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Online Courses

Online Courses

  • Returning to the Heart of a Course in Miracles

  • Consciously Co-Creating a New Life

    There comes a time when every beginner or advanced student on the path is ready to take their life to a new level. The path to a fulfilling life has two parts: healing the past and re-building the future. This is not just another program for improving your life but instead is possibly the best&helli...

  • Creating Fulfilling Relationships

    A 4-Week Online Course with Michael Mirdad It’s time to learn how to have a fulfilling, loving, and healthy experience in every area of life, including relationships. In this intensive online program (which can also be seen in person at Unity of Sedona), Michael Mirdad will lead you through a ...

  • Love and Forgiveness

    A 4-Week Online Course with Michael Mirdad This is not just a course about love and forgiveness. It certainly clarifies these topics, but more importantly, it takes us through the process of loving and forgiving. So you will come to understand and experience what love and forgiveness truly are and a...

  • The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path Online Course

    The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path tells us that we are all “spiritual beings.” Therefore, every path we walk is a spiritual path, and all paths ultimately lead Home. There are no exceptions! The only difference is whether or not we are conscious participants on our journeys. However, b...