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Praise from Students

Many Thanks

"Thank you for your newsletter article on affection! It reminded me, not only of my first session with you, which I will never forget, but also of another time, when a church congregant had been seriously injured & life-flighted to a hospital. As a prayer chaplain, I drove up there and sat with him for hours praying and reading from one of our Unity Books. Though he was in a coma, I figured his sub-conscious would hear me. As I prayed 'with him, I affirmed that his body knew exactly how to heal itself. One afternoon, one of his doctors came in. As I passed in front of him so he would have room to examine my friend, he reached out and rubbed the top of my back€”unheard of for a doctor in my previous experience! Anyway, I knew, then and there, my friend was in good hands!"

--Unknown, ?

Gratitude from Santa Fe

"I am taking this opportunity to write to you to tell you that I was lucky to be in Santa Fe when you gave two lectures at Unity. I want to thank you for helping me understand more the purpose of my life. Also, I am so new to A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and your lecture on 'Applying the Principles of ACIM helped me so much to understand what ACIM is all about and I will be more eager now to study the material. Lastly, but the most important one of all is to thank you for the many good things you said to me when I had the Private Session with you. I am so glad I met you."

--Deborah, NM

Great Integrity and Humility

Michael Mirdad first came to my awareness during a talk show in the fall of 2014, my heart sensed right away that he was an authentic teacher. The information he shared that day inspired me to read A Course In Miracles, which in turn initiated a need and desire for deep inner healing. Since then I’ve read many of his books, I’ve listened to numerous talks and I’ve attended many of his workshops. They have all been invaluable to me and have taught me so much about myself. I have learned to set healthy boundaries and I have begun to recognize the Love that I am, I now have a connection with God and others and a peace within my heart that I had only ever dreamed of. He is a person of great integrity and humility, one who is deeply dedicated to the path of healing and leading others Home. He is a Master at challenging the ego and triggering the hell out of you, my ego tried to convince me to RUN several times over the past two years, but Spirit kept leading me back, which to me was only further proof of his authenticity. Thank You Michael Mirdad for being a pure and clear channel for God, thank you for being courageous enough to deliver the messages you knew I needed to hear but likely would “not” be well received by my little self, thank you for living through example and for being a torch (light) for others to find their way Home!


Brenda Tompkins

My Own Initiations

"I had a private session and saw you at Unity Church in Orlando. Right after our session, I had to leave for Italy, because my mother was suddenly terminally ill with cancer. She died on the 17th. Before she passed, I was doing some healing work on her and I saw a man, whom I believed to be Jesus, had worked on her heart, and from that I understood she was receiving a spiritual healing. Also, before I left for Italy I read your book, The Seven Initiations of the Spiritual Path, and I loved it! I had started reading it a second time, to digest it more, and so decided to put it in my suitcase. I am so glad I did! As I went to the mourning of losing my mom, it helped me to put everything into prospective and understand what initiation I was going through. Thank you for your work on the book! It is definitely one of those books that I have to keep reading, as with every experience I am learning something new about myself."

--Simona, FL

Laugh, Love, Serve

"Dear Michael: I loved attending your recent workshop on 'Awakening Christ Consciousness. I was beginning to think there was no one here on earth like you, and I still believe no one else is. Everything you do expresses God. You live what you teach and you model it so well, with clear intention and integrity. But I also love your sometimes odd humor and how you don't need or want to be put on a pedestal. And I love how your passion feeds you beyond the rational. I am impressed with how you live in the moment and I so admire how you search for those timely opportunities to serve others, which, to an average observer, could seem like no big deal but to that person being served, it is everything. It is not only your teachings, but also because of your humanness, your example of mastery, and your encouragement for others that students like myself really come to believe that we can do what we came here to do. I'm grateful God led me to you. He knew I would be in good hands."

--Kim, TX

Amazing and Generous

"There are many teachers who have profound teachings but Michael is the one who walks his talk. He is really amazing. He is so makes me cry."

