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Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

A Deeply Inspiring Workshop

The Christ Consciousness intensive is a deeply inspiring workshop. It covers what really matters in our human experience. Michael Mirdad's ability to connect pieces of information from many sources and historical times widens our vision and anchors our souls 'purpose. This class helps us be here for the world, rather than just in the world. It is a very dharmic class, I experience it at a cellular level. I have taken the workshop three times now, and could do it again. Although I learn something new each time with my mind, what really makes a difference is how I feel, how I expand and anchor more and more into who I am.

Helena AZ

Superb Workshop

Every bit of the workshop was superb. In particular, I loved the clear exposition of how the separation from God regularly manifests in our lives as core issues and how we lose energy from debts unpaid, promises un-kept, deeds undone, and, of course, misdeeds. I am profoundly grateful for Michael’s ability to deal with the deep issues that surfaced for people during this workshop. It is an honor and education to witness this level of healing work. A client of mine told me that her most recent massage with me was her “Best ever.” I shared with her about our beautiful closing wherein we received a blessing and healing from Jesus, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene.

Carol TX

Found New Strength and Serenity

Before getting the email about this retreat, I had only one intent . . . I wanted to go to sleep and start over in another dimension or life . . . sounds desperate and pathetic just to write it but it’s true. Everything seemed wrong in my life . . . none of the dots were connecting. My belief in God, myself, and my loved ones had been reduced to nothing. Nevertheless, when I heard about the workshop, I knew I had to attend. Then, after just one day of being with the group I knew I had made the right decision. I have been studying religion for 25 years . . . having a deep love for Christ. I walked away from the fundamentalist Christian viewpoint and began studying Judaism but again became disillusioned. This lead me to look into Eastern Religions, which sparked a flame inside of me that seemed to kindle the flame of my other, former beliefs but I did not understand or see the connection between the Eastern and Western philosophies. All of this then lead me to the metaphysical community where I felt a newness and freshness that had been missing in my fundamental circles. And now, this workshop tied all the different ancient beliefs together. Most importantly I found a new-found strength and serenity in my “secret” love of the Christ. I feel “Born Again” but in a way that seems grounded and secure in the reality that we are all here to become more like Christ. Now, not only do I want to live again, I want to love again (Myself and Others).

Ellen CA

A Fabulous Deep Experience

Having attended all of your Christ Consciousness workshops, all I can say is what a fabulous, deep experience! The melding of Biblical, Course in Miracles and other esoteric material with shamanic processes, meditation, conscious movement and psychodrama created a profoundly healing and enlightening journey. I was amazed how so many diverse people received the perfect healing and information for each at this point on their path. The Heavenly Beings (angels, masters, etc) that show up to support your work, and this workshop in particular, is awesome! You and we are so blessed. I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving than nurturing Christ Consciousness.

Carol TX

A True Disciple of Christ

I loved learning about the hidden spiritual history of the planet and about how to read the parables of Jesus. I also loved learning about Jesus’ various past lives. I loved being with my friends and making new ones. I loved the healing circle at the end and to feel the energy of God, as well as the time we all spent in a group hug, which was so intimate, the love I felt was so beautiful. It occurred to me that if every man had felt what I felt in that group, there would be no war, as there would be no hate in their heart. Lastly, I was amazed that Michael constantly knew what everyone in the group was going through. He is truly a disciple of the Christ

Steve NJ

Immense Gratitude

The gratitude I feel for the level of forgiveness I have found in myself is beyond anything I can describe. All of the activities were timed and orchestrated perfectly to accomplish this. I loved the history, the soul retrieval, the healings, the decrees, Course in Miracles meditations, the walks outside, power stones, and fire ceremonies. It has led me to see humanity as a unit, functioning together, the pieces gradually revealing themselves as we move toward greater and greater awareness and embodiment of Christ consciousness.

Amelia OR

Deep Effective Work

Thank you for the one-way trip into the fourth dimension! I say one-way because I’m not sure I’m back yet. I have spent the last 25 years training with Psychic Masters and have never worked as deeply as I did at the CC retreat. Just when I thought I was done I was hit with the next firestorm and was resurrected from the ashes, each time going deeper. When I was a little girl I had two dreams: First, I wanted to live to experience the 21st century, and Second, I wanted to experience the 2nd coming of Christ. Now I have accomplished both and I am thrilled! I am so happy to reconnect with Jesus, Mary, Angelic multitudes, Ascended Masters, and of course God.

