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Private Session Testimonials

Private Session Testimonials

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light!

"I am doing fantastic after the most wonderful experience I had in my private session. I am profoundly grateful for the veil that you lifted so that I could join you in experiencing God. I feel firmly grounded in God's love for me and I have no experience of shame, anxiety, and fear and it's not because I am numbing it; it just isn't there. My concept of myself, God, and my relationship with God has completely changed. I am super excited about what is ahead for me and the guidance I am receiving is just to move forward in trust and enjoy the mystery. Everything unlike God has fallen away, and the joy has begun. My session with you saved my life and pulled me out of my own internal hell I had created. I already see the changes, with energy moving in support of my new life/self-concept."

--Kim, TX

The Pain of Being Born Again!

"God did it hurt! It was just like childbirth. It was all the pain from the past coming to the now. That pain, I felt as a child was buried within me all these years. I screamed, 'Get out! to my grandpa and uncle that had molested me. I did this as Michael touched specific muscles in my legs that stored the horror of that betrayal. As I breathed, again groaning like a wounded animal, a part of me observed that it was as though I was giving birth, and Michael was the midwife. He was coaching me to stay present. Saying this like, 'Good job or 'You're doing great, but somehow he knew exactly when the process was complete, and then he said, 'There! She's back. He was referring to the girl I had left behind. The one I had disassociated from when my sexual abuse had occurred, but now he helped me to re-integrate her back into my body and soul. At this time, my body began to flop up and down on its own as Michael stroked my hair and cradled my head. I'm crying even as I write this because I never had a man treat me with such tender care. I realize now that it was the former physical pain that exiled the little girl that I once was, that felt helpless and hopeless and afraid to scream. In the end, Michael reminded me that it is now my responsibility to mother the little girl within me and that I had the tools to do so."

--Anonymous, FL

Finally . . . Results!

"Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful healing session last night! You acted quickly on my behalf to assist me with a very difficult problem that I had been having for more than a year and I am SO grateful! I had the BEST night of sleep and peace after our session than I have had in many MONTHS!!! I had recently (and urgently!) sought out another spiritual teacher (very famous!) through a friend of mine in California but I didn't get one word of response from her. I was SO VERY IMPRESSED that YOU were willing to work with me on a little money basis!!! AND so QUICKLY, since my issue was urgent. Thank you AGAIN, Michael, for walking your talk and being the compassionate healer you are!"

--Wendy, CO

Life Transforming Session

"Dear Michael: Thank you for another life-transforming session. Being able to be heard uncensored and having you listen as you do, so entirely present and caring, allowed me to shed something heavy€“a self consciousness and a loneliness that is allowing me to feel hopeful about being able to trust better and have things I assumed weren't for me because I was way too damaged. God happened all day inside and outwardly, including finding a possible perfect fit living situation in the first place I called and went to see. What an absolute gift X gazillion to be able to work with such a generous, loving human being and healer. The way you model humility and kindness is completely influencing and changing how I want to listen to others. My desire to have God more present in my life is happening already. YEAH!! And I am going to stop and think about what I say (or write) is as authentic and honest as possible. Breathe and slow down. All from one session€“and 2 great sermons on Sunday! Thanks for letting me be me and expand the possibilities that I can believe by making me as I am all so OK. Yes, I still cringe about some things discussed but mostly I realize that I can use humility, understanding and kindness to myself and others to really stop taking it all so seriously. Thank you for the bottom of my heart, Michael!!"

--L., AZ

Standing in Gratitude!

"I wanted to thank you again for all the healing energy I received from our private sessions together, which is still serving me now, weeks later! I understand that healing almost never happens in a split second, but instead happens in layers, over time (as did the trauma), as long as we are willing to continue the work. As a result of our sessions, I am finding myself healing at a much more rapid rate now than ever before! I stand in gratitude and appreciation of you! I also tried to capture the essence of GOD, and even more importantly, the fact that we ARE God! After reading so many of your books and hearing you speak and our private sessions, I think I finally understand that this is one of your greatest teachings! If I am a part of God, and I truly believe this, without any doubt, then there is NOTHING that I cannot have. In fact, there is nothing that I even NEED! I am complete and whole and PERFECT right here and now! With this new perspective, I feel so Powerful! I realize that, in my human form, so long as I remember that I am indeed a part of GOD, I am WORTHY of everything and anything I desire! 'And So It Is!"

--Elaine, FL

Thank you from the Heart of All!

"Michael: Thank you again for all your help and moreso for all your patience. I am deeply grateful to you and all that you are. I am saying this for me and for all human beings who, like me, sometimes need some guidance, love, and deeper understanding. You are a big blessing in this world and I feel blessed to have met you and felt your healing power and love. My heart is filled with gratitude. God bless you Michael, always!"

