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Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Filled with Inspiration

"The workshop was amazing and just what I required to bring my life forward. I have felt stuck for a while and this unblocked me and I feel so on purpose now with a new mission for my soul. Michael you were masterful in what you guided us through, physically, emotionally, mentally, intuitively, and spiritually. Much was covered in the five days and the pace you created just flowed and seemed effortless. I loved your humor and have a new connection with how the chakras work together. My life is so different now and I can see it mirrored in the faces of my husband, sons, friends, and colleagues. I came home filled with inspiration and exuberance. My acknowledgements to the staff at Avalon for all the devoted service they provided throughout to make it such a warm, loving space."


Divine State

"My experience with the Mastery Workshop brought me to a place within that is truly a divine state of enlightenment with an invigorating spirit that is visible-inside and out. I came home from the program with a radiant glow about me, which was like a loving virus that positively affected everyone I came into contact with. In every aspect of my being blocks have been cleared with clarifying precision of my soul's purpose and the passion that was thought to be lost."

--Lady J, SD

So Honored

"I am so honored to have had the opportunity to experience five of the most amazing days of my life, while attending the Mastery Workshop. Michael Mirdad is such a gifted teacher with such ability to inspire and challenge each and every one of us from within. He introduced us to our higher self and ignited our relationship with the Christ Consciousness. From the very first moment we arrived, an authentic God light embraced us. The hospitality, which was so comforting, created such an incredibly safe space. As a healer I especially embraced the healing arts such as acupressure and cranial therapy. Physically, I became aware of my strength and endurance through rock climbing, yoga and the obstacle course. Mentally, I was challenged doing exercises in cloud busting, seeing auras and learning the importance of focusing and to 'divide and conquer life's obstacles. Emotionally, I embraced exercises such as Past Life Regression and Sufi Dancing; while allowing the deepest places of my soul to surface and become exposed, feeling and sharing in the oneness. Learning the progression of my Soul's journey and the heart aspect of human consciousness was fascinating. I also loved using creative visualization. Spiritually, I was empowered by the importance of letting go and letting God live through me every instant of my life, as we learned effective prayer and affirmation. As Gandhi once said, 'What is obtained by love is retained for all time."

--Janet, NY

Open Hearted

"I had a wonderful time leading Dances of Universal Peace at the Living Mastery Workshop. Being a dance leader is akin to being an orchestra conductor: the skill and direction of the conductor is important, but so is the composer, and of course, the orchestra itself. I must say that the participants of the Living Mastery workshop were a wonderful 'orchestra -responsive, open-hearted and enthusiastic."

--Brian, Sufi Dance Facilitator


"The Mastery Workshop was the most freeing, liberating, loving, transforming, Workshop I have attended. Attendees provided a safe and enjoyable environment to open up and grow. I felt a total release of lots of inhibitions/habits/behaviors that were holding me back from lovingly expressing myself. Highlights were: Yoga exercises, Jean's creative clay exercise, Reiki, the sacred warming fire, drumming, and the Soul Retrieval. Also, thoroughly enjoyed the delicious well prepared meals . . . not an easy task to please the tastes of 30 people! Thank You!"

--Susan, FL


"I also feel the increased strength of my gifts the ease at which the power of god moves through me; all from centering and calling in god. Thank you Michael for your amazing way of teaching with such fun and the ability to keep us all so captivated. Thanks to all of you who made this a wonderful week!!"

--Jackie, WA

Profound Discoveries

"Each day, the retreat was full of profound discoveries and experiences. I thought I had already completely cleared an area from my past, but discovered, doing your emotional tracking exercise, a significant piece of unhealed wounding that I was able to work through in the safe and loving environment this workshop provides. I emerged from it filled with new life energy. I also found the soul retrieval an amazing experience wherein I receive an important message as to my life's purpose, and rewrote soul contracts that now free me up to let go of old, unhealthy relationship dynamics and establish new ones based on the principles of love and liberation."

--Kim, FL

Quest for Healing

"Michael's workshops are life changing. Doing his work has taken me from mild depression, unhealthy relationships, lack of direction and self-confidence to a thriving new life in almost every way. If applied the concepts from this workshop have the power to radically change one's life. Between creating mission statements to learning how to enhance my daily meditations, I have plenty of new momentum for creating even more of what I want in my life. Michael's workshops simply are the best investments I have made in my quest for healing and fulfillment."

