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Michael Mirdad has been changing people's lives for over 35 years and is the author of several books including, The Book of Love and Forgiveness. Michael's work focuses on soul-level healing, spiritual mastery, relationships, and awakening Christ Consciousness (our divine selves). He is commonly referred to as a “teacher’s teacher” and a “healer’s healer” and is greatly respected for his ability to share personal guidance and the deepest teachings in a clear, applicable manner. READ MORE

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The Book of Love and Forgiveness

Love and Forgiveness are at the heart of every spiritual, philosophical, and soul-centered psychological teaching. And yet, the true meaning and application of love and forgiveness still somehow eludes us. The Book of Love and Forgiveness offers a clear, concise, yet deep understanding of Love, Judgment, and Forgiveness which releases us from judgment and all of its harmful effects.

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Last Sunday’s message was incredible. I needed to hear that. My husband and I were blown away. In addition, Ariana Saraha’s performance was absolutely magical. We were visiting for the weekend and hope to be back soon. Thank you for Continue Reading

Caroline November 24, 0204

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Michael Mirdad is highly in demand as a spiritual teacher and healer. He regularly tours the country and the globe as a guest service leader, guest speaker and workshop/retreat speaker.

When he facilitates a lecture, church service or workshop, it’s not like anything done by other teachers; it’s more like a miraculous experience. In a single event, you can find some audience members experiencing the greatest teachings and insights of thier life, while others are brought to the deepest tears, and still others laughing from his wonderful humor. During his lectures, it is not uncommon to see angels and beings of light surrounding him or to experience deep emotional healing.

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    It’s that time of the year when we are reminded to “Give Thanks.” But before we reflect on the ever-so-powerful effects of having an “attitude of gratitude,” let’s review how and why giving thanks is so important to our spiritual and personal well-being. Giving Thanks Completes an Experience Giving thanks is much like saying “yes!”…


  • The Awakening of Christ Consciousness

    October 7, 2017

    The Early History of Christ Consciousness The message or teachings of Christ Consciousness have been alive since the beginning of time. The first civilization on Earth to nurture this consciousness was that of the Lemurians—the people who once populated the lost continent of the Pacific Ocean. It was here that Goddesses, with the assistance of…


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