--Janny, TX


"Dear Sedona Friends: I attend Unity of Naples in Florida and attended a workshop with Michael Mirdad and the pastor there encouraged me to have a one on one session. I read and re-read some of his books and continue to use and practice the principles I have learned. I took to heart what he shared and went on to become a reiki master/teacher. Then I found the new website of Michael's Sacred Sunday Services, featuring all those videos. How timely of an answer and how encouraging. Tears just flowed as I listened and felt I was right there during the closing meditation. Words can not express how grateful I am for being able to continue to grow spiritually via this media. Thank you, thank you. This format allows me to be united and feel I am right there with you all and I can do that anytime I have access to a computer. How awesome is that?"

--C, FL

An Exorcism . . . Really

"I would like to thank you for taking the time after your workshop to work with me. It was extremely generous. I am a spiritual teacher too, but I could not completely see what I was needing at that time although I knew I was needing help. So thank you for seeing that. I do feel like that could not have been done by any other person or at any other time. I simply didn't realize that kind of healing was in store for me at that time. I had done so much work to clear that part of my history, I truly thought I was done. I am so used to being on a spiritual plane that it was a shock to be fully landed into my physical being. To me my session was an exorcism, fully. I thought I had looked at and transformed every piece of my stuff that was there. How is it possible to be in samadhi and still have this thing inside of me. And that is what it felt to me, a thing, not an idea or a concept or a belief that needed to be broken, but an entity. So how is it possible? I am trained in the Mystery Schools, I teach Kundalini, and I am a Shaman. I have studied all paths deeply and was even literally struck by lightning. And now, here I am here with an exorcism. Really? Yes really. And now, the effects are quite bizarre and astounding!!! I thought I would just wake up the next day and bounce right back to work like I always do after a healing. But I am feeling very fragile right now. So I realized that I need to integrate this healing a little bit at a time. I usually sleep only 5-6 hours followed by an hour of meditation when I wake up. Since our session, I have been sleeping 10 hours some nights, which I've never done before. Also, I am hungry like I never have been before, and I wish for someone's arms to be wrapped around me. I feel like I had been out of my body for most of my life but that I am now fully on the physical plane. Thank you, dearest one!"

--A, TX

Opening up to Love!

"I want to share with you my deep gratitude. I think I am loving again. I may even be opening into love. I am in awe over this man who has been presented in my life. He is a walking vibration of the heart. He is grounded, wise, full of gratitude everyday, and he flows with my rhythms and waves. He only wants to give and receive, he does not want to take anything from me. He keeps opening to higher levels of intimacy within his heart as I present my hand. I feel like a blessed woman and extremely fortunate to have received such a blessing. I have fear sometimes because I have never been in this type of relationship before and I am now exploring how to be a new woman. Everything I asked for (but was afraid did not exist in a man) I am now receiving. He is perfect for me in this moment. He honors me everyday and thinks I am the most beautiful woman, which brings me to tears. Michael thank you for helping me heal through our private sessions and for not giving up on me. I thought my wounds were too severe and that I was a lost cause. So thank you Michael for assisting me in receiving the divine blessings and the spiritual gifts I have received."

--D, CO

A New Body

"The Private Session was truly amazing. I feel like I have a new body. I could actually feel the blockages leaving when we were doing the bodywork. I've never experienced anything like that before€”at least not at such a deep level. I could see Michael's essence, which allowed me to trust and go with it. Now I feel different and lighter on all levels. I have come to understand that there is a limit to how much you can do on your own. I needed someone else to see the things I did not. Michael was able to show me where I was holding tension, that I needed more grounding and how to do it, and helped me to understand that I have never felt safe or valued."

--L, VA

Psychic Success!

"Dear Michael, Earlier this year you did a psychic reading for me and I've been meaning to extend my appreciation. The advice you gave me and observations you had were spot on. It's been an amazing year. Now I'm on my way to India."

--Catherine, TX

Painless and Light

"I was totally floored by my private session. For the rest of the day whenever I closed my eyes, my third eye was emblazoned with golden light. I could barely function on a mundane level. My back was no longer in pain; I felt a great sense of peace, and could not tell if my feet were touching the ground. Our session certainly surpassed all of my expectations. You are an Extra-extraordinary being-filled with love."

--N, MA

Tears of Joy

"In my private session with Michael, I was finally released from bondage. I laughed and cried tears of joy, as it became very apparent to me why I chose a past of multiple marriages and numerous sexual partners. I now understood that what I was searching for was not a relationship but instead was something sacred. I now know I do not have to sacrifice my body or act out in destructive ways to have something sacred. As I write this I can feel this awesome energy flowing through me, which is DIVINE ENERGY, the energy I had been seeking all along. I also now understand why I claimed this year to be my year of new birth. So I choose to no longer misdirect this Divine Energy in destructive manic ways; instead I will allow it to flow and birth the gifts of Spirit through me; Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Healthy Relationships, Health, Bliss! Another very important component to my healing was the conversation I had with my daughter on my way home. I was expressing my sincere gratitude for you and how grateful I was for honoring my intuitive voice to attend your workshop and have a private session. My daughter reminded me that I had always said that I wished I could meet a man I could love and respect but without being sexual. Then she pointed out that I have actually had this during the many years I have known you. What you have given to me Michael, no other man has, honor. Thank you for showing me what love and respect truly look like. Now I move forward, honoring myself, knowing what to create for myself. Namaste."