--Rachel, TX

Fantastic Insight

"It was wonderful to attend my third Mastery Workshop. Once again I experienced fantastic insights and expect to make dramatic changes in my life that will prove both healing and inspiring. My favorite parts of the event include the emotional healing, the physical challenges, and the lecture portions that covered the history and mysteries of the universe€“all of which amazed me beyond words. I am blown away once again. This year's mastery workshop took me to some of the deepest levels of learning and healing I have experienced. Thanks for creating such a safe and loving environment for us to learn and grow to be the masters of our lives you have shown us we can be. After this particular workshop, I realized that I am no longer attending as an attendee but also as a person who is training to assist other teachers and/or facilitate my own workshops some day."

--Jackie, WA


"I can honestly say I have never had an experience like this Mastery Workshop. The five days I spent with Michael and the group were intense, insightful, and thrilling. The highlights for me included the exercise for healing childhood, cloud busting, tracking, and of course, the water-balloon fight. I came with high expectations but this far exceeded anything I imagined."

--Beverly, ?

Beauty that Surrounds

"Thank you Michael for all of your efforts to pull off yet another amazing Mastery workshop. Your home was absolutely elegant and the grounds were breathtaking. Your teaching alone would be more than enough to hold me captive in your workshops but it is the beauty that surrounds you from the scrumptious meals that are prepared, to the constant flow of love that is shared in the students who feel love in the friendships we have created with one another. I am mostly so appreciative of how you are able to intuit the greatest good for a large group of people and can shift and mold the material you teach to fit the need."

--Angela, TX

A Fountain of Love

"There is so much to write, yet there are no words for me, only the imprint on my heart and soul in a feeling, ineffable! I left with a fountain of love and joy to share with the world. I would so like to share my private feelings in regards to the unfolding process of this love and joy, when I come down from Cloud #9. I really enjoyed the whole retreat. For me it was the fellowship and the Communion with the All Mighty. There was a feeling of radiance that was a constant. Loved that! On an empathic level, the interpretation of the heart is so hard to put into simple words. It can only be felt with an open heart, mind, and Soul. There were rushes and calms of elation, visceral sensations that sent me into verbs of ecstasy and bliss. Loved the Garden! I would so love to speak to the architect who did the design in regards to why this and why that. It was very inspirational and sensational."

--Vicki, TX

Exceptional Experience

"Many thanks for an exceptional experience. I loved the intensity of the experience and watching your mastery lovingly given every step of the way. My favorite portions of the workshop include: Learning the concepts of mastery, Integration of 'spirit' with our daily routine, The alkaline diet, Tracking and healing emotions, and the Soul-retrieval meditation."

--Louann, France

Crystal Clear Vision

"As I reflect on the Mastery Workshop, I find that I walked away with a crystal clear vision of the treasure that is my life purpose along with the very detailed map of how to get there. This includes action steps such as morning and evening meditations which include calling on God's divine presence to fill me with love and light and visualizing what that love and light will look like in my life on that day, tracking exercises to help me purge old patterns of ego reaction at the same time increasing my self awareness, a commitment to continuing to seek out healing therapies to aid in the dismantling of my past and a renewed respect for Christ consciousness. It was very meaningful to me to witness a Master in the flesh living out his soul purpose moment to moment for several days in a row. Watching Michael is a study in the supernatural. The amount of tasks that were accomplished in each 24 hour period seemed to defy time, the amount of love expressed to so many defied what is common to man, and the amount of focused, accessible information that was downloaded into each of our minds defied logic. It was also an honor to find myself surrounded by a group of souls with such passion for spiritual mastery. My choice to attend this workshop has forever changed my life."

--Rachael, TX

Full Heart

"Once again, I have come away from Avalon with my heart full! I have come to realize that I am a Master though I may need polishing now and then. I loved all the workshop but highlights for me were the Sufi dancing, the cloud busting, and the past life readings. I especially got a lot out of Michael's lectures on various topics and wish I had recorded them. Yoga, Chi Kung, and Kundalini were also inspiring, as well as the diet and practice of healthy nutrition. Last but not least, every person there was wondrously beautiful and dear!"

--Cristina, OR

Truly a Miracle

"The night after the workshop I was unable to sleep as I was missing the energy of Michael and the group. I was reading Michael's 'Heart and Soul book and found myself having a verbal 'conversation with God for about 2 hours. This is new for me. I then went outside to the stillness of the lighted darkness of Sedona in a nearly full moon. I chose to surrender to God and asked for guidance in all I do, say and think. This is truly a miracle for me."

