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Praise from Students

Praise from Students

Many Thanks

"Thank you for your newsletter article on affection! It reminded me, not only of my first session with you, which I will never forget, but also of another time, when a church congregant had been seriously injured & life-flighted to a hospital. As a prayer chaplain, I drove up there and sat with him for hours praying and reading from one of our Unity Books. Though he was in a coma, I figured his sub-conscious would hear me. As I prayed 'with him, I affirmed that his body knew exactly how to heal itself. One afternoon, one of his doctors came in. As I passed in front of him so he would have room to examine my friend, he reached out and rubbed the top of my back€”unheard of for a doctor in my previous experience! Anyway, I knew, then and there, my friend was in good hands!"

--Unknown, ?

A Changed Man

"Since I saw Michael in Massachusetts a few months ago and attending his workshops, a lot of growth has transpired. I bought several of his CD's, many of which I have now lent to my clients because I felt they could learn so much. One man in particular is a 62-yea- old retired gentleman whom I have been meeting with in therapy/spiritual direction weekly for five years. He's a man of faith, but had previously thought of taking his own life and is clinically very depressed. He's been very angry at God at the way his life turned out. So I gave him Michael's CD on 'You're Not Going Crazy.' After listening to the CD, he could not give it back to me. He listened and listened daily, and sometimes many times daily. So I just let him keep it. And now he's a changed man. There's something about Michael and  his energy and his language and his expression that was just what this man needed to push him out of the birth canal. I have not seen him this motivated or clear about anything in the five years we've been meeting. He's devouring Michael's concepts of God loves his humor. While I am sure this kind of growth is happening to many people in many places that experience Michael, I still had to write. Every single soul that is affected should be celebrated!

--K, MA

I’ve Seen it All!

"Dear Michael, I have attended many authors' presentations and workshops over the past few years, and yet, even so, this was the ONLY time I have felt strongly compelled to have a Private Session with any author or teacher. In your case, I had an almost irresistible urge that simply felt like an inner voice was directing that this was the man I finally should approach. I am sharing this simply to let you know that I will not forget this feeling. I also share this as a way of saying a heartfelt 'THANK YOU for the deep impression that your words made within me at your lecture on Sunday evening. You spoke with an eloquent clarity that I have rarely experienced, and I feel truly blessed to have been in your presence for that hour-and-a-half. Please know that my prayers of thankfulness accompany you as you leave the 'Windy City and resume your busy schedule."

--Stan, Chicago

Gratitude from Santa Fe

"I am taking this opportunity to write to you to tell you that I was lucky to be in Santa Fe when you gave two lectures at Unity. I want to thank you for helping me understand more the purpose of my life. Also, I am so new to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and your lecture on 'Applying the Principles of ACIM helped me so much to understand what ACIM is all about and I will be more eager now to study the material. Lastly, but the most important one of all is to thank you for the many good things you said to me when I had the Private Session with you. I am so glad I met you."

--Deborah, NM


"Fabulous newsletter! This hits the mark! I will share: I suffered from complacency for quite a few years. It kills us 'slowly from the inside out.'"

--Christine, ?

I Get it!

"Dear Michael: I've begun reading your book, Sacred Sexuality, and things are getting a lot clearer as to what has been transforming inside of me. Weeks prior to our session I had been anticipating that something was happening but had no clue what it was. I had a vague sense that I wanted to go deeper into my spiritual practice but wasn't sure how to get there. Now, a miracle later, I remain stunned by the magnitude and depth of your teachings and look forward to seeing you again when you return to my area."

--Jennifer, OR

The Purpose of a Healer

"Dearest Michael: I hope you are well! You certainly are an inspiration to many. I was so inspired by you when you were here in Eugene. I valued your healing/service and I truly appreciated your influence in my life. Things have already changed quite a bit from just hearing the wise thoughts that you spoke. Furthermore, I was greatly influenced by the following characteristics I saw in you: 1) Healing is your purpose. 2) Your daily life is congruous with your 'talk'. 2) You have made a business that supports you so that you can travel and provide your healing/service."

--Patricia, OR

Mirror, Mirror

"Hey Miguel! I've recently been recalling when I first saw you in Florida. My life has never been the same, thank you God! In you, for the very first time, I became aware of God's presence in a brother; since then, everyone I come in contact shows up with the God-light. I have experienced many challenges in this last year and although the lessons have at times been painful, as soon as I embrace them, love on them and let them go, I begin to refill and heal with the peace I have for so long searched to find. Together with your love, support, teachings and healings, I am growing at such a fast and furious speed. Yet the biggest gift you give me is the opportunity to see myself rightly in you, my mirror. Thank you for the awakening, for your unconditional love and kindness and for giving me a spiritual family that I look so forward to sharing my life with."

