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Praise from Students


"Fabulous newsletter! This hits the mark! I will share: I suffered from complacency for quite a few years. It kills us 'slowly from the inside out.'"

--Christine, ?

Exceptional Healer

"Dear Michael Mirdad and Staff: Thank you so much for sending me your newsletter; I appreciate it greatly. It is wonderful and I enjoyed so much reading it. In a nutshell, I would like to say to Michael Mirdad that by listening to him in Santa Fe, he healed me of an emotional attachment I have had for over two years by showing me the way to understand 'boundaries. Also, while Michael was lecturing, he unknowingly performed a huge healing on me. My eyes opened up on my situation and I let go seemingly in an instant. Michael enabled me to 'see the Light and understand that a change of direction was absolutely necessary. I am greatly indebted to him and would like to send a donation as a token of my gratitude. I have NO DOUBT that Michael is a very exceptional healer who can work at all levels even when one has not paid for your services. I greatly admire him for his integrity and fabulous service to our brothers and sisters on this plane. I can only say, 'please keep up the fantastic work that you do as you anchor the Light for all of us. You are a living treasure and undoubtedly an enlightened Ascended Master!"

--Elisabeth, ?

The Answers to My Questions

"Greetings Michael! I attended Unity on The River this past weekend for both the morning service and your afternoon workshop session. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I left your lecture with many questions answered as well as many more to explore. I have attended an evangelical Christian church for many years, but as I have aged (am now 61) I find I have had many times where I've felt been feeling quite unsettled about it. I realize I'm searching for answers and peace. I have read your book You're not going Crazy.and have recently started reading Healing the Heart & Soul. I feel I may be at the beginning of a new journey which is both exciting and scary at the same time. My friend and my daughter each had the priviledge of seeing you in private session today and I know they both were impacted greatly by the experience. Bless you for the work that you do."

--Sandy, MA


"Aloha Michael! Thank you for the work you do and for the love and light you give. Your teachings have been so profound for me. The goddess within me has been illuminated by the information in your books and the countless things you taught me while you were here in Honolulu. I loved the stories you told, the teachings on Sacred Sexuality, the breathing exercises, and the teachings on balancing all aspects of our life and being€”mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Now, I look forward to each day as a miracle!"

--Maureen, HI

Re: A Course In Megafools

"Thank you for tour MegaFools re Ken Wapnick, and Renard--much appreciated! Found ACIM back in mid-70s; then Bob and Kathy Draper (LaJolla, CA) soon afterward....recently returned to KWs writings! Best to y'all! Never Fegit To Laugh!"

--Gunny, USA

The Healing Has Begun

"Dear Michael, I wanted to thank you for your healing sermon at Unity in MI. My husband had a stroke a year and a half ago and things have been very difficult for him since then. Your comments on despair were needed and very uplifting. When the Service was over, my husband got up from his seat unassisted. He also walked alone from the fellowship hall into the lobby to meet you. And on the way home when we stopped at the gas station, he got out of the car and washed the windows! What progress!"

--Caroline, MI

The Real Deal

"Hi Michael! My name is Michelle. I was given your name by a friend who came to me for guidance. She had a private session with me yesterday. As soon as she mentioned your name, I immediately saw Archangel Michael, who then told me you were 'the real deal' and showed me your face. Later, my friend gave me your website info and when I visited your site, I saw the same image Archangel Michael had shown me."

--Michelle, ?

Personal Thank You

"It is a pleasure reading your periodic newsletters, and I just want to extend a personal 'thank you for your work in reaching out to others and helping us to understand spirituality. I've attended a couple of your workshops, and look forward to seeing you again in the NE region. Please find enclosed a donation. It's an honor to contribute to your work, and I'll keep you in my prayers."

--Linda, NJ

Inspired Newsletter

"Please tell Michael that the last newsletter article is/was absolutely inspired and so timely! The article on TRUST was PROFOUND thank you!"

--SB, AZ

Wish there were teachers like you in my area

"I wish there was a teacher like you in my area. I feel sometimes like I'm starving--spiritually. I study a lot on my own, which is probably how God wants it for now but it would be so nice to listen in person to someone who actually had a clue as to who Christ is."

--RR, CO

Love Can Be Grounding

"Dearest Michael, I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting you in West palm Beach, Florida. Your presence is so pure and loving it automatic grounded & centered me. I felt unending Love & Happiness. I have traveled a spiritual road all my life and have studied under many (so called) Masters who have guided me in life's quest but have never felt a presence like yours. Now, I hope to have a session with you in person."

--Kristina, FL

Brother to Brother

"Dear Brother Michael, I pray this letter finds you in the highest of spirits and at peace, which I know you are. Your lecture/overview and insights on some of the deepest topics was amazing and you are truly an illumined soul. May peace and harmony be with you eternally."

