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Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer,
Mystic, and Best-Selling Author
Healing the Heart & Soul

Healing the Heart & Soul

A Five-Step, Soul-Level Healing Process
for Transforming Your Life

Soul-level healing book

Healing the Heart & Soul  cuts right to the heart of myriad potential issues and explains how readers can “track down” the roots of their personal issues. Then the book explains how to heal the origins of these issues AND replace them with the “seeds of a new life.”

Healing the Heart & Soul offers the essential ingredients for personal, life transformation, as well as providing a deeper understanding as to why some people don’t seem to heal. It also covers the roles of forgiveness, mirroring, and miracles in relation to healing. Then it shares the specific technique of the Five-step, Soul-level Healing Process that will, in nearly every case, uncover the “real” cause (or causes) hidden behind any particular challenge or problem (physical, emotional, mental, financial, and even within relationships), thus making room for true transformation and healing. Soul-Level Healing can be defined as “a two-part process of emptying one’s cup of faulty belief systems AND refilling this cup with new, healthy, and loving belief systems.”

Topics include:

  • How trauma begins and then lodges into our system
  • Why some people don’t heal
  • Uncovering core issues and patterns
  • Mirroring
  • Healing & Forgiveness
  • Tracking
  • Soul Retrieval

Quotes from the Book

The truth that never changes
Any Healing
Healing quote
Perfect Light
Once we begin to wake up

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Cuts to the Heart of the Healing Journey

“In his book, Healing the Heart & Soul, Michael Mirdad cuts right to the heart of the healing journey. Succinct, easy to decipher, and clearly defined, Michael’s book outlines all aspects of the complete process so that even beginning self-healers can accomplish their goals. Finally, an easy-to-read discourse on wellness: how to get it and keep it.”

–Dee Wallace, actress and author, Conscious Creation


Your 5-Step Soul-Level Healing Process Works

"Michael, I write to  express deep gratitude for the 5-Step Soul-Level Healing Process (found in your Healing the Heart & Soul book). I needed it today and implemented it through rage and tears once again upon my family members. Both of my siblings had been sick and I took care of them but then when I got sick, they both abandon me. They have different values than I do about family.  My understanding is God gave us families to be support and help and strength to one another when we go through adversity. I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain around this and so I did the 5-step process. It took a few hours for it to trickle down and through into me, and it was like cool healing waters. It was like all the promises in the Bible about the giving Love of God and Christ. My heart became full and happy once again, I lost my rage, and even the fog in my mind that was scaring me about my illness went away. Then I was able to get a lot of work done, and just started putting one foot ahead of the next in all the work and planning I have to do to try and get moved. I am happy and at peace again, and feel full. All the suffering I have been through is worth it if it has led me to this wonderful place of being able to connect to God. I am so grateful. Best Wishes to you and all the people whose lives you touch."

--ES, AK

Simply Amazing

"Healing the Heart & Soul is the very first book I have found to teach my clients how to make a permanent shift in their lives. It is an easy read, but a profound and honest look at what it takes to heal soul-level issues. As a therapist we have been given tons of psychotherapy techniques to heal emotional wounds, but many times our clients don't entirely heal. We see them come back down the road for similiar patterns being played out in new relationships. The component missing from most counseling techniques is the healing that needs to occur with soul agreements that have been made. It is not enough to heal just this lifetimes patterns, we must heal the belief system that we think we are seperate from God and therefore have manifested low self-worth and thus health, relationship, and financial trauma as a consequence. I think every counselor should have this book on hand in their office and I think every person who has woken up enough to understand they need healing should have it as well. It's Simply Amazing!"

--Marie, ?

Great Example of Healing Your Life

"Michael Mirdad is the most wonderful, powerful, spiritual leader that I have heard. I live in Sedona where he is at Unity of Sedona and he has brought four times the congregation to the church. His messages are truth and easy to understand and put into practice. He has an amazing way of connecting everyone to their higher self. This book is a great example of healing your life."

--Sedonasky, AZ

Very Effective Healing Technique

"Healing the Heart & Soul offers a simple, easy to apply, practice and understand healing method which addresses the unhealed issues at the depth where true healing must reach.

For me, this work perfectly compliments the more traditional psycho-therapy methods of healing, particularly the issues and pains caused in childhood. Healing the Heart & Soul has provided a way to fully integrate and compliment the more traditional psychological/emotional healing with heart/soul healing, and Michael presents it in such a way that you are encouraged to go as deep as YOU feel comfortable. I believe this is so incredibly important as one should not feel forced to go deeper than they are capable of at any given time in their life. His approach honors and respects the individual and I believe this is vital for truly effective healing.

Thank you Michael for sharing the incredible wealth of knowledge and experience you have gained from a lifelong dedication to helping heal others. And, especially for the LOVE with which it is given."

--Maryl, ?

Healing Your Core Issues

"Our core issues, the ones that reside deep within us at a soul level, are often the ones we struggle with for years, if not a lifetime. In his book, Healing the Heart & Soul, Michael Mirdad takes these Soul-Level Issues that can drag a person down for years, and applies an inspiring five-step process that simply and quickly allows a person to begin transforming their life.

Michael's five-step healing process guided me through healing issues that I have been trying to release for years. I have tried healing modalities from East to West and they all fell short once the issue was 'purged' from my body, because left behind was a big hole. A hole I filled with more unhealthy relationships, shopping, working out, eating and not eating; whatever would fill the hole. And eventually, the pain, be it physical or emotional, returned.

The key that is offered in Healing the Heart & Soul is the process of Refilling. But instead of Refilling the hole with ice cream and abusive relationships, Michael guides you through actively, with focus, choosing what to refill with rather than unconsciously letting old patterns and thoughts fill in. By Refilling with new words that support a new life, Soul-Level Issues are transformed into new, healthy Core Beliefs. These new Core Beliefs will aid in calling forth that which serves a new, healthy life!

Healing the Heart & Soul is one of those books I keep out on my nightstand. After I read it the first time I put it on my bookshelf, but within days I found myself reaching for it time-and-time again. The healing process in this book not only helps me move through my issues with ease and a sense of direction, it also guides me to better know and understand myself--the key to making choices that will serve my soul long into the future."

--BE, ?

Incredible Healing

"Once again Michael has revealed to us an incredible healing technique through his latest book! With a few minutes of dedication , one can undertake the simple healing process and transform their soul...And in doing so- transform their life!

Michael points out that "All true healing occurs in the soul" - the results of that healing - manifest and create a new life! As the result of using these techniques...I have watched my life change dramatically in a short period of time. Everything got better health, peace of mind, relationships , and finances!

With but a little willingness , a few minutes of effort, wow I cannot express in words the effectiveness of this book and healing techniques. This book is a must read for all!"

--Ronaldo, ?

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