--F, Japan

Pretty Inspiring

"Another great and useful newsletter.mahalo, Michael. Some thoughts:1) I have been seeing the 'mental instability manifest in subtle ways as well. 2) Having just watched my son and his friends go through adolescence, I can't help but compare it to what we're going through globally. They were awkward, loud, unsure of themselves and physically strange. And that's what it feels like now, in this world. Gawky, loud, argumentative and confusion, just waiting for the light of maturity. 3) Endings, releasing, making room for the new" I really appreciate the fact that you walk like you talk. Sharing the examples of how you are doing exactly that is pretty inspiring. Helps me want to do the same! Of course I miss your visits to Maui and I miss the workshops, but I will eventually make it back that way" to a workshop or a Lightworkers Conference or something. I keep in touch with some friends from the workshops and we often speak fondly of you and the work you do. I guess the main comment I want to make is to thank you again for all that you do. You rock. And, by the way, A good friend of mine recently moved to Sedona and has been attending Unity there. He sends me emails telling me what great talks you give and I just laugh. Like, uh, yeah.that's what I've been trying to tell him! LOL..."

--M, HI

Re: A Course In Megafools

"Thank you for tour MegaFools re Ken Wapnick, and Renard--much appreciated! Found ACIM back in mid-70s; then Bob and Kathy Draper (LaJolla, CA) soon afterward....recently returned to KWs writings! Best to y'all! Never Fegit To Laugh!"

--Gunny, USA

An Immense Weight Lifted

"I always take something meaningful away from Michael's lectures/workshops, etc. But I wanted to highlight one from last Thursday which really helped me. I recently made a big decision to begin taking prescription meds for my Anxiety and ADHD, which have both proved to be absolutely paralyzing in my life. It also caused deep self hatred and frustration for not being able to manage my thoughts, brain, and mood on my own. I've always been a naturally positive person, but it would just get so buried under psychology. Thus, the long awaited decision to stop trying to handle it myself and feeling miserable, to sucking it up and taking the pill. Then, in one of Michael's talks, he spoke about 'giving to Cesar what is Cesar's, and 'giving to God what is God's. Michael said that if we have a headache, we can take a pill, but there's more going on under it. Well, it clicked-in just the right way when he said that. I now have an immense weight lifted and feel 1000% more like my natural vibrant self again (but will still take my prescription). Now I have so MUCH MORE I can give to God! I have so MUCH MORE I can offer the world, and I am able to be that beautiful contribution to the world I believe I am meant to be. I always knew I have a lot to offer the world, but my head got in my way constantly, and took away from me being able to offer much of anything. The way Michael spoke about this seemed to give me the permission to take that pill without faulting myself. And to be grateful now that I have so much more to give to God.!!! And to know there are other things I can work on that are underlying those symptoms, but having the willpower and concentration now to carry out working on them. Many, many blessings.!!!"

--A, MA

Wonderful Message

"Dear Michael: Thank you for the wonderful message in your most recent e-newsletter. It really resonates with me. I recently was criticized by a new friend for living in a bubble. In other words, I try to surround myself with spirit and not with what is negative in the all too available news of this world, which seems to drain the very essence of spirit out of me. Thank you so much for knowing about complacency and for elaborating on it's many faces. Reading your message made me feel so much less alone on my path, though surrounded by friends and family who don't support this. I have found over the past 27 years that my so-called living in a bubble, allows me to know less about what is going on out there in the world but more about what is going on within me and how to become healthier in body and soul. Thank you for sharing the truth."

--SR, ?

A Master Healer

"Dear Micheal: I am writing this to extend my deepest gratitude for your work. As a recipient of past healing it has been so insightful to see you work. You are a Master healer. This is why I chose you as my teacher. This is why I continue to attend Unity of Sedona. I have known from my first meeting with you the depth of the impact you bring to those willing to engage and  participate in the reception of the calling out of the frozen, disassociated thought forms that hide behind the experiences of trauma. After your recent advanced healing workshop at Unity, I am deeply changed and ask that you continue to teach and share your experience, wisdom, and mastery with this group of souls who are so dedicated to healing others at the deepest levels and have come to you for training. In this particular workshop, I saw a woman, freed from trauma, and reborn into integrity, right in front of a group of people who were also being changed at depth on so many levels. I am moved and inspired by your work and continue to study all that  you share with us. So please continue to assist in the development of many more Master Healers. It is truly what our world is calling forth and is clearly your forte!"

