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Possible Sunday Lectures

Possible Sunday Lectures

A Quantum Leap On Your Spiritual Path

There are two types of people on the spiritual path: students and masters. It is everyone’s destiny to move beyond being a student and instead become a living master. Masters know how to use the highest spiritual principles even when dealing with the daily issues of life. Masters do not covet nor wish for things; instead they use their power of will and choice to create Heaven on earth. The Bible says, “Ye are gods and goddesses” (i.e. masters). Now we must learn to live, think, feel, and act as such in every aspect of our lives.

A Return to Love

Our day-to-day life can easily make us forget who we are, as well as forget the loving, joyous, and abundant life we were meant to have. The Divine Vision and Intention God holds for you lies just on the other side of the veil of hurt and limitation that we’ve all created for ourselves. This new life is attained through the consistent practice of prayer, forgiveness, and self-worth.

Awakening Christ Consciousness

This is a workshop for learning how to awaken the inner Christ–as a Consciousness. This workshop offers lessons in Christ Consciousness, which include the following:

  • Initiations into Christ Consciousness through “mystery teachings” of Jesus (some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene).
  • The truth about Jesus’ “missing years” among the Essenes and the “Mystery Temples”
  • Channeled prayers for clearing your energy systems
  • Studies in symbolism and sacred geometry
  • Learning the secret keys to unlocking mystery teachings and sacred books
  • Discuss the various ancient and modern texts that most hold the frequency of Christ Consciousness

It’s Time for a Change

Michael’s stirring message offers us that all of life’s lessons and healings are done either the easy way or the hard way but learning is guaranteed –one way or the other– as it is our destiny to “grow to Heaven.” One of the primary forces for bringing forward our lessons and growth is that of “change.” Change, when guided by Spirit, brings to us an opportunity for growth, healing, and plenty of inspiration for creativity and renewal. At this time in our evolution we are experiencing greater changes (and on more levels) than ever before in history. It is up to us to choose what we do with these opportunities and whether we move through these times the easy way (with love, trust, and celebration) or the hard way (with anger, fear, and resistance.)

It’s Time for Your Miracle

Miracles are moments wherein God/Spirit is being anchored into the earth plane and/or into our lives. Miracles are God’s answers to our many needs and prayers. And, because miracles are gifts from God, they are always available to us at our asking—provided we know how to ask. So why, then, do we not see miracles on a more frequent and consistent basis? To experience miracles (of any kind), we must first live a life of miracle-mindedness, which includes healing the past, practicing the art of forgiveness, setting our “little self” aside, and learning to “get out of the way.”

Living the Christ Life

This is a highly inspirational message that leaves the attendee with a renewed connection to Christ and the recognition that we all undergo the same initiations as Jesus, in our own, personal awakening process. Re-ignite a loving relationship with your Creator and allow the “Christ” that was born in Jesus, be born in you as well. It’s your destiny to live fully in the light of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance. Using references from many thought-systems and traditions, Michael Mirdad shows us how to “Live the Christ Life” on an everyday, practical basis and in every form from parenting to partnering. This is not a religious or dogmatic talk but rather a spontaneous, inspired experience that will equally be felt and experienced, as much as being heard. Affirmation: “It is my destiny to live fully in the light of Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance of God”

Living the Joyous Life

Joy doesn’t come to us by accident nor by chance. Instead, the Spirit of Joy is something we must choose and nurture on a regular basis. Furthermore, Joy is the natural result of consistently doing ones personal healing work. This talk discusses the steps necessary to nurturing Joy in our life.

The Heart of A Course in Miracles

Learn how to understanding and apply the 12 Primary Concepts of the one of the most advanced spiritual teachings ever written–A Course in Miracles. This mini-workshop is great for students and non-students of the Course, as it reviews some of the deepest spiritual concepts known to mankind. The topics include:

  • Bliss & Oneness vs. Separation
  • Love vs. Fear
  • The Holy Spirit vs. the Ego
  • Forgiveness vs. Judgment
  • Innocence vs. Guilt and Shame
  • Reality vs. Illusion
  • Responsibility vs. Projecting
  • The Spiritual World vs. The Material World
  • The Unlimited Soul vs. The Limited Body
  • Holy Relationships vs. Special Relationships