--Suzanne, AZ


"Wow Michael, your artistic application of bringing even the most complex concepts into clarity is such an incredible statement of your mastery not only in all you teach but as a teacher. The workshop was an amazing weave of information. I walked away with the ability to integrate holistically into my life things that before I could never fully understand beyond the linear explanations. You taught us who we are in Truth and how all things are possible through that. Creating a life that we want is not just an illusion but a reality! I was able to almost immediately put to use the treasures of your teachings due to the concise manner in which they were taught. You did not just present ideas and concepts€”you gave us a concrete application and a road map to go with it."

--Nancy, OH

Whole New Level

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience. I have always carried a great amount of frustration toward the traditional education on one hand and the traditional concept of vacation on the other hand. This workshop incorporated both, as it took my experience to a whole new level.a conscious life experience, which dismantled the usual pain of going back to my 'real life, as I brought the real life with me. From the airport I had to jump right into my work place, but it still felt that I had never left Sedona, and my fellow students, and all that made these few days a lifetime event of love, peace and joy."

--Vesela, ?

Sense of Empowerment

"As I am still integrating the workshop, I see that I learned the value of watching my habits and realizing my distracting thoughts are all processes of the ego and that these behaviors are exactly what is keeping me from getting to the core of what I desire most. As opening occurred and emotions were triggered, I was able to put the 'tracking exercise to use immediately! What a relief, what a new found sense of empowerment! By using the 'tracking and other self realization techniques I could move forward to the next idea, instead of staying stuck and frustrated. The Self-Inventory was very enlightening and gave me information as to which areas of Mastery hold my personal strengths and weaknesses. I personally made a huge step forward in facing my fears. I gained deeper meaning as to how, in mastery, everything is synchronized like a beautiful dance. Activities like the art project, the evening bonfires, and goddess dancing delighted the senses and burned memories deep within my soul. Every minute was full and rich!"

--Jennifer, OR


"This was a highly fulfilling workshop providing a banquet of modalities to broaden my healing capacity. Michael's approach in teaching is highly innovative, which offers creative ways to dismantle the fixed concepts and limited perspectives that we have held ourselves to. I have been broadened, heightened and expanded from my limited version to the extended version of self."

--Amalia, AZ

Complete Devotion

"Wow! That Mastery Workshop experience was amazing on so many levels. I really appreciated Michael's passion and complete devotion to us and our process. The deep processing work has helped to clear what was muddy to me when viewing my internal landscape. I now have a greater understanding of how negative attitudes and behaviors have ruled some of my life. I understand that some of the old patterns may come up in my life, may hook me but I now have a greater awareness and will not let these patterns rule me. Michael's greatest teaching for me is how he models affectionate, connected, and unconditional love. Not that I think he does it perfectly all the time, but he seems incredibly more willing to try to do it that anyone I have ever met, especially of the male gender. This has also been my greatest challenge because I also did a great deal of work on the my self esteem. I realized in the breathwork that I have felt 'too big in my life because I hadn't yet felt fully welcome here on this planet. I now realize I not only belong here but I am powerful and powerfully needed to contribute my talents and strength to others. What I loved most about the workshop includes the following: Mastery concepts, Mindfulness, Focus, Centering breaths, Reiki, Qi-gong, Rock-climbing, Obstacle course, Prayers, Emotional healing, Breath-work, Sufi Dances, Great meals, and great new friends."

--Jean, OR

Accelerating Growth

"Not only did I experience powerful personal healing in this 5 day retreat, I also came away with many important practical techniques and approaches that I can offer to my own clients. This workshop was great for accelerating growth and transformation, and for anchoring those changes into my life."

--Mary, AZ

Connected to the Divine

"What an amazing, healing, and transformative week!!! 🙂 Thank you!!! With deep appreciation and sheer gratitude to Michael for creating the sacred space for us all to come to together, and to each participant I thank you, for your love, acceptance, light, healing touch, and laughter that allowed healing to take place on so many levels. My intention going into this retreat, was to remove any and all obstacles to unconditional love that I have created. This morning I woke up sobbing, as I have never felt so loved in my entire life! Fully and completely loved by me, fully connected to The Divine, and by friends old and new, near and far, are reaching out today out of nowhere! My intention with this experience was to remove all barriers or blocks to unconditional love I had built internally and around me knowing by the overflowing and outpouring of love I am receiving the dam is now broken! WOW!!! Wow!! That's all I can say is wow!!!! So grateful. As the Grinch so eloquently said I think my heart grew 2 sizes today!"

