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Michael Mirdad, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and AuthorLife Changing Guidance and Soul-level Healing

PRIVATE SESSIONS: The sessions are individualized to suit the needs of each person. They can include: Healings (tension reduction, energy-system balancing, and/or trauma release) as well as Readings (life’s purpose, intuitive, and past-life). The Private Sessions consistently prove to be a powerful and safe means of accessing a person’s physical, emotional, and soul-level issues whether they stem from a past-life, childhood or current circumstances. It’s common for clients to be unsure of what they want from a session or to arrive with one particular goal in mind, only to discover that they end up gaining insights or healing in another area. Please keep an open mind and allow Spirit to assist in guiding us on the best direction for the highest good.

PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: My principal areas of expertise, experience and practice are individual counseling, relationship counseling and clearing issues related to trauma, abuse or even past lives. I am very experienced in numerous healing arts and bodywork. I also have numerous intuitive skills that we can utilize for your life-guidance. In combination, these skills make my sessions unique and very diverse which is essential since the traumas and questions of life are also quite diverse.

THE SESSIONS: My work, guidance and suggestions are just that. I am never telling you what to do but merely offering feedback. At times, the sessions are simple and comforting. Yet, since the questions, issues and traumas of humanity are so diverse…so too are the sessions. There are times when we will sit and do prayer and forgiveness work, while other times, there is bodywork done for relaxing stress or sometimes to release trauma (such as sexual abuse or other forms of physical abuse) stored in strategic parts of the body. My primary purpose is to keep you in a safe place while we walk together to that place within you where we meet your darkest and brightest aspects-bringing them to the Light where healing and guidance is the result.

RESPONSIBILITIES: It is your right and responsibility to decide whether or not to engage in a private session and to decide whether the session is suitable for you. You are ultimately in control of your session. If, at any time, you are not in agreement with the methods of healing, then it is your responsibility to stop the session. It is my responsibility to help you feel safe and to use whatever means are agreed upon to reach the issues at hand, as well as a place of trust, guidance and healing. Further, to clarify my role, I am simply with you as a guide or safe friend. I have no personal interests nor attachments with you nor the information that you divulge. It is my responsibility to be with you on many levels while remaining objective yet without being “detached.”

FOLLOW-UPS: Follow-ups are available. However, since I travel so often, I also strongly urge you to find a healer, doctor or counselor in your own area who will work with you on a consistent basis. Consistent support is as vital to healing as the dramatic, miraculous shifts.

SCHEDULING A SESSION: To schedule a Session use the payment link below.  Once payment is received, the office will contact you by email to schedule an appointment. You can also call our office at (360) 671-8349 or email us. If your situation is urgent, please specify in your message.


New clients: $120 for a 25 minute session

Returning clients: $100 for a 25 minute session

PRIVATE SESSION CONTRACT – Print, sign, and bring the Private Session Contract to your session.