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Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss

Sacred Sexuality

A Manual for Living Bliss

Sacred Sexuality Book

Sacred Sexuality is a unique book in that it offers insights into how to live ecstatically by awakening your sensual self and sharing this presence with others, moment-by-moment. This book does not promote one particular style of sexuality over another. Instead, it is a synthesis of many of the ancient arts combined with modern principles of sex and sexual healing. Therefore, you will discover that this book is exciting and enticing, as well as powerful and healing.

While most books on the subject of sacred sexuality emphasize the need for men and women to love and respect their bodies, this book maintains that although you must love your body, you are not your body and, therefore, should not make it your primary focus. You are a soul, temporarily using your body as a vehicle of expression on your life’s journey. Hence, sacred sexuality is merely a tool for you to re-discover your soul (and the souls of others) by manifesting love through your body. Some spiritual teachings insist that you must set aside your body to find your soul. This book, on the other hand, shares the philosophy of A Course in Miracles, which suggests that before you can experience universal love, you must first remove the obstacles and judgments keeping it veiled. In other words, before you can feel your universal body, you must first love every particle of your physical body. Then, after lovingly reclaiming your total body and receiving the gift of love from the universe, you will discover that a whole new life awaits you.

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Sacred Sexuality
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