Lori OR

Reaches High Into the Light

Michael holds space with such a peaceful, kind, and energetic presence. He shares a truth through not only words and good humor, but an embodiment of ideals. Reaching high into the light, he is yet wholly human, illustrating the spectrum of what it means to be Christ on earth. Spend your next Thanksgiving with him, surrounded by countless seekers, and you'll return to your life with a deeper sense of connection, a stronger inner knowing, and a freedom born from the greatest truth this world has ever known.

Matthew CO

Gained A Greater Sense of Clarity

I am so grateful for the experience of being in the Awakening Christ Consciousness Workshop. Everything came together for me for the first time in my life spiritually. I came out of the workshop with a sense of clarity in my purpose, knowing that I found my spiritual home with having learned the secrets of the universe and in living the Christ life. I feel so blessed.

Nancy MA

A Life-Changing Experience

I attended this workshop two years in a row. Michael's workshop is deep and inspiring, yet he always provides concrete actions we can take to make God a part of our daily lives. I was happy to discover just how much of the prior year's teaching I had integrated into my daily life and I look forward to taking it to ever deeper levels going forward. During the last day's exercise where we look deep into another's eyes and channel the love of Christ, I felt Jesus come into my body to help me channel Christ love and to share the experience with me. I can't begin to convey what a profoundly moving and life-changing experience it was. I feel Jesus and God's love with me more than ever before and I am eternally grateful!

Natalie AZ

Exceeded Expectations in Every Way

I attended this workshop with a bit of apprehension, not ever having been to one of Micheal’s talks or knowing much about the workshop. The week exceeded my expectations in many ways by the depth of what we leaned on a mental level (concepts, history, etc.) but also by what we experienced physically and emotionally in the activities/exercises which were truly expansive and fun. But most impressive was the spiritual experience of love that Michael and the group as a whole showed. After a week I felt like I knew them all for years! Not only were all comforts of great food, lodging, scents, and music meticulously provided but close attention to detail for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs were met truly transcending the average “seminar on spirituality”! This was truly an “active model” or embodiment of what Michael preaches on balance and wholeness. I am sure all those who attended agree, this was truly life-changing and worth the time, effort and money to attend!

Dawn PA

Connection to Spirit

It took quite a lot of effort (financially and logistically) to get to this workshop and so the immersion into the realms of Christ and the dimensions of this Universe was felt at an even deeper level for me. Michael’s teachings bring connection to Spirit, illumination, understanding, and emancipation from my body, emotions, mind, and heart. Missing pieces of the universal puzzle are now found! I also feel a worthiness to connect to Christ and his teachings; even deciphering scripture was fun and exciting. Applying the initiations of Christ to our own lives, revealing the part of our ego and the illusions of this world, imparting wisdom of Apostleship and enabling us to bring that awareness with us daily, has given me the tools to reach through the veil and find my way back to the kingdom of Heaven.

Diana FL

A Higher Vibration Workshop

Thanks for another great workshop! The work we did just seemed to be at a higher energy/vibration than other workshops. The volume of information that came pouring into our awareness was simply perfect. The chronology of events was skillfully executed with emptying our minds and souls using various techniques including ACIM exercises, daily opening each of the chakras, history and insightful explanations of world events and how they relate to our current definition of who we are and where we are at as a race of humans on this planet at this time. Day-by-day, as our collective consciousness rose to meet the higher vibration of the Christ within, we all experienced huge, palpable shifts in our being. My ego bowed down in the Light of Christ and now Spirit leads my way.

Jennifer OR

Most profound workshop ever

When I first attended the Christ Consciousness Workshop two years ago, I left thinking and feeling that it was the most profound workshop I had every attended. Yet, this workshop brought that information to next level with even greater information, insights, and very powerful healing prayers, meditations, and exercises. Throughout the workshop, I felt many shifts in consciousness and much coming up to be healed. Thank you Michael for providing a very safe space to learn, heal, and connect and for your love and devotion to your students.

