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Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer,
Mystic, and Best-Selling Author
Praise from Churches

A Master Teacher

"Michael is a Master Teacher who touches the depths of your heart and soul with compassion, love and profound wisdom. His joy- filled light is an inspiration to all."

--Rev. Marlene D. Wolford, Unity Village, MO

Best Workshop I’ve Ever Taken

"We had more than just 'great feedback' on Michael's workshop. There were words like 'best I've ever taken,' which really speaks for his work."

--Rev. Darlene,Religious Science, BC, Canada,

Messages From the Heart

"Michael Mirdad is very popular at Unity of Mississauga, as evidenced by the increased number of congregants and Love-offerings on the days he's spoken here! He delivers his messages from the heart and speaks directly to spiritual matters and world issues. His afternoon and evening workshops are also well attended, and people leave with applicable tools to alter their lives."

--Rev. Pat Ball, Unity of Mississauga

Deeply Inspired

"Our church is always so blessed by Michael Mirdad's Sunday Lessons and Workshops! The congregation is deeply inspired by his consciousness and presentations, which are enlightening, well attended, and in complete alignment with our Unity Principles."

--Rev Joanne Murphy,Senior Minister, Unity Church By the Shore, NJ

Very Gifted Spiritual Speaker

"Michael is a very gifted, spiritual speaker who naturally captivates and inspires his audience with innocence, charm, and delight. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, God speaks through him like music!"

--Ingrid P. Dean, Music Director, Unity of Traverse City, MI

Healing of Consciousness

"There has been, and continues to be, a tremendous healing of consciousness as a result of the workshops and sessions that Michael does. This has enhanced the growth of quality and quantity in our spiritual community."

--Rev. William McNeely, Unity of Fort Pierce, FL

Love and Gratitude

"There aren't words to adequately express our love and gratitude for the difference Michael Mirdad has made in the lives of so many of us at Unity of Birmingham. The reception for him and his work is extraordinary! His workshops have drawn unusually large attendance, and his message of God's love and activity in our lives has transformative power. Michael's private session work has also profoundly touched many lives with healing, compassion and inspiration. We consider Michael Mirdad a member of our Unity family."

--Rev. Jerry Bartholow, Unity of Birmingham, AL

Truth Teachings

"Michael Mirdad is a delight! He presents the Truth teachings in an all-inclusive, clear, and concise way. He cuts through jargon and goes to the heart of the matter with sincerity, humor, and obvious joy. He has been very well received by our congregation, and I am often asked to make sure he is invited back."

--Rev. Paul Roach, Sr. Minister, Unity of Fort Worth, TX

Energy and Excitement

"The energy and excitement that Michael brings to the church is evident by the increase in the number of attendees to the Sunday services and workshops. His inspirational and enlightening talks and books have been a blessing to everyone at Unity."

--Rev. Darlene Strickland, Unity Church of Maui, HI

Very Blessed

"From the moment Michael first walked into our church, I knew I liked him. We have had Michael back at the Science of Mind Center three times in the last two years and are thrilled and very blessed each time he shares with us."

--Dr. Barbara Lunde, Sr. Minister, Science of Mind Center of Boca Raton, FL

Benefited In Every Way

"Our Church has benefited in every way from Michael's teaching and healing work, far beyond anything that we thought possible. I have recommended him to other Churches of Religious Science, and I know, first-hand, that they are happy they invited him."

--Rev. Nancee Sweeney, Church of Religious Science, AK

Delightful Humor and Inspiration

"We love when Michael comes to our church. We know the day will be full of delightful humor and inspiration. Whether he focus- es on our Soul's Purpose or awakening the Christ within, Michael Mirdad delivers his message with unsurpassed clarity and fun. I know I am not alone in my feelings about Michael; many of our church members travel to other churches within our state just to hear Michael and participate in his workshops."