--Elizabeth, OR

One with God

"Thanks for the workshop! My favorite highlights include the following: A deeper understanding and appreciation that we are one with God and have no fear; How to fill my heart and soul with Joy; The Sufi Dance that focused on holding the 'candle of Christ was a highlight on several levels; The schedule and meals.Walking in the morning, yoga, protein shake for breakfast, a full lunch, and an alkaline meal at the end of the day; Learning to 'start the day with God then re-visit this connection throughout the day and finally, go into deep sleep with God at the end of the day. I also enjoyed the many great insights and learning how to focus, integrate, and apply."

--Rob, France

Grateful and Changed Forever

"My experience at the Mastery & Healing intensive, taught me so much on how to lead all areas of my life from love, through step-by-step dynamics, to apply to all areas of my life. I also learned different healing modalities from EFT to Thai Massage, to cranial healing, to Qigong, as well as tracking, to help myself and others through healing of the body, mind, and soul. I am forever changed and grateful for the experience."


--Theresa, CT<'div>

Single Best Decision

"After working intensely on my healing process over the past year, I felt drawn to attend this workshop. This workshop has been the single best decision and experience of my life. Michael's teachings, were nothing less than mastery and oh how I learned so many new things. This was the beginning of finding out who I am: A loving, curious, insightful, compassionate, friendly woman. What do I love? I love yoga. I love campfires. I love to dance. I love to focus and learn. I love to hug. I love back massages. I love to be playful. I LOVE to laugh. I love to meet new people. I love the experience of trying/accepting new things. I love nature and the stars in the sky. I love to just be me. No masks, no hiding . . . to just be me without judgment. And each and every person allowed me to do that. I am so grateful."

--Beth, FL

Soul Family

"Mere words cannot convey the experience that enveloped my soul in your Mastery Workshop. My essence is still 'glowing with the knowledge & transformational change I experienced while others around me are noticing a significant difference making them very curious about what I did on my vacation! I would definitely say it shifted me into letting go of unhealthy beliefs I've held (way too long). I was touched in every area of self€“Physical (feeling healthier & getting back into my body to move & groove as who I really am); Emotionally (feeling that it's fine to let go of toxic emotions that slowed my vitality); Mentally (knowing I am truly focused, anxiety has lifted & sensing what to say & how to speak with a greater clarity to others); Spiritually (definitely in alignment with God & seeing the synchronicity already in play with all of the above combined). The fluidity of the workshop from the information shared by Michael & with others; hands on learning; delicious meals & relaxing accommodations made me feel safe & at ease to awaken to my real Self. I really felt the connections I made with myself & with others were completely amazing! It felt like I was leaving my 'soul family when it was time to go home."

--Cherlyn, TX

By Far the Best

"I have attended, and assisted, at several of Michael Mirdad's Mastery workshops and this was by far the best! We had a symbiotic group right from the start. Our intentions and focus built day by day as we realigned with our soul's purpose and connected with each other as a spiritual family. Michael amazed us all once again with his arrangement of exercises, meditations, healing modalities, lectures, and playful fun. We had an absolute blast in the mountains challenging ourselves at a ropes course 60€² in the air! We all grew in immeasurable ways and have new, lasting friendships. Thank you to all who attended and opened up for their own growth as well as mine. Masters don't wish, they choose and they always ask why? My love to all and especially to our Masterful Teacher."

--Judy, FL

Amazingly Focused

"I've come home with so many tools that I experience peace beyond all understanding. It's been like rock-climbing-staying grounded within while reaching for just the right hand/foot-hold that will help me ascend a little further. In the past, after these workshops I've usually felt fragile upon re-entry into the world-but this time I breathe and remember to call on the inner 'Genie.' My kids think this is fun to do. They see me grabbing my journal when I have stuff in my head or getting overly emotional€“this is helping me recognize patterns of reactions quickly so that I can heal them using the tracking exercises we learned. My husband says I'm amazingly focused . . . ME . . . AMAZINGLY FOCUSED?! WOW!"

--Lesa, FL


"Once again, I am floored. I must be doing VERY well to manifest a such a masterful workshop. Michael's shared information is unsurpassed. I am intrigued and awed by his range of knowledge and presented with such fluidity, love and unswerving yet patient focus. I loved the rock climbing and Isagenix shakes. The self-inventory moving into breath-work served both as immediate healing and as a map for future work, which I find very helpful. The whole experience of the Sufi Dancing was exquisite, as were the group's Osho tarot and aura/past life readings. The yoga and chi kung was great, and I especially enjoyed the exposure to kundalini yoga, which I had never experienced before. The mastery workshop was an initiation for me to complete the transition from my old (secular) life into that of a healer."

