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5-Day Intensive Testimonials

5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Read testimonials from Michael Mirdad’s Intensives:

Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive


"The Life Mastery workshop accomplished many things through the physical activities we did, through the people that participated and through Michael's spiritual guidance and presence. The focus of this workshop allowed me to reconnect that my mission is to transform my physical mind and body (since spirit needs no preparation) so that my mind, body and soul will meld with the God essence WHILE I'm in this physical body. I know now that I can never go backwards into non-awareness and in that way, I am already home . . . with a big challenge left in my personal role as a member of 'The Ground Crew."

--John, Costa Rica

One with God

"Thanks for the workshop! My favorite highlights include the following: A deeper understanding and appreciation that we are one with God and have no fear; How to fill my heart and soul with Joy; The Sufi Dance that focused on holding the 'candle of Christ was a highlight on several levels; The schedule and meals.Walking in the morning, yoga, protein shake for breakfast, a full lunch, and an alkaline meal at the end of the day; Learning to 'start the day with God then re-visit this connection throughout the day and finally, go into deep sleep with God at the end of the day. I also enjoyed the many great insights and learning how to focus, integrate, and apply."

--Rob, France

Exceptional Experience

"Many thanks for an exceptional experience. I loved the intensity of the experience and watching your mastery lovingly given every step of the way. My favorite portions of the workshop include: Learning the concepts of mastery, Integration of 'spirit' with our daily routine, The alkaline diet, Tracking and healing emotions, and the Soul-retrieval meditation."

--Louann, France




Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive

Life Transforming

"My life has transformed . . . The Love permeates everything like it never has before. All the things I could never quite express have been clarified and validated."

--Kat, OR

Exceptional Workshop

"This workshop was exceptional! It was a chance for each person to bring their own experiences of God and spirituality to the table and leave with greater depth, knowledge of and connection to our oneness with God. Studying sacred writings has never been more fun and enlightening. We were able to experience the 'Christedness within each of us and in so doing, bring our individual 'Christedness to a higher level. It was a sacred and holistic experience: from prayers and meditations; to reading together; to blessing each other with holy water; to sharing our own birth, tests of the ego, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension experiences. Four days of heaven on earth! This workshop is what a spiritual experience is all about! Thank you for helping to birth the Christ in each of us!"

--Yolanda, ON

Immense Gratitude

"The gratitude I feel for the level of forgiveness I have found in myself is beyond anything I can describe. All of the activities were timed and orchestrated perfectly to accomplish this. I loved the history, the soul retrieval, the healings, the decrees, Course in Miracles meditations, the walks outside, power stones, and fire ceremonies. It has led me to see humanity as a unit, functioning together, the pieces gradually revealing themselves as we move toward greater and greater awareness and embodiment of Christ consciousness."

--Amelia, OR