--VL, AZ

True Value

"Michael, I am both a recent and older student/client of yours and I truly enjoyed the message of your last e-newsletter about GREED. I am a counselor/intuitive healer who has also followed a path of minimal fees, etc. I hear what you are referring to and I am saddened to know it is true. I send this also to thank you for a more recent healing session with you. I asked you Michael, 'Why do you NOT charge more for your sessions, and your answer was quite beautiful. I felt validated that the 20 years of service I've provided for a minimal fee was worth every ounce of sacrifice to hear those words from someone as spiritually elevated as you. It was a clear message of my own truth, and made me feel more valued with my chosen path than ever before. I anxiously await your next visit. I have also referred many of my clients to you for the next time you are here, and we all look forward to it with anticipation. I have been blessed by your true gift, and my life has never been better. You are a true spiritual teacher, and it is appreciated beyond belief."

--KH, FL

A Gentle Touch Can Melt Years of Defense

"Michael, Thank you so much for your focused attention at Saturday's workshop and during my session last week. It is amazing to me how much a gentle touch on the shoulder has opened me up. There are so many ways I shut myself down over the past 24 years that I truly did not expect to feel much of anything for a long time. It is such a pleasant surprise to feel energy throughout my body along with sensuality, already. I didn't know it (sensuality) was even still in there! Michael, I was so detached from my body that I usually didn't even feel things, like stubbing a toe. I expect that there will be ups and downs throughout the healing process, but I've decided to focus my spiritual homework and on healing quickly. I am totally shifting my point of view on almost every aspect of my personal life. I've made an observation that often statements you make, that are not directly attached to the topic, have opened areas of contemplation I wouldn't have gone to on my own (or maybe not till much later). I like it. Bravo! Your lesson pacing and quick responding to participants make for an enjoyable learning experience.

--K, TX

Michael was right on!

"Many years ago I attended one of Michael's presentations at Unity Church on Maui. He asked us to rate the areas of our life on a scale of 1-10, ten being fantastic. Relationship, health, career, finance, etc. After everyone did the work he asked if anyone had a score of three or less in any category. He went on to say that if one had a low score in relationship, without the proper amount of work and correct application of mind, chances were that in five years it would most likely be the same (or worse).so one might as well stop suffering and complaining and get out now. I hated what he said. But Michael was right on. I didn't leave my three or lower rated relationship for an additional six years, choosing instead to apply myself to my spiritual practice. I am very glad I did, however even with all the practice and work, my 27 year marriage didn't work out. And the thing was.both Michael and myself saw it coming. So.points to take into consideration: TRUST your intuition however weak it may be. LOVE and forgive the one you're with even though it's painful. And practice developing confidence, love, and trust in yourself above all. In these ways all your hurts and anger will heal faster, you will have no regrets, and you will continue to grow in spirit and light for the rest of your days."

--S, HI

A Miracle for a Sports Fan

"Aloha Michael! You really made my day special with your 'miracle demonstration at your 'miracle workshop. You surprised me by giving me an autographed football signed by my favorite player, Lofa Tatupu. I appreciate you thinking of me as you decided to gift me this official NFL football, knowing that it would mean so much. Go Seahawks!"

--Gregg, HI

I Have Awakened!

"Hi Michael! First I would like to say thank you for inviting me and my two friends to your Christ Consciousness class as a guest. The entire Sedona trip like the Sacred Sites Tour was divinely orchestrated for me. I am so grateful that I have awakened and listened to the divine being within and that I followed that guidance which brought me on the tour and to Sedona. These past two years have been a constant change for me. I have worked on releasing old thought patterns, healing this life and past lives, healing relationships, working on forgiveness not only for others but especially for myself. I thank you for all of your love, compassion, teachings and wisdom that has helped me to move to the next level of the Christ within me. You are truly an example of the truth that is God."

