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5-Day Intensive Testimonials

5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Read testimonials from Michael Mirdad’s Intensives:

Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive

One with God

"Thanks for the workshop! My favorite highlights include the following: A deeper understanding and appreciation that we are one with God and have no fear; How to fill my heart and soul with Joy; The Sufi Dance that focused on holding the 'candle of Christ was a highlight on several levels; The schedule and meals.Walking in the morning, yoga, protein shake for breakfast, a full lunch, and an alkaline meal at the end of the day; Learning to 'start the day with God then re-visit this connection throughout the day and finally, go into deep sleep with God at the end of the day. I also enjoyed the many great insights and learning how to focus, integrate, and apply."

--Rob, France

Changed My Life

"Michael Mirdad's Mastery Workshop changed my life both personally and professionally. His inspirational approach to teaching us how to become Masters in everything we do has already made a difference in how I carry out my daily life tasks. Michael is able to effectively combine a Spiritual focus with a practical foundation that shifted my way of thinking about the world, about myself, and about my relationship with God. By utilizing the tools he gave us, I am able to Center myself, Focus (on my goal), and Go (implement that goal). As a result, I can already tell a difference in my ability to be a more effective parent, to be a better communicator and receiver in my interactions with others, and to have a clearer intent with my soul's purpose. Michael's unique healing activities are beyond any I have ever encountered throughout my journey both personally and as a mental health professional. Professionally, I have learned multiple healing modalities that will enhance my ability to heal others in my Psychotherapy Private Practice. During Michael's workshop, I observed amazing Spiritual growth and healing in myself and the other group members. Michael has an unrivaled ability to capture an audience by using humor, as well as, sharing his broad knowledge about History, Religion, Metaphysics, Psychology, Pop Culture, and the Healing arts as a way to illustrate his concepts."

--Ariel, AZ

Fantastic Insight

"It was wonderful to attend my third Mastery Workshop. Once again I experienced fantastic insights and expect to make dramatic changes in my life that will prove both healing and inspiring. My favorite parts of the event include the emotional healing, the physical challenges, and the lecture portions that covered the history and mysteries of the universe€“all of which amazed me beyond words. I am blown away once again. This year's mastery workshop took me to some of the deepest levels of learning and healing I have experienced. Thanks for creating such a safe and loving environment for us to learn and grow to be the masters of our lives you have shown us we can be. After this particular workshop, I realized that I am no longer attending as an attendee but also as a person who is training to assist other teachers and/or facilitate my own workshops some day."

--Jackie, WA




Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive

Mind and Heart Opening

"I am ever so gently opening my mind, heart, and soul to joyfully and Lovingly share my blessings, gifts, talents, and abilities with all in whom I come in contact. The highlights of this workshop for me included the togetherness of Thanksgiving Day. I also discovered where I have 'energy leaks in several areas of my life and how to efficiently close/seal them . . . permanently!"

--Susan, FL

A Life-Changing Experience

"I attended this workshop two years in a row. Michael's workshop is deep and inspiring, yet he always provides concrete actions we can take to make God a part of our daily lives. I was happy to discover just how much of the prior year's teaching I had integrated into my daily life and I look forward to taking it to ever deeper levels going forward. During the last day's exercise where we look deep into another's eyes and channel the love of Christ, I felt Jesus come into my body to help me channel Christ love and to share the experience with me. I can't begin to convey what a profoundly moving and life-changing experience it was. I feel Jesus and God's love with me more than ever before and I am eternally grateful!"

--Natalie, AZ

Superb Workshop

"Every bit of the workshop was superb. In particular, I loved the clear exposition of how the separation from God regularly manifests in our lives as core issues and how we lose energy from debts unpaid, promises un-kept, deeds undone, and, of course, misdeeds. I am profoundly grateful for Michael's ability to deal with the deep issues that surfaced for people during this workshop. It is an honor and education to witness this level of healing work. A client of mine told me that her most recent massage with me was her 'Best ever. I shared with her about our beautiful closing wherein we received a blessing and healing from Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene."

--Carol, TX