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The Heart of A Course in Miracles

The Heart of A Course in Miracles

Understanding and Applying the 12 Primary Concepts of the Course

A Course in Miracles Book

Many students on the path find the material in The Course in Miracles to be too complicated and heady. The Heart of A Course in Miracles explains the 12 primary concepts found in the Course in a powerful, yet clear and applicable manner. It brings the heart and soul back into the Course.

The Heart of A Course in Miracles explains the most important concepts of the Course, in a way that only Michael Mirdad could do. This book is clear, deep, applicable, and life-changing. It reaches a depth of spiritual teaching that is only surpassed by the Course itself, and it brings back the spirituality that has often been lost in translation. Students of the Course will never see the material the same way. Students of spirituality will never see anything the same.

This powerful book is intended to be read slowly, with thought and reflection. This book is clear, easy to read, and easy to apply . . . and has already proven profoundly effective to many thousands of clients and students who have applied the principles of this incredible book.

Drawn from the author's 30+ years of teaching, healing, and spiritual counseling, this book highlights both new and time-tested principles for understanding and applying the 12 primary concepts found in A Course in Miracles. In so doing, Mirdad makes the Course material fresh, powerful, and accessible to people of all walks of life.

Topics include:

  • Creating Miracles
  • Having a God Day: Starting the Day with God
  • How It All Began: Bliss & Oneness vs. Separation
  • Love vs. Fear
  • God's Holy Spirit vs. the Ego
  • Forgiveness vs. Judgment
  • Innocence vs. Guilt and Shame
  • Reality vs. Illusion
  • Responsibility vs. Projecting
  • The Spiritual World vs. The Material World
  • The Unlimited Soul vs. The Limited Body
  • How It All Ends: Holy Relationships vs. Special Relationships

Quotes from the Book

Blame others
Is it okay to pray for stuff

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This new book is called "The Heart of A Course in Miracles." Without going into a lot of history of my life related to the Course, or the Course's history on a linear level, really, I titled it "The Heart of A Course Miracles" for several reasons, not the least of which being - the Course has gotten studied in a more and more intense way, intellectual way. There's an approach to it that's very cerebral. I guess you could say, some people say, the course IS cerebral, and it really is and isn't. In some respects, it's just deeply inspirational.

But it definitely will come across a little bit, you know, concrete or intellectual. And it does that for various reasons. It does it because in part Jesus is talking through Helen Shucman, who scribed the course, and it presents material that's designed to sort of psychoanalyze and/or heal the mind, the psyche. So it's going to come across a little bit like psychoanalysis, you know, but it's intention was never to really lose the heart.

So when I describe the book as "The Heart of A Course in Miracles" - and that's one thing that Alan Cohen shared. He said he loved that it was called "The Heart." Then he read some of it, and he went "Wow." And you know what he really dug? He didn't talk about the layout of all the concepts and so forth, which you know people dig. He talked about...he was just wowed by the history that I was talking, about the hidden history -- the metaphysics, the spirituality, the past lives of Helen. All that, which I'm calling "The Heart." All that was left out of it.

And now we feel like we're talking about the Bible again. There were all kinds of books that were edited out of the Bible. And so it sort of ends up with that kind of a strange history, where the course was original notes, where quite a bit, there was quite a bit more there. But what I feel is it gave more of a feeling, still very deep, still a lot for the mind, but it was still very, very much broader and just fantastic material, which they now call the "Ur Text" version of the course, and man oh man there's a lot there. So, for the brave of heart, you know you can look for it.

So, really I call it "A Course in Christ Consciousness" - I almost titled the book that. "A Course in Miracles" is really "A course in Christ Consciousness," because it is the Christ that wrote it. It's the Christ in us that's being given the gift of that material. It's the Christ in us that's being awakened by processing the material, and so on and so on. So really it's A Course in Christ Consciousness. And I juggled that. I thought: “Well if we call this book ‘A Course in Christ Consciousness.’” Some of my students gave their opinion, and they said "no, because we want you to write a book ON Christ Consciousness," and so around and around we went. So, we ended up calling it, "The Heart of A Course in Miracles."