--Anwar, IL

Special Thanks to All at Grail

"Dear Michael, Thank you and all your helpers for the work you do in sharing the message of love, hope and healing in the Christ light which we all embody and our working with our ascended masters, guides, and angels to manifest Paradise on Earth. I am grateful to read your words of truth and encouragement in each of your publications and I wanted to let you know how your messages have touched me and continually remind me that I am part of a perfect plan for good."

--Sharon, CA


"Dear Michael: Just a quick note to wish your New Year brings you all the blessings your heart desires! I read your latest book, 'You're Not Going Crazy . . . and now I understand what I've been going through! As I reflect on the past year, I have changed so much, my beliefs, so many limitations are gone, God got bigger for me! And among my many blessings from the past year, I am grateful for meeting you and experiencing your work."

--Lisa, TX

Propelling Me Forward

"Dear Michael: I am truly thankful to you for the very insightful and excellent workshops in Dallas and the very helpful private session I had with you. You are an amazing teacher/healer/metaphysician who beautifully shares the message of Truth, Light, Love and Healing. Michael, you have been a powerful, inspirational catalyst speaking to my soul and propelling me forward on my journey. My spiritual & healing process is accelerating.I'm half way through your Seven Initiations book and listening again to your Course in Miracles CD and now feel more at peace. The process continues."

--Michael, TX


"When I reflect and count my blessings, it brings to mind much gratitude for the opportunities to study Christ consciousness and participate in Michael's sacred sites tours. Thank you Michael for all you do to bring more love, light, and joy into the lives of others!"

--Donna, TN

Joy and Forgiveness

"Dear Michael: I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write your article about Gary Renard and his 'attackers.' Gary was my introduction to A Course in Miracles. and I will always be incredibly grateful. I enjoyed his human, 'recovering jerk' personality. He made me laugh. I also know that some people don't like him. I thought you did an awesome job covering the conflict in your article. I've experienced spiritual groups that split due to similar disagreements. As a result, I had turned away from any spiritual groups. The joy and forgiveness that I have been able to access as a result of reading Gary's book(s) and now in ACIM, has transformed my life."

--Laurie, ?

Becoming a Better Healer

"Michael, I want to thank you for the person that you are. With the love in your heart, your wisdom, and your light you have helped me to open myself up to 'more light and also my heart center. I would like to tell you that I find that my work has changed a bit. I am now moving more slowly into my approach to the body. I feel my energy shifting in all regards and that I am more open to spirit and in connecting with the person on my healing table. In the last week, two people have had great shifts and releasing. They both actually had emotional releases even after my session with them, crying hysterically. Well I wanted to run back in the room and comfort them, but I just felt that it was best to let them have that time for themselves. Of course, I wasn't far away and they knew that. I am becoming clearer and clearer. I help others to heal, and much of what they need to heal is what I have already experienced or am experiencing. I just want to say again, Thank You for Who You Are."

--Deborah, FL

Many Thanks

"Thank you for your newsletter article on affection! It reminded me, not only of my first session with you, which I will never forget, but also of another time, when a church congregant had been seriously injured & life-flighted to a hospital. As a prayer chaplain, I drove up there and sat with him for hours praying and reading from one of our Unity Books. Though he was in a coma, I figured his sub-conscious would hear me. As I prayed 'with him, I affirmed that his body knew exactly how to heal itself. One afternoon, one of his doctors came in. As I passed in front of him so he would have room to examine my friend, he reached out and rubbed the top of my back€”unheard of for a doctor in my previous experience! Anyway, I knew, then and there, my friend was in good hands!"

--Unknown, ?

Amazing and Generous

"There are many teachers who have profound teachings but Michael is the one who walks his talk. He is really amazing. He is so makes me cry."

--F, Japan

Change and Growth

"Michael, My life over the last two years has been filled with change and growth€”some of which I jumped for and some of which I went forward with but with resistance. After each step I thought, this is it. I am there . . . only to find within a short time that there was more to uncover or another issue with which to deal. Knowing this, it is understandable that I am not the same person at all anymore. Even since the last time I saw you, more progress has been made on my journey. Interestingly, the more that I do uncover, own, and change the more beautiful and peaceful it feels inside . . . no more sense of urgency or need to control my life and no more fear. Now, I'm just enjoying the journey. I am becoming a grown up . . . For the first time in my life and it's exhilarating. When I met you I thought I was an adult, but I was a very little child. Now, although I embrace the playfulness of youth and the heart and innocence of a child, I am balancing that with the emotional maturity and responsibility of an adult. I don't know where I go from here, but I am sure it will be interesting."

--J, ON

The Miracles CD is Miraculous

"I was having a little difficulty understanding ACIM. So, I closed the book and ordered MM first CD on ACIM. It is an awesome CD and is helping me so much. Thank you, Michael. I have now ordered the second CD and have once again opened the book.starting with lesson one!"