--Janet, FL

Powerful Message

"Dear Michael: Although a little time has passed, I want to thank you for the beautiful and powerful message you shared with us at Unity Church. I have known for years that the Christ was the real part of me but had never heard it expressed the way you did with such certainty. You are a wonderful channel of Light and look forward to seeing you again."

--Joe, CT

Love Can Be Grounding

"Dearest Michael, I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting you in West palm Beach, Florida. Your presence is so pure and loving it automatic grounded & centered me. I felt unending Love & Happiness. I have traveled a spiritual road all my life and have studied under many (so called) Masters who have guided me in life's quest but have never felt a presence like yours. Now, I hope to have a session with you in person."

--Kristina, FL

Special Thanks to All at Grail

"Dear Michael, Thank you and all your helpers for the work you do in sharing the message of love, hope and healing in the Christ light which we all embody and our working with our ascended masters, guides, and angels to manifest Paradise on Earth. I am grateful to read your words of truth and encouragement in each of your publications and I wanted to let you know how your messages have touched me and continually remind me that I am part of a perfect plan for good."

--Sharon, CA

Love your Newsletters

"Great newsletter last month, Michael.It hit home.regarding a certain student of mine (Madame X) and the fall-out which is still continuing.Ms X returned to class after an extended time away due to her health. She was extremely disruptive in class, feeling she was under attack from everyone. Well as I saw this as a momentary lesson for all, I also knew that she would need to either settle down or not attend the class. I knew I would need to talk to her before my next class.Within the time since the class, I have been contacted by some of the students and while I was amazed at the range of emotions, I did keep my teacher/counselor hat on and explained how this unpleasant event was indeed a valuable lesson and to not take it personally, as it was evident Ms X was going through an extremely difficult time and having a hard time observing her own behavior. I also explained how important it is to look at their own reactions and why our/ their buttons are being pushed. As they surrender this to God take time to pray for her and bless her. Not everyone agreed, so the class will continue.The point is I am happy to say I didn't get caught up in the drama ( maybe a tiny bit) and saw the reason for Ms X and her contribution to my class.WooHoo. Blessings to you ."

--Sandra, CA

A Miracle for a Sports Fan

"Aloha Michael! You really made my day special with your 'miracle demonstration at your 'miracle workshop. You surprised me by giving me an autographed football signed by my favorite player, Lofa Tatupu. I appreciate you thinking of me as you decided to gift me this official NFL football, knowing that it would mean so much. Go Seahawks!"

--Gregg, HI

Tough Love

"Hi Michael! I attended your sacred sexuality lecture with my partner last night. Let me start by saying thank you for creating yourself to be who you are today. Your energy is very inspiring, refreshing, and joyful. I was in a very low-energy space.aching neck and back and heaviness of my present relationship. We were both deeply impressed and discussed some of the things that came up for us, and your seminar was actually very valuable in helping me vocalize what was in my heart. By the time we retired for bed, we had agreed on a separation from the relationship but then beautifully proceeded to make love for hours. It was incredibly healing. I think it was a kind of expression to each other that everything that happened between us was a success and that we are truly grateful. Of course there are many elements to this ending that are not easy and beautiful, and so, I will pursue a private session with you to help me with this transition and prepare for a new beginning. Thanks again for your wonderful spirit."

--L, AZ

Learning on All Levels

"Dear Michael: I am wishing to express gratitude for your articles and have been working on studying your book Sacred Sexuality in my spare time. The world needs this information very much, far too long have we been distorted verses natural, thank you for standing up. Your books and articles are very inspirational and motivating; in all honesty I keep your book on The Seven Initiations with me at all times. It has so assisted with those moments of disorientation. The hardest part has been seeing those I thought to be in alignment with the Divine and finding that sometimes they are not. This saddens my heart. It is as if they sensed the change within me and I so became an out-cast and the focus of their hate. But sending them only love is the key. Recently I was blessed with employment, and when I receive my first paycheck, I would like to donate to your retreat center. You have helped me and I would like to do the same in return."

--Lady J, ?

Wish there were teachers like you in my area

"I wish there was a teacher like you in my area. I feel sometimes like I'm starving--spiritually. I study a lot on my own, which is probably how God wants it for now but it would be so nice to listen in person to someone who actually had a clue as to who Christ is."

