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Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

Awakening Christ Consciousness 5-Day Intensive Testimonials

A True Disciple of Christ

"I loved learning about the hidden spiritual history of the planet and about how to read the parables of Jesus. I also loved learning about Jesus' various past lives. I loved being with my friends and making new ones. I loved the healing circle at the end and to feel the energy of God, as well as the time we all spent in a group hug, which was so intimate, the love I felt was so beautiful. It occurred to me that if every man had felt what I felt in that group, there would be no war, as there would be no hate in their heart. Lastly, I was amazed that Michael constantly knew what everyone in the group was going through. He is truly a disciple of the Christ."

--Steve, NJ

A Transcendent Experience

"I just attended my first Christ Consciousness workshop. I have heard from past attendees of Michael's workshops that this was by far their favorite. I can say now I whole-heartedly agree! This intensive went far beyond the typical classroom learning experience. It was a transcendent gathering of spiritual expansion and healing that surpasses years of study. Truly led by the divine and flowing with an ease and grace I witnessed many transformations. We went from learning massive amounts of historical information to meditations and decrees, from Sufi dancing to past life recall, from learning about the lives of Jesus to formulating personal prayers with intention. Thank you Michael for being the light that leads the way."

--Judy, FL

Connection to Spirit

"It took quite a lot of effort (financially and logistically) to get to this workshop and so the immersion into the realms of Christ and the dimensions of this Universe was felt at an even deeper level for me. Michael's teachings bring connection to Spirit, illumination, understanding, and emancipation from my body, emotions, mind, and heart. Missing pieces of the universal puzzle are now found! I also feel a worthiness to connect to Christ and his teachings; even deciphering scripture was fun and exciting. Applying the initiations of Christ to our own lives, revealing the part of our ego and the illusions of this world, imparting wisdom of Apostleship and enabling us to bring that awareness with us daily, has given me the tools to reach through the veil and find my way back to the kingdom of Heaven."

--Diana, FL