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Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer,
Mystic, and Best-Selling Author
An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality

An Introduction to Tantra
and Sacred Sexuality

Intro to Tantra


An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality explains that we do not have to be in a relationship to enjoy, explore and apply sacred sexuality or this book. Sacred Sexuality opens you to experiencing levels of ecstatic bliss and unconditional love and, most importantly, bringing these experiences into your daily life—for yourself and others. Ultimately, it opens you to living bliss, not just feeling it. This ecstatic vibration translates into consistently feeling unconditional love for all people and things, which is why it is called “the path of living bliss.”

Quotes from the Book

sacred sexuality
sexuality worthy of being called sacred
higher selves and souls
soul's journey
we are the other person
fully alive in our body
when we feel good about ourselves
Glorious spiritual beings
Embodiment of Love


Comes from the Heart

“Michael Mirdad’s writings on Tantra should be on every Tantra bookshelf. It is obvious that he speaks from his own rich experience, which is rare. Michael Mirdad comes from the heart and ‘Only the pure in heart shall see the truth of Tantra.’ Michael has walked the path.”

—David A. Ramsdale, author, Sexual Energy Ecstacy

Wisdom and a Sense of Humor

"Wow!!! What a book! Step by step intro to Sacred Sexuality, written with wisdom and a sense of humor. I never knew there was so much to learn about the sacred aspect of sexuality. As for Tantra Sexuality, I can't imagine a more knowlegable book to read on the subject. I recommend it to everyone who is at all interested in this subject."

--Linda, ?

Simple and Enlightening Teaching

"A very special book that infuses the spiritual aspect of the person with the physical in a most balanced and healthy way in touching all aspects of our sexuality. It focuses on respect and love of the other as much as the self; this book presents a well balanced approach to a delicate subject. It is a manual for living a more harmonious sexual life with spiritual grace and to reclaim the total body experience about which most people have very little knowledge. I gave it to my teenage son as a gift. This manual should become mandatory reading in every high school so as to make the future generation aware of the importance of honoring one's body in a sexual sharing context and for a healthy transition into adulthood. I also recommend it to any age group as the manual takes into consideration all facets of sexuality and insists on the experience of rediscovering the soul by manifesting love through the body. Michael Mirdad is a rare egoless teacher who honors each individual's aspiration to return to a more balanced and healthy sexual life even after trauma and abuse. Michael challenges us to live in the aliveness of the present moment by choosing to experience our sexuality in a state of grace."

--Elisabeth, ?

Expand your Awareness

"This wonderful little book introduces so much information about sacred sexuality and tantra, but is also easy for a novice to read and understand. The history, required elements, and healing benefits of sacred sexuality, as well as basic foundations for self-awareness and intimacy with others are taught with depth, simplicity and reverence. If you are new to exploring sacred sexuality, or are looking for a concise book without complicated instructions, this book is an excellent resource for you. If you are ready to incorporate techniques and practices, I recommend reading Sacred Sexuality: A Manual for Living Bliss. It is much of the same material as this book with very expanded sections on self-awareness and intimacy practices and techniques, sexual anatomy, etc.

The sacred sexual experience becomes an arena in which to be playful, spontaneous, nonjudgemental, and above all, loving...[it] urges you to expand your awareness, connection and and understanding of who and what you are...glorious, spiritual beings capable of experiencing bliss beyond the body's ability to contain. Michael Mirdad's writings sincerely reflect his deep spirituality, expansive knowledge, and genuine compassion."

--MB, ?

Discovery of Ourselves

"This is a book on the topic of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra that is full of information yet graced with an ease of reading. It is perfect for someone just stepping into the discovery of ourselves as sexual beings on a spiritual level as well as those experienced in the Tantric ways. I very much appreciate the depths of Michael Mirdad's knowledge displayed in a simple and concise manner. Easy to grasp and easy to apply! It is beautifully written and a delight to read."

--Nancy, ?

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