--RR, CO

Joy and Forgiveness

"Dear Michael: I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write your article about Gary Renard and his 'attackers.' Gary was my introduction to A Course in Miracles. and I will always be incredibly grateful. I enjoyed his human, 'recovering jerk' personality. He made me laugh. I also know that some people don't like him. I thought you did an awesome job covering the conflict in your article. I've experienced spiritual groups that split due to similar disagreements. As a result, I had turned away from any spiritual groups. The joy and forgiveness that I have been able to access as a result of reading Gary's book(s) and now in ACIM, has transformed my life."

--Laurie, ?

Witnessing Love & Truth

"Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you for your talk on Monday night. It was incredible. I resonated with so much of what you talked about. It was as if you had read my mind and heart. It felt so good to hear you speak, with such passion, about what I have passion about. The way you word things really makes sense to me. What a gift you are to me and the world. Thank you. I don't know if I have ever really heard any body say things the way I really think about them. You do. Over and over again I heard the message of Love. From every angle I heard Love. You are love and I feel blessed to have gotten to experience you."

--Suzanne, AL

Gifts Should Be Shared

"Dear Michael: I would like to share a few comments about your gifts. You have this gift . . . a very special gift you see. I don't know if everyone can perceive it right away, as it is often wrapped in a humble appearance, it isn't dripping in precious metals or stones, nor does it involve any clever slights of hand. It doesn't force itself upon you or declare itself present . . . no it is simple and it is subtle. It isn't flashy or extravagant; it isn't gratuitous, but just simply beautiful. This doesn't feel like a mere gift of this world but rather a gift of Spirit. Thank you, Michael, for this gift. Thank you for offering it to my partner and me. May every possible blessing shower your head for your unshakable commitment to God and His Voice. I am so often overcome by my gratitude for your capacity to see me and to channel my words when I have lost them."

--RL, TX


"Aloha Michael! Thank you for the work you do and for the love and light you give. Your teachings have been so profound for me. The goddess within me has been illuminated by the information in your books and the countless things you taught me while you were here in Honolulu. I loved the stories you told, the teachings on Sacred Sexuality, the breathing exercises, and the teachings on balancing all aspects of our life and being€”mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Now, I look forward to each day as a miracle!"

--Maureen, HI

Life Changing

"Hello Michael! When I met you for the first time, I had no idea that this meeting would change my life completely! Today, as I am growing in my relationships with God, my husband, my family, and friends. As I am feeling completely full of love, again I would like to thank God for this soul meeting between us, as well as thank you for all these changes in me! I pray to god to keep your light even brighter so you can keep giving to the ones that are all still searching for love."

--Pilar, ON

The Healing Has Begun

"Dear Michael, I wanted to thank you for your healing sermon at Unity in MI. My husband had a stroke a year and a half ago and things have been very difficult for him since then. Your comments on despair were needed and very uplifting. When the Service was over, my husband got up from his seat unassisted. He also walked alone from the fellowship hall into the lobby to meet you. And on the way home when we stopped at the gas station, he got out of the car and washed the windows! What progress!"

--Caroline, MI


"Just a note to say that your article on Kindness was EXCELLENT, on about a bajillion levels. Kindness is a concept that I have been trying to find more fully within myself and this takes it a step further. Plus, Michael is such an excellent example of it, so we who read this know and appreciate what it means. I will make a conscious effort to carry this forward in my interactions."

--Marti, HI

Healing at Our Women’s Group

"Dear Michael, On behalf of our Women's Centre, I want to thank you for the work you have shared with all of us. We truly appreciate your time, effort, and support. Your work has had an enormous impact on the lives of our group, as they heal their lives and make positive changes."

--MW, ON

Re: A Course In Megafools

"Thank you for tour MegaFools re Ken Wapnick, and Renard--much appreciated! Found ACIM back in mid-70s; then Bob and Kathy Draper (LaJolla, CA) soon afterward....recently returned to KWs writings! Best to y'all! Never Fegit To Laugh!"

--Gunny, USA


"Dear Michael: Just a quick note to wish your New Year brings you all the blessings your heart desires! I read your latest book, 'You're Not Going Crazy . . . and now I understand what I've been going through! As I reflect on the past year, I have changed so much, my beliefs, so many limitations are gone, God got bigger for me! And among my many blessings from the past year, I am grateful for meeting you and experiencing your work."

--Lisa, TX