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Christ Consciousness

What Is Christ Consciousness?

Seek the Light of Christ ConsciousnessImagine God as being the center of a room of Light and being the Presence of Love, Peace, and Joy.

Then imagine that THAT Center/God emanates a Light that fills the room. This Light is known as the Christ—which is us—our True Selves. This Light is the Consciousness that Jesus remembered himself to be.

Heaven is like the room and is filled with the One Presence of God and God’s Creations. The room is also known as the Tao or Way of God. It’s perfect and complete. There is nothing outside of that room, as this room is All That Is!

But when the Christ Light wondered what it would be like if we could venture outside of the room, we actually went nowhere—merely dreaming/imagining what it would be like to live outside in the darkness.

The Spiritual Path: Doorways to Home

As we seemed to have left the room and wandered into the darkness—a universe of fear—the Divine Mother (or Holy Spirit) created doorways through which we could return Home. These doorways are what we refer to as the spiritual path.

On these doorways, however, our ego placed doors that serve as a barrier between us and God. These doors are known as philosophy and religion. Instead of being open, they are usually closed. So instead of encouraging and allowing us to walk through (and back to God), they tend to ask us to fall down and worship the door, thus distracting us from our destiny.

The good news, however, is that the most dedicated followers of those religions will be unsatisfied with worshipping the door and instead will find themselves trying to peek and listen through the door for something they know is better than the door itself. This is a choice that’s made easier when we surrender old paradigms and programs of religion and addictive behaviors.

Again, religions, like doors, can let people in but they tend to keep people out. And religious teachers and preachers are, therefore, like the pretty fixtures on the door: door knobs and door knockers. So it’s important to learn to ignore (or see beyond) the pretty fixtures and focus on the Light beyond the door.

Look for a Doorway That Has No Door

When it comes to choosing which religion or philosophy to follow, it’s best to look for a doorway that has no door. The doorway, like the most authentic spiritual teachers, is simply an opening to something greater—God and our Christ Self—but is not the greater thing itself. True spiritual teachers (and healers) are also like a welcome mat—not to trample on but to help us cleanse our feet of understanding as we pass through the doorway on our way Home.

So seek the Light beyond all barriers, the Way of God Itself, and refuse to settle for doors and fixtures. Follow all welcome signs and walk away from any doors with signs that read, “There’s no room in the Inn.”

The Birthing Of Christ Consciousness!

After moving beyond the year 2012 . . . the year most ancient civilizations foretold to be the end of civilization as we know it, did you find that your life changed in any significant way? If you answer yes, you are not alone. If you answer no, you might want to look again at your life and the world.

A Shift to Awaken the Inner Christ

Although the year 2012 marked the end of our material world as we knew it, and many changes have indeed begun, it also marked the potential beginning of a spiritual life. And rather than fussing and fighting to “fix” the world, we’re better off nurturing the part of us that is immune to this world. Our job is not to resist what we see in the world but rather, to bring a greater quantity of light to a dark place—through the practice of love and forgiveness.

It is our destiny to raise the consciousness of this world, but this doesn’t mean the world (and all of its inhabitants) is open to such a shift. This shift is inevitable but free-will allows everyone to make this shift either the easy way or the hard way. The easy way means hearing the call of Spirit that dwells within us and following Its Guidance to birth Christ Consciousness. The hard way means going through things like personal and global tragedies—which we are seeing plenty of these days.

The birthing of Christ Consciousness is not to be confused with “the return of Jesus” or any other spiritual leader. In fact, it is just the opposite. Two thousand years ago, Jesus left his students and said, “I must leave you now or the comforter will not come to you!” He was explaining here, and in other teachings, that Christ is not a person to be worshiped, but rather, it is the Consciousness of who we are—albeit a Consciousness that we have forgotten. But the “second coming of Christ” is an internal remembrance. Mother Mary was once pregnant with Jesus Christ, but we are all now pregnant with our own “inner Christ.”

Here are some of the symptoms of being “pregnant” with your Inner Christ:

  • Feeling a call to return to the teachings of Christ, the nurturance of Mother Mary, the protection of Archangel Michael, and/or the life of Mary Magdalene.
  • Having a growing interest in the Early Christians, the Arthurian Knights, and/or the Knights Templar.
  • Seeing old thought systems and opinions falling away.
  • Feeling a call the live and manifest more unconditional love.
  • Limitations such as race, gender, astrological signs, and family structures no longer apply to you.
  • Feeling a disconnection from people that represent the past, old ways of being.
  • Feeling a growing desire to connect with soul mates, soul groups, and spiritual family.
  • Having less “buttons” to be pushed and maintaining a greater sense of peace even when your remaining “buttons” are pushed.

Again, we are now in the time of humanity’s awakening and must all learn to live and act as the Divine Beings that we truly are. We have already entered the New Millennium and the era of Christ Consciousness. This is why our work through Grail Productions has always been rooted in the message of birthing the Christ. The very symbol of the Grail is one of being a receptacle or vessel to receive the Spirit of God. This is also why we have recently chosen to present the world with an online course for nurturing Christ Consciousness. The time is at hand to hear the call and accept your role in humanity’s awakening. To experience this to its fullest, we must recognize our worthiness, act responsibly, and learn to become teachers of Love.