Joelle FL

New Heights of Understanding

Since the end of the workshop, I am still praying for guidance to show me how to live these principles in the most challenging areas of my life. As I reach ever new heights and deeper levels of love and understanding, these teachings of Christ are an added treasure to me. The information and prayers in this workshop were very natural and satiating. Every piece and process built together led me to experience healing and understanding on a level more like I have always been searching for. I learned to make more room in my heart for God to finally reach me. I also see more clearly how I had been responsible for why I lacked this connection in the past. The soul retrieval work was profound and helped me to understand why I was experiencing my life the way I was. I am committed to keeping this new awakening alive and know that what I have learned will help me do so at a much deeper level!

Jackie WA

A Transcendent Experience

I just attended my first Christ Consciousness workshop. I have heard from past attendees of Michael’s workshops that this was by far their favorite. I can say now I whole-heartedly agree! This intensive went far beyond the typical classroom learning experience. It was a transcendent gathering of spiritual expansion and healing that surpasses years of study. Truly led by the divine and flowing with an ease and grace I witnessed many transformations. We went from learning massive amounts of historical information to meditations and decrees, from Sufi dancing to past life recall, from learning about the lives of Jesus to formulating personal prayers with intention. Thank you Michael for being the light that leads the way.

Judy FL

Helped Me Find My Way Home

The Christ Consciousness workshop helped me to find my way home. It opened my mind to see the world with a new perspective. I completed the fifth day feeling connected to a bigger spiritual family, inspired, and with a greater sense of purpose and joy.

Carol MA

Astounding Workshop

The Christ Consciousness Workshop was very meaningful for me on a number of levels. Michael astounded me with his breadth and depth of knowledge about the Bible, Jesus, early mysticism, sacred sites, and ancient history. Very cool! I also appreciated the Christ consciousness prayers and the longer meditations. I am using these throughout my day and they’re really helping me with my emotional and more obsessive/compulsive behaviors. I have come to appreciate and trust Michael’s commitment to God and his healing practice even more. It is inspiring! There were so many wonderful activities at this workshop. The information about the history of the universe was clear, informative, and intriguing. The closing circle, initiation into the Christ Consciousness, was transformative. When I laid down in the middle of the circle I felt the amplification of energy, all the light, in my body. As my heart chakra opened, I felt as if my entire chest was being pulled up to the ceiling, that my breath was deep and being pulled through my body to my feet. I felt like I was in the zone of Jesus, Mary, and of course the circle of meditators and you, Michael. I do feel like I have attained a new spiritual level.

Jean OR

Life Transforming

My life has transformed . . . The Love permeates everything like it never has before. All the things I could never quite express have been clarified and validated.

Kat OR

A Truly Gifted Spiritual Teacher

One of the most effective aspects of this workshop is how well Michael combines various learning tools—lecture material is preceded by yoga, spiritual meditation is followed by camaraderie and movies, intellectual interpretation of bible passages assignments were offset by breath-work. My heart, mind, body and soul were totally engaged in the process and made INTEGRATION so much easier. The information, new beliefs, etc. literally became a part of me—never again to be separate from me. What I like the best about the way Michael teaches is that he offers us the most esoteric, intuitive and imaginatively spiritual concepts imaginable as the what. But then he backs it up with the why and the how. Personally, I need all three to really understand, accept and live a concept and Michael is one of the few teachers who has ever given me all three. There are no words to explain what the final ceremony was like for me. It’s the most intensely beautiful feeling I’ve ever experienced. Plain and simple. The most important thing I can say about Michael, as a teacher, is that I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to run across someone with his gifts. It’s obvious that he’s been places few other have been. His energy doesn’t even look like other peoples. I now trust him as much as I’ve ever trusted anyone. I also really value the goofball aspect of his personality!

Marti HI

Most Powerful Workshop Experience Ever

I came into the Christ Consciousness Workshop feeling a certain level of anxiety because of that dark place I had traveled thru this year. BUT I knew this was where I was supposed to be, and I trusted the process to be whatever it had to be. I’m so glad I didn’t let my feeling of “fear & de-separation” prevent from me from attending. This was the most powerful workshop experience I’ve ever had. The first couple of days I could feel the processing begin, and then, BAM! the meditation where we rec’d Holy Spirit energy blew me wide open. Once again, Michael’s mastery of intuitively knowing what we as individuals need, and what we, as the collective group, need awes me. The prayers, meditations, and exercises worked to open me up, clean me out, and so importantly to refill with God’s Presence. I feel the Christ presence so much more profoundly after this week. This was the BEST workshop and the BEST group ever! It astounds me the amount of material and exercises we cover in what seems to be such a short time.

