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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

I pray all of you are having a wonderful Holiday Season.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we just went through an intense full moon, compounded with a period of mercury retrograde, and of course, it was Fall–a time of letting things go that we no longer need. So how well did you do? If you don’t feel as though you just graduated from some form of a spiritual school, it’s not too late. There’s still time to take a look at your life and make a list of things to release–inside and out. This should, of course, be followed by the actual letting go of those people and things–released with as much love and forgiveness as possible. This is how we best make room for a better future…a new life.

Rebuilding A New Life with God

When it comes to re-building our lives, we must remain clear and committed that this should ONLY be done with God as our Guide. And what better time can there be but NOW! Christmastime is a perfect time for opening up to receive the “gifts” of God. And let’s remember, it’s God’s Presence (not presents) that we should mostly be looking for under the tree. So if you do a great job letting things “fall” away, and then opening up to the Presence of God, it shouldn’t take much for us to manifest the happy “New Year” (and new life) we might expect over the next several months.

Years ago, I made this my annual ritual–especially since it was the only three weeks in a row that I had off from touring–and would make it a point to use this time of the year to be “born again.” So I would spend some time letting go of things I no longer needed, which meant clearing out my desk, deleting things from my computer, and healing relationships that wanted to heal (as well as releasing the ones that didn’t). And instead of making the usual “New Year’s resolutions” that almost nobody keeps, I made tangible changes and would stick to most of my new commitments.

A Ritual for the New Year

Also, I would spend some time making a “prayer wheel” or “life chart” (as I call it) that could put all my new commitments onto one simple chart (visual tool) that I could easily access and use as a reminder of my new direction. Eventually, the word got out as to how effective my annual ritual was–as people could witness it working wonders in my life all the time. Of course, this whole ritual is ultimately just one of my many expressions/creations of living mastery. Nevertheless, by the late 90’s, a few of my closest friends would come to visit for a few days (usually around New Year’s), and we would work on our personal plans together. This became a common occurrence from then on, until a few year’s ago when (after already living in Sedona for a few years) the attendees at Unity of Sedona asked me to share these tools as a New Year’s workshop–which we began doing so quite successfully. Then, this whole concept became an online course that we do every year–beginning in the first week of January. We open this up to everyone for FREE on the first day, so they may decide from that whether or not they want to join us for the entire 4-week course.

How Do You Release the Past and Create Your New Life?

My point for sharing this is not merely to announce an upcoming course, as much as it is to ask whether or not you have your own version of ending each year with releasing the past, followed by using an effective means of creating a new life. If so, great! Just make sure it’s still improving year after year. If not, then it might be wise to figure out what it is you can do to create your own ritual along these lines. Don’t wait until this auspicious season is over and end up regretting your lack of forward movement. Also, don’t settle for the usual traditions of being with family–or the opposite–being alone. Instead, figure out a way to design a Holy-day Season instead of a Holiday Season. Choose to design a multi-day ritual of closure (using burning bowls, etc.) and re-building a new life (using life charts, etc.). You might be Guided to some wonderful new things this coming year. Maybe you can buy a simple ring and marry yourself, as a symbol of devotion to your new life (even if you are already in a partnership). You might also commit to receiving body-work, going to a counselor, attending some great workshops, or doing whatever else seems right for you. But one thing is for certain, please make the conscious decision to pray (perhaps on Christmas Eve) to begin an even closer relationship with Christ, or the Spirit of God, than you’ve ever had. Commit to being a humble follower of God’s Guidance–rather than controlling your own life any longer. And when you go to sleep, try to do so the way a child does on Christmas Eve–with excitement and anticipation of what awaits you the next morning.

If, by chance, you do all of this but happen to feel down (perhaps feeling alone), then make sure you email me and I will call you so that you can release such feelings. Another option is to go on my “Friends of Michael Mirdad” facebook page where you can reach out, exchange thoughts with others, and let them wish you Happy Holidays!

What this means is that when we fail to create a better life–especially after being given all that we need to do so–sometimes it’s because we choose to remain hostage to our patterns from the past. Make a different choice this year by stepping into a new life. Then you can know for sure that you will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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