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5-Day Intensive Testimonials

5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Read testimonials from Michael Mirdad’s Intensives:

Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive

Accelerating Growth

"Not only did I experience powerful personal healing in this 5 day retreat, I also came away with many important practical techniques and approaches that I can offer to my own clients. This workshop was great for accelerating growth and transformation, and for anchoring those changes into my life."

--Mary, AZ

Crystal Clear Vision

"As I reflect on the Mastery Workshop, I find that I walked away with a crystal clear vision of the treasure that is my life purpose along with the very detailed map of how to get there. This includes action steps such as morning and evening meditations which include calling on God's divine presence to fill me with love and light and visualizing what that love and light will look like in my life on that day, tracking exercises to help me purge old patterns of ego reaction at the same time increasing my self awareness, a commitment to continuing to seek out healing therapies to aid in the dismantling of my past and a renewed respect for Christ consciousness. It was very meaningful to me to witness a Master in the flesh living out his soul purpose moment to moment for several days in a row. Watching Michael is a study in the supernatural. The amount of tasks that were accomplished in each 24 hour period seemed to defy time, the amount of love expressed to so many defied what is common to man, and the amount of focused, accessible information that was downloaded into each of our minds defied logic. It was also an honor to find myself surrounded by a group of souls with such passion for spiritual mastery. My choice to attend this workshop has forever changed my life."

--Rachael, TX

Phenomenal Experience

"Wow! What a phenomenal experience. This was certainly the most balanced workshop I have ever had the privilege to attend. From the Qigong and yoga through the energy work and visualization to the very cool cloud-busting and exceptional lectures, it was without a doubt an all encompassing event. It fed my physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual self. Each day was filled with many opportunities to integrate the concepts taught through a variety of well thought out hands-on activities. Indeed, from the magical beauty and serenity of the retreat's 10 acre landscape (including pond, waterfall, woods, labyrinth, and gardens) to the illuminating lectures, the Mastery workshop raised my consciousness and gave me a new masterful lease on life. I am so grateful to God for inspiring you to create such a place that the rest of us can go to for the nurturing support and clarity needed as we journey on our spiritual paths. This workshop has taught me that mastery doesn't mean waiting for everything to be perfect, but that a true master lives each day to the fullest, keeping a balance between 'knowing the truth, and respecting the illusion."

--Joey, Canada




Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive

Gained A Greater Sense of Clarity

"I am so grateful for the experience of being in the Awakening Christ Consciousness Workshop. Everything came together for me for the first time in my life spiritually. I came out of the workshop with a sense of clarity in my purpose, knowing that I found my spiritual home with having learned the secrets of the universe and in living the Christ life. I feel so blessed."

--Nancy, MA

Empowering Workshop

"Words cannot voice the impact of Michael's Christ Consciousness Workshop on my life. I am amazed at how divinely orchestrated all 5 days are. I was moved deeply by the times of meditation and reflection on the Christ as well as the keys to unlocking the mysteries of scripture. I left the retreat feeling centered and empowered and freed of much of my past pain and illusions. The highlight for me was certainly the closing meditation and ceremony. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything like it. Michael is a gift and has been instrumental in helping me to completely change my life for the better. The spiritual gifts granted in attending his workshops are beyond measure, Michael's commitment to God-centered teachings and love permeate all he does."

--Rachael, TX

Exceeded Expectations in Every Way

"I attended this workshop with a bit of apprehension, not ever having been to one of Micheal's talks or knowing much about the workshop. The week exceeded my expectations in many ways by the depth of what we leaned on a mental level (concepts, history, etc.) but also by what we experienced physically and emotionally in the activities/exercises which were truly expansive and fun. But most impressive was the spiritual experience of love that Michael and the group as a whole showed. After a week I felt like I knew them all for years! Not only were all comforts of great food, lodging, scents, and music meticulously provided but close attention to detail for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs were met truly transcending the average 'seminar on spirituality! This was truly an 'active model or embodiment of what Michael preaches on balance and wholeness. I am sure all those who attended agree, this was truly life-changing and worth the time, effort and money to attend!"

--Dawn, PA