Sally TX

Deeply Touched

Great workshop! The activities of each day just flowed and time seemed to fly by. The meals were great beginning with the healthy breakfast protein shakes. Following that with prayer, yoga, and meditation, we were prepared mind, body, and soul for the teachings that followed. The lessons were solid with fact and visual evidence of Christ Consciousness throughout history. It became apparent to me that our planet, the universe, and the beyond is infused with the essence of Christ. I was deeply touched by the readings particularly the discussion of Mary Magdalene. I felt new areas of my core soften and open to let Christ’s Awareness more deeply penetrate my soul. Mealtime sharing, dancing, and evening activities were engaging and fun! The closing ceremony was the ultimate culmination of a perfect event and brought the experience to a pinnacle of understanding in what it means to accept the indwelling Christ within each of us.

Jennifer OR

Many Transformational Moments

This was my first “intensive” with Michael, and already I know it will NOT be my last. I will forever be grateful for being led to this workshop. I experienced many transformational moments during the five days. Before I mention a few of these I must comment on the people, the souls, I shared the five days with.  Words really have no way of expressing the respect, love and admiration I have for each person. What an extraordinary group of individuals. I was blessed to have some wonderful one on one time with many. Through my conversations with other attendees I truly saw the Christ in each and knew we were Divinely led to share this experience together. What a privilege to have the opportunity to spend time with such people. I remember the day down by the stream and feeling the love of Mother Earth rising from the ground up through my entire body, the vision of love flowing up through each of my chakras. I remember the day we discussed I love you from the “I AM” perspective. I  felt and knew what it means to truly say I love you. I remember after doing the breath work, I went outside and spent time alone. I was looking at the beautiful mountains and then suddenly I began to cry as my entire life flashed before me. The life I saw contained the wonderful moments as well as the not so wonderful moments. But I was filled with appreciation beyond what I have ever felt, appreciation for it all, not just the pleasant moments. I knew that it all was for a reason and was all in Divine order. I then felt a peace come over me I have never felt. It was the peace that “passes all understanding.” In that moment I knew/ felt with my whole being that all was okay. I remember this experience every night and every morning when I give appreciation. The prayers/decrees were absolutely fantastic. With each new decree, I felt a closer and closer connection to my true Christ nature. During the closing ceremony, I truly felt baptized. I felt the wholeness of the love of God coming from above into me. The vision I saw was love connecting my chakras then entering the earth. Again, I am forever grateful for this experience.  As Spirit has led me to say “Teacher – Thank You!”

David FL

Profoundly Life Changing!

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how profoundly life changing the Christ Consciousness workshop is affecting me. It is opening up whole new avenues of understanding in me so that I might understand me and “others” so very much clearer. To see more and more with the eyes of Christ, to have compassion for myself so that I might have compassion for us all. Each facet of the workshop built upon the other, from the breath work to the sound healing sessions. And the closing circle is beyond my ability to describe and to express the wonderment of such a gift…of beholding that pillar of God’s Light, a massive column of loving energy from earth to sky, illuminating and pouring forth all the power of Its Love, right there for us to witness and feel…and the whole while to be in the Mind of Christ. Thank you for this gift of healing…


Mind and Heart Opening

I am ever so gently opening my mind, heart, and soul to joyfully and Lovingly share my blessings, gifts, talents, and abilities with all in whom I come in contact. The highlights of this workshop for me included the togetherness of Thanksgiving Day. I also discovered where I have “energy leaks” in several areas of my life and how to efficiently close/seal them . . . permanently!

Susan FL

A True Channel of Christ Presence

While the retreat is still fresh on my heart, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for opening your retreat to us and allowing a safe place to work on ourselves in body, mind and spirit. You are a true channel of the Christ Presence and I thank you for your light.