--Linda, FL

My Journey

"Dear Mr. Mirdad: At the suggestion of my Reiki Master I recently purchased your book YOU'RE NOT GOING . . . after a rough few months and continued healing, I thought I was out of my mind. I have experienced fear unlike anything I've ever known and have ended up in the hospital. After reading your book, which I now keep in my purse, I feel normal again. I feel safe and able to better understand my journey."

--Ria, NJ

I’m Ready To Live

"Dearest Michael, I'm still amazed at how healthy my life has become. Without dieting, without obsessing, and without a list of rules to judge myself by, I continue to get more and more healthy, including the effortless dropping of unneeded weight. It is a miracle. Indeed, I have made many changes in my life since I met you. I am so very grateful for your incredible workshops and the personal healings. When we met I was challenging the world to love me as I was. But you led me to a place where deep healing happens. This depth of healing has continued in my life, with your help, and I reap the benefits daily and in all areas. I feel healthy, vibrant, strong, powerful, attractive and sexy! I am finally ready to do what I came here to do."

--Carol, TX

My Cup Runneth Over

"Michael! I wanted you to know that I have gained a great deal from our work in New Jersey. One of the main points that you emphasized was that we students need to integrate the information that you shared with us. I'm happy to report that on many levels I have been integrating and I have already begun to feel 'lighter! One thing in particular is that you helped me release the old relationship I had with my dad. That was so incredibly powerful for me, but I didn't realize just how powerful it was until I had to see him again. In the past, when I knew that I had to see him, I would get stressed and feel sick to my stomach. But yesterday before I saw him I was relaxed, rather than nauseous, and when he tried to 'push my buttons throughout the day, he didn't get to me at all-I didn't feel any 'charge from his words, and I was able to just smile at him. That was so awesome! And the best part is, that with the prayer/meditation you taught me, my connection to God is far greater and I've been manifesting things that I desire more quickly. Lately I've been feeling like I am on the precipice of something wondrous, even though I'm not quite there, yet. One thing that I do know for certain is that the work we did and all that I have learned from you so far is part of what is helping me get to my Grand Opening. Over the last 24 years, I've studied many spiritual traditions and practices, and have been privileged to learn from many Masters on my journey. I've been Blessed to be in the presence of amazing and holy Beings. I want you to know that I haven't met a Master in a long time whose Spirit and Energy and Wisdom and Love resonates within me in the way that you do, Michael. I knew that I was being called to seek you out, and I am so happy that I listened to my inner guidance. I feel energized, inspired, excited, motivated, and humbled by all that I have received from you in such a short time. Michael. You are not only a Master, but a true Spiritual Luminary. Thank You for sharing your wisdom and Love in such a Beautiful and profound way. My cup runneth over as tears trickled down my cheeks."

--Elyse, NJ

A Changed Man

"Since I saw Michael in Massachusetts a few months ago and attending his workshops, a lot of growth has transpired. I bought several of his CD's, many of which I have now lent to my clients because I felt they could learn so much. One man in particular is a 62-yea- old retired gentleman whom I have been meeting with in therapy/spiritual direction weekly for five years. He's a man of faith, but had previously thought of taking his own life and is clinically very depressed. He's been very angry at God at the way his life turned out. So I gave him Michael's CD on 'You're Not Going Crazy.' After listening to the CD, he could not give it back to me. He listened and listened daily, and sometimes many times daily. So I just let him keep it. And now he's a changed man. There's something about Michael and  his energy and his language and his expression that was just what this man needed to push him out of the birth canal. I have not seen him this motivated or clear about anything in the five years we've been meeting. He's devouring Michael's concepts of God loves his humor. While I am sure this kind of growth is happening to many people in many places that experience Michael, I still had to write. Every single soul that is affected should be celebrated!

--K, MA

Exciting New Journey Inspired

"I think what really inspired me to write this testimonial was the fact that I have been going to Unity in Mesa for nearly 10 years but now our minister has had some serious health issues and had to retire and is now in Hospice. When I heard this, I just started sobbing in church. It affected me and of course most of the others who were there and I just started sobbing. There was absolutely no religion in my childhood home. I think it was when I started reading A Course in Miracles and A Return to Love that my life totally changed. forever. Then, I started attending Unity of Mesa and have been going ever since. When Michael Mirdad came to Unity as a guest speaker, my life again was changed and I was so inspired and affected that I have never been the same. I'm sure so many others felt the same way. Of course I purchased several of his books and felt that I was home."

