoroughly enjoyed the delicious well prepared meals . . . not an easy task to please the tastes of 30 people! Thank You!"

--Susan, FL




Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive

A Transcendent Experience

"I just attended my first Christ Consciousness workshop. I have heard from past attendees of Michael's workshops that this was by far their favorite. I can say now I whole-heartedly agree! This intensive went far beyond the typical classroom learning experience. It was a transcendent gathering of spiritual expansion and healing that surpasses years of study. Truly led by the divine and flowing with an ease and grace I witnessed many transformations. We went from learning massive amounts of historical information to meditations and decrees, from Sufi dancing to past life recall, from learning about the lives of Jesus to formulating personal prayers with intention. Thank you Michael for being the light that leads the way."

--Judy, FL

Mind and Heart Opening

"I am ever so gently opening my mind, heart, and soul to joyfully and Lovingly share my blessings, gifts, talents, and abilities with all in whom I come in contact. The highlights of this workshop for me included the togetherness of Thanksgiving Day. I also discovered where I have 'energy leaks in several areas of my life and how to efficiently close/seal them . . . permanently!"

--Susan, FL

Exceptional Workshop

"This workshop was exceptional! It was a chance for each person to bring their own experiences of God and spirituality to the table and leave with greater depth, knowledge of and connection to our oneness with God. Studying sacred writings has never been more fun and enlightening. We were able to experience the 'Christedness within each of us and in so doing, bring our individual 'Christedness to a higher level. It was a sacred and holistic experience: from prayers and meditations; to reading together; to blessing each other with holy water; to sharing our own birth, tests of the ego, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension experiences. Four days of heaven on earth! This workshop is what a spiritual experience is all about! Thank you for helping to birth the Christ in each of us!"

--Yolanda, ON