--Laureen Buckner, Christ Church Unity, Orlando

A Revelation

"The best word for describing Michael is REVELATION. His talks and his writings are full of revelations that illuminate and enlighten. Suddenly, one can see clearly how deeply our negative perspectives affect us and prevent us from stepping into a new consciousness. Suddenly one can see how each experience holds a gift for us."

--Betty Walker, President of the Board, Unity Church of God, MA


"Michael Mirdad noticeably lifted the energy of Unity on the River. His talks fit seamlessly into our theme of transformation, and we appreciated the energy and consciousness he brings. Michael facilitated three services and two workshops, none of which duplicated each other. We look forward to his next visit, just a month away."

--Rev. Morgan Barclay, Unity on the River in Amesbury, MA

Shared Wisdom and Insight

"It has been an honor having Michael share his wisdom and insight at our church. His genuine presence and wonderful humor as a spiritual teacher and healer, have touched the hearts, minds, and souls of everyone present. His sermons and workshops have helped many to open up to continued spiritual growth and healing. His private sessions are like no other, for he offers a sense of trust and clarity that assist people in their healing process. Michael also has a gift for helping people connect with their Christ con- sciousness.which then truly, becomes a blessing for your church community."

--Terrie Waitt, Board Member,Unity Church of Greater Hartford, CT

Acceptance of God

"My church and I have found Rev. Michael Mirdad's messages to be a direct reflection of his energy: loving, clean and inspirational, opening the doors of our minds and hearts to new levels of understanding and acceptance of God in ourselves and in others."

--Rev. Carolyn Wenzel, Unity Church of Friendswood, TX

We Were Delighted

"We were delighted to have Michael Mirdad as our guest speaker. His talk has stimulated much discussion, inspiration and enthusiasm among old and new members."

--Rev. Antoinette Shoenmaker, Independent Metaphysical Church of Australia

Empowering Spiritual Teachers

"Michael Mirdad is one of the most empowering spiritual teachers of our time. His original and personal expression of pre- senting Truth principles is refreshing and inspiring. He transcends denominational teachings and expresses truth in an understand- able and memorable way. Michael is the 'real deal.' His humor, authenticity and presence of mind will open your heart and embrace your soul. Our congregation always shows up in large numbers to hear his lessons and participate in his workshops."

--Steve Barton, Unity of Fort Lauderdale

Delights the Congregation

"Michael has played an important role in lifting the consciousness of our community for many years, and is our most loved and successful guest speaker. Michael always provides an on-target Unity message and delights the congregation. Furthermore, I'm impressed that his message is never the same-old-out-of-the-can message that we see so often from other popular authors and speakers. With Michael Mirdad you can expect a fresh, spontaneous, fulfilling event every time."

--John Merkel, Unity Church of Martin County, FL

Such a Wonderful Job

"Michael Mirdad always does such a wonderful job. Spirit really shines through him in a glorious golden radiance! I really enjoy the way he ties so many concepts together!"

--Rev. Dorothy Leon, Anchor of Light, Grants Pass, OR

A Clear Shining Light

"Michael is such a clear, shining light! Everybody here absolutely loved him! I am still hearing wonderful comments on how inspiring he was in both his sermon and his workshop. His message is very consistent with who we are, as a more 'traditional' Unity min- istry. He truly ministered to our congregation. We look forward to his return."

--Rev. Pamela Reynolds, Unity Way Church, CA


"We thoroughly enjoyed Michael Mirdad's presentation at our church. He is entertaining and inspiring and shares a unique perspective for all students on the spiritual path, and especially for students of A Course In Miracles. I recommend him heartily."

--Rev. Steve Bolen, Sr. Minister, Unity Church of the Hills, Austin, TX

Provided Remarkable Healing Tools

"I thank Michael wholeheartedly for the wonderful message during his visit. It was as if I was being filled with that for which I hungered and thirsted and provided me with remarkable healing tools to use on my journey to Christ."

--Sharon, Unity Church of Martin County, FL