--KM, AZ

Deeply Grateful

"Dear Michael: Thank you . . . Thank you . . . Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Many years ago our paths crossed. That was the most incredible time in my life. I thank you for connecting with me and reigniting my inner flame of remembering. I am deeply grateful for your love and patience and releasing me to soar among the masters of Light. In your eyes I see love, peace, and harmony. You touched my heart."

--Diane, ?

Love Can Be Grounding

"Dearest Michael, I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting you in West palm Beach, Florida. Your presence is so pure and loving it automatic grounded & centered me. I felt unending Love & Happiness. I have traveled a spiritual road all my life and have studied under many (so called) Masters who have guided me in life's quest but have never felt a presence like yours. Now, I hope to have a session with you in person."

--Kristina, FL


"Fabulous newsletter! This hits the mark! I will share: I suffered from complacency for quite a few years. It kills us 'slowly from the inside out.'"

--Christine, ?

Sense of Gratitude

"Michael: I awoke today with a sense of gratitude and glory in God. I want to thank you for being in my life. When I think of all of us as souls, I understand the love of Christ in a deeper more powerful way. Recently you helped me understand the difference between the Holy Spirit and Christ and that feels like a huge puzzle has been unraveled in me. God speaks to me in such a clear voice at times and I sometimes feel overwhelmed from the degree of love that comes through. And when that happens, I often think of you, not as a man, but as a soul, which feels like so much more than the human thing. I really don't know if I could even put it into words if I tried. Anyway I wanted to thank you for being a part of my life and journey in remembering who I am as God's beloved child. Thank you."

--R, CO

Brother to Brother

"Dear Brother Michael, I pray this letter finds you in the highest of spirits and at peace, which I know you are. Your lecture/overview and insights on some of the deepest topics was amazing and you are truly an illumined soul. May peace and harmony be with you eternally."

--Anwar, IL

Healing at Our Women’s Group

"Dear Michael, On behalf of our Women's Centre, I want to thank you for the work you have shared with all of us. We truly appreciate your time, effort, and support. Your work has had an enormous impact on the lives of our group, as they heal their lives and make positive changes."

--MW, ON

Change and Growth

"Michael, My life over the last two years has been filled with change and growth€”some of which I jumped for and some of which I went forward with but with resistance. After each step I thought, this is it. I am there . . . only to find within a short time that there was more to uncover or another issue with which to deal. Knowing this, it is understandable that I am not the same person at all anymore. Even since the last time I saw you, more progress has been made on my journey. Interestingly, the more that I do uncover, own, and change the more beautiful and peaceful it feels inside . . . no more sense of urgency or need to control my life and no more fear. Now, I'm just enjoying the journey. I am becoming a grown up . . . For the first time in my life and it's exhilarating. When I met you I thought I was an adult, but I was a very little child. Now, although I embrace the playfulness of youth and the heart and innocence of a child, I am balancing that with the emotional maturity and responsibility of an adult. I don't know where I go from here, but I am sure it will be interesting."

--J, ON

Exceptional Healer

"Dear Michael Mirdad and Staff: Thank you so much for sending me your newsletter; I appreciate it greatly. It is wonderful and I enjoyed so much reading it. In a nutshell, I would like to say to Michael Mirdad that by listening to him in Santa Fe, he healed me of an emotional attachment I have had for over two years by showing me the way to understand 'boundaries. Also, while Michael was lecturing, he unknowingly performed a huge healing on me. My eyes opened up on my situation and I let go seemingly in an instant. Michael enabled me to 'see the Light and understand that a change of direction was absolutely necessary. I am greatly indebted to him and would like to send a donation as a token of my gratitude. I have NO DOUBT that Michael is a very exceptional healer who can work at all levels even when one has not paid for your services. I greatly admire him for his integrity and fabulous service to our brothers and sisters on th