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Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer,
Mystic, and Best-Selling Author
The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

The "Dark Night of the Soul" (life's greatest transformational experience) is not a term that everyone recognizes, and yet we all know of it quite well. That's because every person who has ever lived on this planet (to the age of an adult) has gone through the "Dark Night" in some form. This latest book, by best-selling author Michael Mirdad, not only helps the reader to better understand and navigate the "Dark Night" but also explains how to reach the "Light at the End of the Tunnel" and how to bring that Light into the world and into the lives of others.

Topics include:

  • The origin and definition of the Dark Night of the Soul
  • The five stages of the soul-transformation process
  • The signs and symptoms of going through the dark night of the soul
  • The purpose of going through the Dark Night of the Soul
  • The emotional and astrological implications
  • The effects of the dark Night on our body and health
  • Ten things to do and not do when going through the dark night of the soul
  • How to assist others when they are going through the dark night
  • How to reach the Light at the end of the tunnel
  • The role of forgiveness Accessing the spiritual warrior within
  • How to rebuild a new and better life
  • Becoming a living master
  • How to discover our soul's purpose


Takes Relationships to the Next Level

Creating Fulfilling Relationships is a book like no other! This book takes relationships to the next level by explaining how to create real, long-lasting relationships with everyone...rather than merely telling us how to attract yet another partner. It addresses the importance and relevance of establishing a strong spiritual and psychological relationship within ourselves--including the healing of co-dependence and the development of healthy boundaries. Then it shifts gears and offers profoundly deep, and yet simple to apply, methods for creating fulfilling relationships with others through healthy communication and affection. As a counselor I am handing this book to every individual and couple who walks into my office. I also have begun using--with great success--the techniques found in this book with my clients. Michael Mirdad's book on relationships teaches us how to stand and be accountable for our own actions and inspires us to be kinder more responsible human beings; as well as better friends, partners, and lovers with others.

--Marie, ?


Packed with Wisdom and Knowledge

There are many relationship books that are simply instruction books on how to find a significant other with whom one is a perfect romantic match. Many of these books offer little information that serves to help build skills to negotiate the challenges that can often arise in relationships. This type of material can be disappointing because it can set up the individual to buy into the idea that happiness is 'out there,' somewhere, to be found and enjoyed only when 'Mr. or Ms. Right' finally comes along.

Michael Mirdad advocates that before looking outside one's self for the perfect relationship, one should look within, seeking to understand and heal any personal wounds that might block the flow of establishing fulfilling relationships of all types, not just the romantic variety. His wisdom and clarity on this topic is profound. He encourages each individual to establish a relationship with God first, then Self, and finally others, allowing one to gain clarity about what is really important in life, thus building loving intention and strength of character. By following this path, the individual evolves into a kinder, more loving and caring person and is then a magnet for attracting other like-minded individuals. Additionally, Mirdad offers tracking tools that can help get to the core of any lingering issues, allowing one the opportunity to build communication skills, which can help navigate commonplace issues that often plague relationships. This book is packed with wisdom and knowledge that can open avenues to create a wealth of fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

--Donna, TN

Create Holy Relationships

GOD First! And if you don't know this reference, you should definitely read this new book by Michael Mirdad. He teaches the importance of mastering your on-going relationship with God and Yourself, and then "sharing" a healthy YOU with all others.....Spouses, Life Partners, Lovers, Friends, Family and ultimately, every person that comes into your life, or leaves your life. I have read most of Michael Mirdad's teachings and like his other books, this is a page turner. You will not be able to put it down. Best of all, it will constantly resonate with your soul as it teaches you how to create holy relationships, the real reason we are all here. Get it NOW and improve your life and the life of everyone with whom you have realtionships!

--Lena, FL

All About Creating More Love

When thinking of a book on relationships, one usually thinks in terms of romantic relationships and how to get them and keep them. Creating Fulfilling Relationships is so much more. This book looks at the foundation of all of our relationships--our relationship with God and Self first, and then, from there how to create healthy relationships with others--family, friends, romantic partners, all relationships. This is such an important book and one I know I will refer to again and again, not only to improve my relationships. but to find peace within myself and with God, because as Michael states, all of our relationships are about creating more love or finding the obstacles within ourselves to love. So it may help create fulfilling relationships, but I also believe this book will help me create an overall more fulfilling life!

--Beth, AZ