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Sedona 5-Day Mastery and Healing Intensive Program

Spiritual Mastery and Healing Intensive in SedonaThis intensive combines the Healing & Living Mastery workshops into one information-packed, life-transforming 5-day intensive. You will never find a single event that offers so much! In this one course, you will discover how to get clearer guidance, receive and develop healing skills, experience many amazing teachings and insights, love and trust yourself, create fulfilling relationships and live a life that reflects your higher self in mind, body and soul. Mastery & Healing is for students and teachers of spirituality who are ready to manifest a spiritual, integrated, balanced, and prosperous life, as well as learning how to bring God and spiritual learning into daily life and activities.

Michael Mirdad's 5-day intensive retreats are unlike anything you've ever experienced before. If you read through the testimonials you'll frequently come across phrases like "life transforming," "most incredible retreat ever," "incredibly healing experience,"  "surpassed my every expectation" and more. Each intensive uses lecture, activities, discussion and various healing approaches to catapult you to new heights of spiritual understanding and integration.

Mastery & Healing Testimonials

A Fountain of Love

"There is so much to write, yet there are no words for me, only the imprint on my heart and soul in a feeling, ineffable! I left with a fountain of love and joy to share with the world. I would so like to share my private feelings in regards to the unfolding process of this love and joy, when I come down from Cloud #9. I really enjoyed the whole retreat. For me it was the fellowship and the Communion with the All Mighty. There was a feeling of radiance that was a constant. Loved that! On an empathic level, the interpretation of the heart is so hard to put into simple words. It can only be felt with an open heart, mind, and Soul. There were rushes and calms of elation, visceral sensations that sent me into verbs of ecstasy and bliss. Loved the Garden! I would so love to speak to the architect who did the design in regards to why this and why that. It was very inspirational and sensational."

--Vicki, TX

Helping Others

"What struck me most in my too brief time with the group was how self-assured they all were as healers. The paired breath-work that we did is often just overwhelming for people the first time they do it, so that individuals have little to offer their partners. As I drifted around the room, I felt like every breather was in very good hands. The lesson that I hope everybody took with them is that you really shouldn't wait until you've 'got it all together to start helping others. What people need is YOU, just the way you are, this moment, every moment. Keep breathing!"

--Michael Sky, Author and Breath-worker

Quest for Healing

"Michael's workshops are life changing. Doing his work has taken me from mild depression, unhealthy relationships, lack of direction and self-confidence to a thriving new life in almost every way. If applied the concepts from this workshop have the power to radically change one's life. Between creating mission statements to learning how to enhance my daily meditations, I have plenty of new momentum for creating even more of what I want in my life. Michael's workshops simply are the best investments I have made in my quest for healing and fulfillment."

--Rachel, TX

Phenomenal Experience

"Wow! What a phenomenal experience. This was certainly the most balanced workshop I have ever had the privilege to attend. From the Qigong and yoga through the energy work and visualization to the very cool cloud-busting and exceptional lectures, it was without a doubt an all encompassing event. It fed my physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual self. Each day was filled with many opportunities to integrate the concepts taught through a variety of well thought out hands-on activities. Indeed, from the magical beauty and serenity of the retreat's 10 acre landscape (including pond, waterfall, woods, labyrinth, and gardens) to the illuminating lectures, the Mastery workshop raised my consciousness and gave me a new masterful lease on life. I am so grateful to God for inspiring you to create such a place that the rest of us can go to for the nurturing support and clarity needed as we journey on our spiritual paths. This workshop has taught me that mastery doesn't mean waiting for everything to be perfect, but that a true master lives each day to the fullest, keeping a balance between 'knowing the truth, and respecting the illusion."

--Joey, Canada

Whole New Level

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience. I have always carried a great amount of frustration toward the traditional education on one hand and the traditional concept of vacation on the other hand. This workshop incorporated both, as it took my experience to a whole new level.a conscious life experience, which dismantled the usual pain of going back to my 'real life, as I brought the real life with me. From the airport I had to jump right into my work place, but it still felt that I had never left Sedona, and my fellow students, and all that made these few days a lifetime event of love, peace and joy."

--Vesela, ?


"I can honestly say I have never had an experience like this Mastery Workshop. The five days I spent with Michael and the group were intense, insightful, and thrilling. The highlights for me included the exercise for healing childhood, cloud busting, tracking, and of course, the water-balloon fight. I came with high expectations but this far exceeded anything I imagined."

--Beverly, ?

Feel So Excited

"WOW!!! What an amazing experience!!! I am still processing, but I truly see things changing so drastically in my life already and I have only been home for two days. Nothing is the same for me the way that I think, feel, act, etc. It's like a big fat eraser took everything away and now I am open for everything new. One thing is that I have had a disconnection with my daughter for quite some time now, when I got home, the love that was still flourishing through me that I received from everyone there came out of me and was given to my daughter in a big hug. She said to Grandma 'My mommy is so different, she loves me now!!! That was just amazing!!! Everyone here at home has said that I seem so different, sound different, and look different. I just feel so excited, refreshed, renewed and ready for more. I have already made airline arrangements for the next workshop!!!"

--Shelly, TX


Awakening Christ Consciousness Online IntensiveAwakening Christ Consciousness

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