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Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

Has Everyone Gone Crazy?

It’s often been said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity and this has never been as true as it is now.

As the time arrives when illusion becomes a thing of the past, we are all drawn into a cleansing of the false aspects of ourselves, thus making room for a greater abundance of Light—Gods Presence. But one of the primary challenges of such cleansing and rebirth (personally and collectively) is that our issues, wounds, and psychological frailties are magnified or enhanced. As such frailties are enhanced, our ego can use such raw moments to further ingrain into our psyche—deeper patterns of fear and unhealthy choices—while the Spirit of God waits in the wings for us to see such moments as opportunities for the permanent healing of such patterns and choices. The odds may seem heavily against us but since it is God’s Will that we (and all others) heal, we can remain confident in a positive outcome. The speed of this outcome, however, is greatly determined by our commitment and daily choices.

In the meantime however, we will be confronted with some of the most challenging behaviors and thought processes (from ourselves and others). This is, therefore, a time on earth wherein we can expect to see some potentially disturbing behaviors of others; behaviors that seem questionable, hurtful, and perhaps even “insane.” The human psyche is indeed needing a cleansing but the ego and darkness in the world (and in our minds), will fight to keep control over the cells of our brain and the thoughts in our mind.

The form this may take might be on the national news as stories around politics or of people seemingly going crazy and harming others. This may also take the form, locally, as people we know, beginning to act more unstable or irrational than usual. If they are on medication, it might seem as though they are not taking their prescribed doses. If they are in a program to help control their addictions, they might veer off the program or fail to follow a consistent practice of that program. Even people who practice channeling and the like might find themselves struggling at moments, possibly not sounding very coherent.

Sadly, this will probably only get worse, as the veils between dimensions become thinner and those who are psychic or have hyper-sensitive nervous systems continue to be bombarded with human and planetary discharge of negative energy. Such discharge can cause anything from a mild heightened state of nervousness and anxiety to flat-out internal messages from what seems to be God/Spirit but, in actuality, are not.

And remember, a few ways to confirm that such messages are indeed from God are that the messages (or feelings) would be clear, loving, constructive, and coherent; all else should raise suspicion and be discussed with a counselor. And although this might sound deflating to some, keep in mind that this is nobody’s fault and is merely to be expected, given the rise in planetary and personal psychic cleansing.

The bottom line is that as pieces of negatively charged thoughts and brain cells are broken up (during this global healing process), our psyche gets nervous and tries grabbing these pieces and reassembling them into our consciousness. The problem is, that since we are only grabbing pieces and since we are never putting them back into a proper order, what we connect with will seem very chaotic—to say the least–thus adding to an appearance of irrationality (or worse).

The solution during such times is best approached from both the inside AND the outside.On the inside, we are asked by Spirit to extend prayers to those (including ourselves) with such psychological struggles.We are also asked to not fall into the trap of believing in what we see: meaning that even though our brothers and sisters may literally begin to behave insanely, it is not the real part of them that does so, but instead is the part that is most reflecting the fear-based belief that we are separate from God and from sanity.

On the outside (meaning at the physical or behavioral level), we are asked to stand up for healthiness and for our own personal boundaries. The way A Course in Miracles puts it is that if we were to see a child with a dangerous object (such as a knife), it would be right to take it away from them (set boundaries) even though they might cry or stomp their feet. The challenge at this point is to then stick to those boundaries—even though the child will attempt to make us feel bad for our righteous decision. Keep in mind, however, that our choice was not only good (and healthy) for us, it was also good for “the child,” our family, community, all parties involved AND the entire human race.

All acts (and states) of literal or symbolic insanity are fear-based, and all acts (and states) of fear-based thinking are insane. Therefore, by seeing the symptoms of minor or major levels of unstable or irrational behavior as simply part of humanities collective fear-based levels of consciousness, we can help heal such things by choosing to neither ignore itnorenable it but instead to spot it, pray on it, and choose to act in a way that puts limits on how far we will allow it to be acted out on ourselves or others. After all, we’re all perhaps a little crazy, but we can (and must) set limits on just how crazy we will allow ourselves to be.


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Thank you. I needed to hear this and makes things much clearer.


Thank you Michael. That was very insightful (as always) and helps to make sense of a lot of what is going on in my life right now. ????


Thank you, I needed to hear this hopeful message today1

Natalie Keyes

As always, this is so very timely, personally and collectively. I am not sure how I would have gotten through these difficult times without the tools , lessons and encouragement I have found here. I am so grateful and am praying and sharing as I go. It all seems to fit together so well. The reading,the teaching, the inner work, the opportunities to share, are connecting, stabilizing,and blessing me on so many levels. I am doing the Revelation course now, have just read Healing the Heart and Soul, and The Seven Initiations , simultaneously, as I am doing the inventories… Read more »

Janette Deganis

ThankYou Michael From My Heart To Your Heart For All That You Share With All Of Us And Helping Us All Remember Who WE Are Divine Love, So Greatful, Many Blessings Much Love, Janette.

Renay A. Eutermoser

Thank you for this article. A counselor once told me to put a 10 minute limit on my feelings about my daughter leaving our family to live with her biological father. I find myself rethinking that advise as I read about putting limits/boundaries on current craziness. More importantly is the advice to pray on it realizing that it is due to fear-based levels of consciouness. But I am thinking that does not make us better than someone who is fear-driven. That is another discussion.


Thanks for this. I feel that you are actually calling a spade a spade. One thing I got out of this (and there were more than one) is that I can be a little more forgiving of myself for feeling a little “jacked up” lately. We’re holding a lot of light, and there does appear to be much movement at this time. So yes, issues are surfacing, but I am finding that if I put down healthy boundaries, all the while treating a person with kindness (not easy to do at first but becomes easier) that is graduation from that… Read more »


I would say I don’t feel crazy but I do feel the pain and anxiety of the children and mothers and fathers who have been separated from each other by an unjust system.I can easily feel what that would be like for a mother or father or as an abandoned child , and it weighs on me very much. WHy should any human being be forced to live in a cage without human love of compassion. THis is how I feel for my brothers and sisters .