Kim TX

Awesome experience

The Christ consciousness experience workshop was awesome. I know that I have just begun to see the benefits. I found the cleansing prayers to be very powerful. There were so important “ah ha”—moments that are and will continue to shift my thinking in a very powerful and positive way. All the thinking and concentrating and spiritual work had me far hungrier than usual at each meal time and I was always very grateful for the nourishing and tasty meals. I think we all particularly appreciated the Sunday dinner. It was almost like our own “last supper!”

Kathy ONT

A Full Immersion into Christ Consciousness.

What an amazing 5 days. All of the teachings were like putting puzzle pieces together into a whole, and every day, I could feel the vibration/energy rising higher and higher. The cohesiveness of the group, the food, and the material all contributed to a great experience, culminating in a full immersion into Christ consciousness. Absolutely blissful!

Linda Mae AZ

Outstanding and Nuturing

I enjoyed our groups’ study of the sacred writings, our ‘baptisms’ at the holy grotto, the prayers, reading from A Course In Miracles while doing yoga, and the chakra cleansings/meditations. I also really enjoyed the shared meals and deep conversations. The meals were OUTSTANDING and the nurturing essence in the house was in such abundance.

Christine ONT

A Gateway to God

The Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive called me to join with my fellow souls to come together as one in our true self, to experience what this can feel like. Once I learned of the workshop, I knew beyond the mind, there was nowhere else I could be. So I traveled across the United States to learn to be "present in the moment . . . each moment of "BE-ing" as well as learning advanced teachings of Christ, with Michael. All who choose this gateway of God will be blessed beyond human mind, Human words. I am joyous in “peace that surpasses all understanding” in saying that I knew when I walked in that I would not be the same when it was time to leave. I am Blessed.

Susan AZ

Empowering Workshop

Words cannot voice the impact of Michael’s Christ Consciousness Workshop on my life. I am amazed at how divinely orchestrated all 5 days are. I was moved deeply by the times of meditation and reflection on the Christ as well as the keys to unlocking the mysteries of scripture. I left the retreat feeling centered and empowered and freed of much of my past pain and illusions. The highlight for me was certainly the closing meditation and ceremony. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it. Michael is a gift and has been instrumental in helping me to completely change my life for the better. The spiritual gifts granted in attending his workshops are beyond measure, Michael’s commitment to God-centered teachings and love permeate all he does.

Rachael TX

Surpassed My Every Expectation

This retreat brought me to a higher level of spirituality and understanding then I was ever hoping for. I now know what a great gift we have been given, not only to live in the love of God but to have the free will to co-create. Michael surpassed my every expectation. His infinite knowledge and ability to guide us through prayer, to heal and reconnect to the light of Christ Consciousness, was awesome. I can still see us standing in our sacred circle holding hands and sending light and love out to the world. I never thought I would say the words, “Born Again,” but I truly am Born Again in Christ Consciousness.

Sandra CA

The Most Profound Material

This is the most profound material I have ever studied on the topic of spirituality. I never leave Michael’s workshops without having learned volumes on the topic at hand. I love how the beauty of your meditations takes me to a higher vibration in my relationship with God and others. I most enjoyed the soul retrieval where I clearly was able to connect with my intuitive gifts.

Angela TX

Shook My Heart and Soul Wide Open

Wow! is all I can say. Attending this workshop at this time in my life was the most illogical thing I could do, but it just wouldn’t let me go. I am so grateful I took that leap of faith to attend! The various exercises from movement to decrees to meditations and prayers opened me up bit by bit until that tremendous final ceremony shook my heart and soul wide open. I am still filled to overflowing with loving Presence. Thank you from the deepest reaches of my heart for a profoundly transformational week and for introducing me to a truly magnificent new spiritual family!

—Reanaleia AZ

Exceptional Workshop

This workshop was exceptional! It was a chance for each person to bring their own experiences of God and spirituality to the table and leave with greater depth, knowledge of and connection to our oneness with God. Studying sacred writings has never been more fun and enlightening. We were able to experience the “Christedness” within each of us and in so doing, bring our individual “Christedness” to a higher level. It was a sacred and holistic experience: from prayers and meditations; to reading together; to blessing each other with holy water; to sharing our own birth, tests of the ego, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension experiences. Four days of heaven on earth! This workshop is what a spiritual experience is all about! Thank you for helping to birth the Christ in each of us!

Yolanda ONT