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Reviews of The Heart of A Course in Miracles

Reminds Me of the Classic "Love is Letting Go of Fear"

The Heart of A Course in Miracles is a jewel mined from the depths of the heart! Recommended for any Course student or anyone seeking deep spiritual truth and experience. Its clarity reminds me of the classic Love is Letting Go of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky. Love-filled and crystal clear on crucial spiritual concepts, Mirdad helps us reclaim our identity as God’s Children.

–Mira, TX


Reaches a Depth of Spiritual Teaching Only Surpassed by the Course Itself

In The Heart of A Course in Miracles, Michael Mirdad explains the most important concepts of the Course in a way that only he could do--clear, deep, applicable, and life-changing. This book reaches a depth of spiritual teaching that is only surpassed by the Course itself and it brings the spirituality back that has often been lost in translation. Students of the Course will never see that material the same way.

--RR, CO

Opens Spiritual Windows

Both ACIM Students and Miracle Workers can gain enormously from this overview. It opens spiritual windows and offers more light for us all!

--Joe, AZ

A Masterly Explanation of the Primary Tenets of the Course

With his new book, The Heart of A Course in Miracles: A Guide for Understanding and Applying the Course's 12 Primary ConceptsMichael Mirdad gives readers a masterly explanation of the primary tenets of the Course. In doing so, he raises the reader to a new level of awareness. After you read it, I believe you'll be empowered to more often experience your true nature. I highly recommend this important book.

--Gary R. Renard, Best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy

Links Compatible Ideas

 It's easier to understand new ideas if we can link them to familiar ones. A major plus of this book is that it links or joins potentially compatible ideas. Michael Mirdad explains the fundamental concepts of A Course in Miracles with reference to more familiar ideas from mythology, psychology, science, theology, and the Bible.

--Rev. Lynne R. Matous, InterFaith Minister

Love this Book!

I purchased this book because I've always wanted to read A Course in Miracles. But reading the entire book seemed so daunting to me; like reading the bible all over again. It even has those bible thin pages. The title of the book appealed to me. It felt like the Cliff Notes to ACIM. And hey, if I can pass tests on Cliff Notes then I am sure I can grasp the ACIM principles the same way. From the first chapter of this book I found myself with an intense desire to actually read A Course in Miracles. I have even pulled out one of my 18 copies of ACIM. I swear I don't know where they all came from. I know I've never bought a copy. It's like the Universe pretty much yelling at me, 'Read this please.' Like the joke where the guy asked God why he didn't save him from drowning and God replies, 'Look I sent you two boats and a helicopter.'

I can really appreciate the 12 concepts, which put me in mind of the 12 disciples or 12 states of consciousness. I am really enjoying this book. I find myself reading just a few pages at a time and taking time to digest them. With a tendency toward speed reading this is a new experience for me. I feel that I really have a great primer for the ACIM and am excited to get started reading it. I am not sure how or why but the book has given me not only the desire to start ACIM but an excitement about it. That, in itself, is a miracle in my book.

--Patrice, MD

If You Read Only One Book on A Course In Miracles, This is the One

If you were to read only one book on A Course In Miracles, this is the one. It offers the most complete picture of the course, along with easy-to-learn steps that guide the reader to a full understanding of how we got here and how to best find our way Home. Powerful while concise, Mirdad illustrates his mastery of the material and his flexibility in adapting it for modern day readers. He blends the threads of countless spiritual sources into a tapestry that reads more holistically than any supplemental ACIM text I've seen.

--Matthew, CO

From an Intellectual Read to Straight to My Heart

I am finding it not only necessary but rewarding to read and re-read Michael Mirdad's: The Heart of A Course In Miracles. As a student of the Course, I have struggled with parts of it and trying to apply certain aspects of it to my life, but because Michael's style of writing is so fluid and simple to read, it takes the Course from an intellectual read straight to my heart where I am now able to better understand and apply its concepts. If you love the Course, this book is a must for your personal spiritual library!

--AS, TX

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