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Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

The Most Profound Material

"This is the most profound material I have ever studied on the topic of spirituality. I never leave Michael's workshops without having learned volumes on the topic at hand. I love how the beauty of your meditations takes me to a higher vibration in my relationship with God and others. I most enjoyed the soul retrieval where I clearly was able to connect with my intuitive gifts."

--Angela, TX

A True Disciple of Christ

"I loved learning about the hidden spiritual history of the planet and about how to read the parables of Jesus. I also loved learning about Jesus' various past lives. I loved being with my friends and making new ones. I loved the healing circle at the end and to feel the energy of God, as well as the time we all spent in a group hug, which was so intimate, the love I felt was so beautiful. It occurred to me that if every man had felt what I felt in that group, there would be no war, as there would be no hate in their heart. Lastly, I was amazed that Michael constantly knew what everyone in the group was going through. He is truly a disciple of the Christ."

--Steve, NJ

A Higher Vibration Workshop

"Thanks for another great workshop! The work we did just seemed to be at a higher energy/vibration than other workshops. The volume of information that came pouring into our awareness was simply perfect. The chronology of events was skillfully executed with emptying our minds and souls using various techniques including ACIM exercises, daily opening each of the chakras, history and insightful explanations of world events and how they relate to our current definition of who we are and where we are at as a race of humans on this planet at this time. Day-by-day, as our collective consciousness rose to meet the higher vibration of the Christ within, we all experienced huge, palpable shifts in our being. My ego bowed down in the Light of Christ and now Spirit leads my way."

--Jennifer, OR