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Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Found New Strength and Serenity

"Before getting the email about this retreat, I had only one intent . . . I wanted to go to sleep and start over in another dimension or life . . . sounds desperate and pathetic just to write it but it's true. Everything seemed wrong in my life . . . none of the dots were connecting. My belief in God, myself, and my loved ones had been reduced to nothing. Nevertheless, when I heard about the workshop, I knew I had to attend. Then, after just one day of being with the group I knew I had made the right decision. I have been studying religion for 25 years . . . having a deep love for Christ. I walked away from the fundamentalist Christian viewpoint and began studying Judaism but again became disillusioned. This lead me to look into Eastern Religions, which sparked a flame inside of me that seemed to kindle the flame of my other, former beliefs but I did not understand or see the connection between the Eastern and Western philosophies. All of this then lead me to the metaphysical community where I felt a newness and freshness that had been missing in my fundamental circles. And now, this workshop tied all the different ancient beliefs together. Most importantly I found a new-found strength and serenity in my 'secret love of the Christ. I feel 'Born Again but in a way that seems grounded and secure in the reality that we are all here to become more like Christ. Now, not only do I want to live again, I want to love again (Myself and Others)."

--Ellen, CA

Deeply Touched

"Great workshop! The activities of each day just flowed and time seemed to fly by. The meals were great beginning with the healthy breakfast protein shakes. Following that with prayer, yoga, and meditation, we were prepared mind, body, and soul for the teachings that followed. The lessons were solid with fact and visual evidence of Christ Consciousness throughout history. It became apparent to me that our planet, the universe, and the beyond is infused with the essence of Christ. I was deeply touched by the readings particularly the discussion of Mary Magdalene. I felt new areas of my core soften and open to let Christ's Awareness more deeply penetrate my soul. Mealtime sharing, dancing, and evening activities were engaging and fun! The closing ceremony was the ultimate culmination of a perfect event and brought the experience to a pinnacle of understanding in what it means to accept the indwelling Christ within each of us."

--Jennifer, OR

The Most Profound Material

"This is the most profound material I have ever studied on the topic of spirituality. I never leave Michael's workshops without having learned volumes on the topic at hand. I love how the beauty of your meditations takes me to a higher vibration in my relationship with God and others. I most enjoyed the soul retrieval where I clearly was able to connect with my intuitive gifts."

--Angela, TX