--Carol, TX


"The Life Mastery workshop accomplished many things through the physical activities we did, through the people that participated and through Michael's spiritual guidance and presence. The focus of this workshop allowed me to reconnect that my mission is to transform my physical mind and body (since spirit needs no preparation) so that my mind, body and soul will meld with the God essence WHILE I'm in this physical body. I know now that I can never go backwards into non-awareness and in that way, I am already home . . . with a big challenge left in my personal role as a member of 'The Ground Crew."

--John, Costa Rica

Self Awareness

"This year's workshop was another life changing experience. Every day was a journey in challenge and choice. The lessons in focus, clarity, balance, and integration will forever help me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My self-awareness was heightened, guiding me to areas that need to be worked on with the many tools that were provided. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world and I am now exploring my soul's purpose in ways that would never have even entered my consciousness."

--Diana, FL

Wonderful Enlightenment

"Dear Michael: I want to thank-you for your hard work before, during, and after what proved to be a life changing event. I've known you several years and thought I knew what to expect from your workshops but I was mistaken. It even surpassed my great expectations. The love we all shared and the wonderful enlightenments and inspirations cannot be put into words."

--Linda, OR

Total Acceptance

"One of the biggest things I experienced at the mastery workshop was the feeling of total acceptance from everyone. I loved how we did everything together (dinner, yoga, bon fire, etc.), and how everyone seemed to support each other. Everything at the workshop was great but I loved learning to see past lives in others, especially since all of us seemed to be intuiting the same information. Also, although I have trouble being in big groups of people, I have gained an inner strength towards it now. Lastly, the meals were incredible. I never had it that good at home."

--Steve, NJ

Indeed a Master

"Dear Michael and Grail Staff: I wanted to send you thanks for another amazing and transformative 5-Day intensive! The Mastery workshop was nothing short of life changing! From the first day as we went through the key attributes and concepts of mastery we were encouraged to pay attention to everything we did throughout the workshop and ask ourselves how we do, or could, apply the mastery concepts. From there€”it was all out learning, work, and play! I particularly found the rope-course an amazing learning experience. I was not afraid nor did I question my ability to complete the rope course until I got to the top, stepped onto the first log to cross which was about 6 inches wide and 50 feet or so off the ground, and I realized I was scared to death! Halfway through the course I was exhausted and did not think I could finish. Then I remembered what we talked about the previous day; wait for inspiration, focus, and go. I was able to do this by breathing in peace and love (God), and with the help of Michael, and numerous masters-in-training who verbally supported me from the ground or physically from the course itself, I was able to make it all the way through! I definitely did not go it alone. The rope course was my life€”I could go it alone and struggle, or accept the support of the people on the journey with me and find a deep experience of trust, connection, and accomplishment. When I call in the right people, those with a common purpose and connection to God, I can trust they will be there for me with support and love. The life chart we did on the final day really tied the five days together so clearly. It was such a helpful way to look at the various aspects of my life, and map out where I want to go, and what I need to do to get there€”with God in the center of all I do. A special thank you Michael. Your tireless efforts to help others know themselves and remember God are like none I have ever seen or experienced. You truly orchestrated the Mastery workshop like piece of music pulling from many resources and blending it seamlessly. You are indeed a Master!"


New Found Self

"What I say about Michael's workshop is that it is nothing short of amazing, beautiful, confirming and enlightening. Michael guided and taught us with knowledge and nurturing. My sense of knowing and self-awareness is now remarkably keen and I also feel that I can help others much more with my new-found self. The staff is an amazing working team, with one thing on their mind.to make sure we were all taken care of. I am so grateful for the beautiful surroundings that encased and increased our awareness and for Michael's knowledge, practicality, love, humor, teaching, caring, and guidance. I'm honored to have been part of an amazing group and grateful too for being able to take part in the growth and sharing. The whole experience was life changing and affirming for me. Thank you, thank you! I'll see you at the Healing Workshop Intensive!"

--Dollee, ?