--Judy, CT

Laugh, Love, Serve

"Dear Michael: I loved attending your recent workshop on 'Awakening Christ Consciousness. I was beginning to think there was no one here on earth like you, and I still believe no one else is. Everything you do expresses God. You live what you teach and you model it so well, with clear intention and integrity. But I also love your sometimes odd humor and how you don't need or want to be put on a pedestal. And I love how your passion feeds you beyond the rational. I am impressed with how you live in the moment and I so admire how you search for those timely opportunities to serve others, which, to an average observer, could seem like no big deal but to that person being served, it is everything. It is not only your teachings, but also because of your humanness, your example of mastery, and your encouragement for others that students like myself really come to believe that we can do what we came here to do. I'm grateful God led me to you. He knew I would be in good hands."

--Kim, TX

Witnessing Love & Truth

"Hi Michael, I just wanted to thank you for your talk on Monday night. It was incredible. I resonated with so much of what you talked about. It was as if you had read my mind and heart. It felt so good to hear you speak, with such passion, about what I have passion about. The way you word things really makes sense to me. What a gift you are to me and the world. Thank you. I don't know if I have ever really heard any body say things the way I really think about them. You do. Over and over again I heard the message of Love. From every angle I heard Love. You are love and I feel blessed to have gotten to experience you."

--Suzanne, AL

Michael was right on!

"Many years ago I attended one of Michael's presentations at Unity Church on Maui. He asked us to rate the areas of our life on a scale of 1-10, ten being fantastic. Relationship, health, career, finance, etc. After everyone did the work he asked if anyone had a score of three or less in any category. He went on to say that if one had a low score in relationship, without the proper amount of work and correct application of mind, chances were that in five years it would most likely be the same (or worse).so one might as well stop suffering and complaining and get out now. I hated what he said. But Michael was right on. I didn't leave my three or lower rated relationship for an additional six years, choosing instead to apply myself to my spiritual practice. I am very glad I did, however even with all the practice and work, my 27 year marriage didn't work out. And the thing was.both Michael and myself saw it coming. So.points to take into consideration: TRUST your intuition however weak it may be. LOVE and forgive the one you're with even though it's painful. And practice developing confidence, love, and trust in yourself above all. In these ways all your hurts and anger will heal faster, you will have no regrets, and you will continue to grow in spirit and light for the rest of your days."

--S, HI

I Had Given Up

"Dear Michael: I just wanted to send you a BIG thank you for your work. I attended your class in Fort Worth on Sunday and then the other class in Dallas on Wednesday. Quite honestly, for almost 7 years I had been in a funk and feeling like nothing was going my way. I had kinda given up on the fact that life could be good, and I was always at odds with how God could create a world like this and send us to 'hell when he is supposed to be loving and forgiving. I never had a use for organized religion; I always considered myself spiritual, but I still felt disconnected and lost. Seven years is a long time to be in the dark night of the soul, especially when it started at age 25. Everything you said in the course really resonated with me and I saw as the truth. I completely changed my attitude, and the miracles started rolling in, small and big!!! I guess the biggest miracle, like you said, was the 'shift in my attitude. This has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I now have a promising job interview, I am on the path to getting out of debt, and I am approaching my relationship with my boyfriend from a whole different perspective. Most of all, I am experiencing the joy and peace that has been so elusive to me for so long. So thank you again!! Please keep up the good work, and I hope to attend more of your courses when your return to this area."

--GW, TX

I Remember You

"Hello Michael! You may not remember me but I certainly remember you. I attended a large expo many years ago where you were a keynote speaker. After the event was over, you and several other speakers were dining in the lounge where my husband and newborn baby were eating. I was so embarrassed because my baby kept crying and felt we were interrupting the privacy of these awe-inspiring spiritual leaders. Next thing I knew, you were walking towards us, which I assumed was to ask us to keep our baby quiet. Instead, you kindly asked if you could hold our baby. I watched in amazement, as she grew quiet. Then you suggested that my husband and I join the table of speakers, which was such a gift. Then you sat over in the corner rocking my baby to sleep and remained with her afterward for an hour. This may sound like an odd testimonial, since it's not about a session or workshop, But it is still an important example of a teacher who 'walks his talk in a profound, yet, simple demonstration. All these years later, I still feel moved. Now that's real healing!"

--D, OR

Remote Learning

"Dear Michael: since I saw you a few months ago, I have continued healing and have shifted so much. I have let go of abuse and have reclaimed my power. I am taking care and learning who I am. I have your tapes and listen to them all the time. They seem to teach me all that I need to know. I really love the one titled, 'Living Love. It has a beautiful message. However, what has helped me more than anything is learning more about Christ Consciousness. That is what was missing from my life. I cannot begin to thank you for all you've done for me. You gave me my life back and I no longer feel broken. You are truly an amazing person."

--Kathleen, TX