A New Life & Relationship!

"Thanks to you I've been seeing a guy now since April. He's wonderful, loving, and attentive. I know that all the personal work I've done and our sessions together, have helped me open up and feel comfortable with Men€“for the first time. It's amazing. This is my first long-term relationship with a man and it's going really well. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING. I can't tell you enough how much our work together has influenced my path. I think that I've called an amazing man into my life and I feel very lucky."

--D, MN

Touched By Compassion

"Hello Michael, I just wanted to write and thank you for the session we had in Lexington, MA. I wanted to tell you that I didn't know what was going to happen within the session but did not expect to be reduced to tears and a quivering mass of emotional jelly within the first fifteen minutes. I have never met someone who touched me so deeply within my soul and with such love and compassion. Thank you for your kindness and your big heart. Please keep up your great work."

--B, MA

A Miraculous Calm!

"Dear Michael: Thank you for the miracle of a session with you. The deep kindness of your healing touch is with me still. I have a sense of calm that I did not have before. I have no doubt that you reached and healed my wounded inner child. Now I will work to keep her strong. I will be forever grateful."

--Deborah, VA

Keeping Me On Track

"Thanks for making time for me/us today. You are an amazing individual and it was very refreshing and powerful being in the presence of someone as in touch and real as you. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I was reminded of my truth and what is important/real/divine in a world that's so quick to distract me from it. You are a blessing to the world and I look forward to being in your presence again."


--Thomas, TX

A Beacon of Love & Light

"Dear Michael: You are such a beacon of love and light to this world. I met you last year and did a private session wherein we discussed my career and my book that was waiting patiently to be birthed. I practiced the "homework" faithfully that you gave me regarding both of my issues and voila...I retired from my career and my new career as an author has blossomed! I am now having fun and inspiring others and being inspired myself as well. You impact the world greatly with your words, thoughts, and energy. I am grateful my son met you as well. You loved him as he was, knowing he was whole and complete. It truly made a difference in his life. God speed!"

--PB, MA

No More Pain!

"I am forever grateful to God for bringing you into my life. I told you that I had had an MRI, CT, sonogram of my back to try to figure out what was causing my pain. I could count on one hand how many nights I have slept without back pain, in 2 1/2 years, that is until you healed me. Michael, I don't know what you did but I have no more back pain, I mean NONE. I have not woken up in pain one time since you worked on me. I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. Not only have you healed my life emotionally & spiritually but you have healed me physically!"

--Robyn, CA


"Dear Lord.something shifted in me that was so huge during my session with Michael. The guides removed all of the self-esteem and trust issues inside my grid system, then replaced it with such high vibrational light and peace. It's incredible how the guides work through fast too! It's as if I see the world through new eyes. Healers like Michael are far and few between! He was able to get to the core of my issue within minutes of our session. I've never had a healing session from someone who knew the cause of my circumstance so quickly. He was able to release it and replace it with extremely high vibrational light in such a gentle and caring way. I see the truth more clearly now and finally know I will be able to complete my life purpose here on earth. Having one session with Michael is like having 10 sessions with the average healer. I don't know how to describe it, other than.something phenomenal occurs during a session with him. I'm still feeling several shifts but each day I feel stronger and more clear. Amazing!"

--KD, ?

Feeling Safe With A Male

"Dear Michael, I want to thank you for visiting us in Florida. I am more in touch with my inner guidance and am so glad I listened to it and scheduled a session with you. I would not normally feel comfortable asking for help from a man, but I felt perfectly safe with you. It was an amazing feeling that I can't EVER remember having. I was impressed by how quickly you pointed out my issues before I even spoke, and how you were able to pinpoint where I needed healing. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. We are truly blessed."

--Julie, FL

Healing My Sexual Issues!

"I just want to write you to THANK YOU again for the great change you gave to our life. I feel so much alive. My husband cannot believe what is happening to our sex life, nor can I. It feels like I am another person! I am no longer feeling the weird feelings I used to have when I am having sex with him or when he touches me. I used to hate it! I couldn't even kiss him. When he touched me I felt awful! And this was for many, many years! Furthermore, I had sex with my husband only as an act of duty for over ten years and even then, I would never kiss him. I couldn't! I felt sick to do it. Well tonight we had such a great time! I am FEELING SO NICE! I can now kiss him with passion! And we have fun having sex. Also, I am taking greater care of my body, my art is more expressive, and I am working with more passion. And really feel more alive than before. Thank you for helping me. You are really an angel of God!"

--P, ON