Phenomenal Experience

"Wow! What a phenomenal experience. This was certainly the most balanced workshop I have ever had the privilege to attend. From the Qigong and yoga through the energy work and visualization to the very cool cloud-busting and exceptional lectures, it was without a doubt an all encompassing event. It fed my physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual self. Each day was filled with many opportunities to integrate the concepts taught through a variety of well thought out hands-on activities. Indeed, from the magical beauty and serenity of the retreat's 10 acre landscape (including pond, waterfall, woods, labyrinth, and gardens) to the illuminating lectures, the Mastery workshop raised my consciousness and gave me a new masterful lease on life. I am so grateful to God for inspiring you to create such a place that the rest of us can go to for the nurturing support and clarity needed as we journey on our spiritual paths. This workshop has taught me that mastery doesn't mean waiting for everything to be perfect, but that a true master lives each day to the fullest, keeping a balance between 'knowing the truth, and respecting the illusion."

--Joey, Canada

Clear and Open

"I am so glad that I reviewed this workshop and got to experience it anew with my husband. Both of us are so much more clear and opened up. I applied the qigong exercises with my elementary school children today. I added names to some of the moves like capturing air in a balloon and releasing it to the sky, or spreading one wing at a time reading yourself for flight, or caterpillar moving along the ground and up-righting itself to see a new dimension. I learned so much, feel so satiated by the love and commitment from all who were there, and grateful to my teacher Michael for how he wove together such a beautiful tapestry of materials and experiences that has provided me with profound revelations and realizations. I am so grateful to you all."

--Carol, NH

Helping Others

"What struck me most in my too brief time with the group was how self-assured they all were as healers. The paired breath-work that we did is often just overwhelming for people the first time they do it, so that individuals have little to offer their partners. As I drifted around the room, I felt like every breather was in very good hands. The lesson that I hope everybody took with them is that you really shouldn't wait until you've 'got it all together to start helping others. What people need is YOU, just the way you are, this moment, every moment. Keep breathing!"

--Michael Sky, Author and Breath-worker

Love on a Deeper Level

"During my flight home from the Mastery Workshop, I used up every piece of paper I had, front & back, as I was flooded with thoughts. This event breathed life into the inner core of my soul. I experienced love on a deeper level & my life will never be the same. I learned to set the bar high for myself & settle for nothing less than mastery. I'm standing firm on a solid foundation & falling in love with life again."

--Robyn, TX

Setting Intentions

"The day before the Mastery and Healing Intensive began, I set an intention that I would expand my consciousness, heal the past, and have a clearer vision of what's next for me. I achieved all of that and so much more. I was able to dismantle two very old, outworn beliefs that have been blocking me, and by Saturday, I was already seeing new positive, tangible results, which are leading me very clearly into the next phase of my life. The intensive was full of great information, fun experiences, and amazing connections, especially a deeper connection to God and my Self, as well as many new deeper friendships. I gained a greater sense of my own soul's purpose, and a clearer understanding of how to live it more fully and prosperously."

--Linda, AZ

Feel So Excited

"WOW!!! What an amazing experience!!! I am still processing, but I truly see things changing so drastically in my life already and I have only been home for two days. Nothing is the same for me the way that I think, feel, act, etc. It's like a big fat eraser took everything away and now I am open for everything new. One thing is that I have had a disconnection with my daughter for quite some time now, when I got home, the love that was still flourishing through me that I received from everyone there came out of me and was given to my daughter in a big hug. She said to Grandma 'My mommy is so different, she loves me now!!! That was just amazing!!! Everyone here at home has said that I seem so different, sound different, and look different. I just feel so excited, refreshed, renewed and ready for more. I have already made airline arrangements for the next workshop!!!"

--Shelly, TX

Changed My Life

"Michael Mirdad's Mastery Workshop changed my life both personally and professionally. His inspirational approach to teaching us how to become Masters in everything we do has already made a difference in how I carry out my daily life tasks. Michael is able to effectively combine a Spiritual focus with a practical foundation that shifted my way of thinking about the world, about myself, and about my relationship with God. By utilizing the tools he gave us, I am able to Center myself, Focus (on my goal), and Go (implement that goal). As a result, I can already tell a difference in my ability to be a more effective parent, to be a better communicator and receiver in my interactions with others, and to have a clearer intent with my soul's purpose. Michael's unique healing activities are beyond any I have ever encountered throughout my journey both personally and as a mental health professional. Professionally, I have learned multiple healing modalities that will enhance my ability to heal others in my Psychotherapy Private Practice. During Michael's workshop, I observed amazing Spiritual growth and healing in myself and the other group members. Michael has an unrivaled ability to capture an audience by using humor, as well as, sharing his broad knowledge about History, Religion, Metaphysics, Psychology, Pop Culture, and the Healing arts as a way to illustrate his concepts."

--Ariel, AZ