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5-Day Intensive Testimonials

5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Read testimonials from Michael Mirdad’s Intensives:

Mastery & Healing 5-Day Intensive

Sense of Empowerment

"As I am still integrating the workshop, I see that I learned the value of watching my habits and realizing my distracting thoughts are all processes of the ego and that these behaviors are exactly what is keeping me from getting to the core of what I desire most. As opening occurred and emotions were triggered, I was able to put the 'tracking exercise to use immediately! What a relief, what a new found sense of empowerment! By using the 'tracking and other self realization techniques I could move forward to the next idea, instead of staying stuck and frustrated. The Self-Inventory was very enlightening and gave me information as to which areas of Mastery hold my personal strengths and weaknesses. I personally made a huge step forward in facing my fears. I gained deeper meaning as to how, in mastery, everything is synchronized like a beautiful dance. Activities like the art project, the evening bonfires, and goddess dancing delighted the senses and burned memories deep within my soul. Every minute was full and rich!"

--Jennifer, OR

By Far the Best

"I have attended, and assisted, at several of Michael Mirdad's Mastery workshops and this was by far the best! We had a symbiotic group right from the start. Our intentions and focus built day by day as we realigned with our soul's purpose and connected with each other as a spiritual family. Michael amazed us all once again with his arrangement of exercises, meditations, healing modalities, lectures, and playful fun. We had an absolute blast in the mountains challenging ourselves at a ropes course 60€² in the air! We all grew in immeasurable ways and have new, lasting friendships. Thank you to all who attended and opened up for their own growth as well as mine. Masters don't wish, they choose and they always ask why? My love to all and especially to our Masterful Teacher."

--Judy, FL

Total Acceptance

"One of the biggest things I experienced at the mastery workshop was the feeling of total acceptance from everyone. I loved how we did everything together (dinner, yoga, bon fire, etc.), and how everyone seemed to support each other. Everything at the workshop was great but I loved learning to see past lives in others, especially since all of us seemed to be intuiting the same information. Also, although I have trouble being in big groups of people, I have gained an inner strength towards it now. Lastly, the meals were incredible. I never had it that good at home."

--Steve, NJ




Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive

A True Channel of Christ Presence

"While the retreat is still fresh on my heart, I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for opening your retreat to us and allowing a safe place to work on ourselves in body, mind and spirit. You are a true channel of the Christ Presence and I thank you for your light."

--Kim, TX

Life Transforming

"My life has transformed . . . The Love permeates everything like it never has before. All the things I could never quite express have been clarified and validated."

--Kat, OR

A Fabulous Deep Experience

"Having attended all of your Christ Consciousness workshops, all I can say is what a fabulous, deep experience! The melding of Biblical, Course in Miracles and other esoteric material with shamanic processes, meditation, conscious movement and psychodrama created a profoundly healing and enlightening journey. I was amazed how so many diverse people received the perfect healing and information for each at this point on their path. The Heavenly Beings (angels, masters, etc) that show up to support your work, and this workshop in particular, is awesome! You and we are so blessed. I can't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving than nurturing Christ Consciousness."

--Carol, TX