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Online Courses

Online Courses

Here is a list of upcoming online courses with Michael Mirdad. These classes can be attended in-person at Unity of Sedona, or online through our interactive live course broadcasts. To see dates and times of upcoming classes, check the events calendar. To be notified of new courses, please sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Awakening Christ Consciousness Online Intensive

This course is now offered as a 4-day online intensive that can be taken anywhere.

This intensive online course for students and teachers of Christ Consciousness teaches attendees to connect with their True (Christ) Self and deeper levels of spiritual awareness. This program also includes initiations into Christ Consciousness through rarely understood mystery teachings of Jesus–some of which were transferred to Mary Magdalene, clearing of  energy centers (chakras), the secret teachings of Christ, Jesus’ missing years amongst the Essenes and the Mystery Temples, and experiencing your own spiritual baptism.

Consciously Co-Creating a New Life Online CourseThere comes a time when every beginner or advanced student on the path is ready to take their life to a new level. The path to a fulfilling life has two parts: healing the past and re-building the future. This is not just another class for improving your life, but instead is possibly the best program on this topic ever created. This in-depth online course, which is efficient and yet powerfully effective, guides you to co-create the best life possible through a series of live interactive class sessions and online study materials.

Creating Fulfilling Relationships Online Course

It’s time to learn how to have a fulfilling, loving, and healthy experience in every area of life, including relationships. In this intensive online program, Michael Mirdad will lead you through a four-week course designed to improve numerous aspects of your life and relationships. Michael will cover topics related to all forms of relationships, ranging from friends and partners to work-mates and family members. You will gain the equivalent of years of relationship work and study, as well as self-healing.

The Dark Night of the Soul Online Course

The “Dark Night” is a period of our lives when our soul has decided that it’s time for us to journey within, so we can discover what parts of us need to be healed, transformed, and/or released. This latest online course not only helps you to better understand and navigate the “Dark Night” but also explains how to reach the “Light at the End of the Tunnel” and how to bring that Light into the world and into the lives of others.

Developing the Inner Christ Online Course

This 12-week course for students and teachers of Christ Consciousness covers advanced teachings and spiritual concepts, as well as profound levels of personal application. Students learn to clear their consciousness centers (chakras) and live a life that reflects their Higher Self in every way possible. As initiates, students will develop a direct connection to the soul consciousness of Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene, and the angelic kingdom.

Healing the Heart and Soul Online Course

Healing the Heart & Soul offers the essential ingredients for personal life transformation, as well as  understanding why some people don’t seem to heal. It covers the roles of forgiveness, mirroring, and miracles in healing. Then it shares the specific technique of the five-step, Soul-Level Healing Process that will uncover the “real” cause (or causes) hidden behind any particular challenge or problem (physical, emotional, mental, financial, and even within relationships),  making room for true transformation and healing.

Love and Forgiveness Online CourseThis is not just a course about love and forgiveness. It certainly clarifies these topics, but more importantly, it takes us through the process of loving and forgiving. So you will come to understand and experience what love and forgiveness truly are and are not. You will come to know that love is who we are, and that forgiveness is what love does. In effect, you will become far more the embodiment of love and forgiveness—which is our most important purpose on earth.

Prayer and Meditation Online CourseThe prayer and meditation course will be available in 2019.

Sacred Sexuality Online Course

This course offers insights to heal sexual issues rooted in the past and awaken your sensual self, moment-by-moment. You do not have to be in a relationship to explore sexual healing or sacred sexuality. Sacred Sexuality opens you to  levels of ecstatic bliss and unconditional love, bringing these experiences into daily life for yourself and others. This is living bliss, not just feeling it. This ecstatic vibration translates into unconditional love for all people and things, which is why it is called “the path of living bliss.”

The Heart of A Course in Miracles Online CourseA Course in Miracles is possibly the most important expression of spiritual consciousness of our time, and is part of the foundation of nearly every spiritual teacher today. Nevertheless, many students  find the numerous interpretations of the Course to be too intellectual and confusing. This course introduces the 12 primary concepts of the Course in a powerful, clear, and applicable manner. It brings the heart and soul back in to the Course – as it was originally intended.

The Revelation of Our Divine Nature Online CourseThis one-of-a-kind online course offers the deepest studies one can imagine in an online course. We will explore the most important book ever written for understanding the actual process of awakening to the Inner Christ or our Divine Self. We will learn how to translate the Book of Revelation to uncover the predictions for our literal future, as well as how to translate the Revelation to understand our spiritual unfoldment. This course will NOT be just heard but will actually be experienced.

7 Initiations on the Spiritual Path Online CourseThe Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path tells us that we are all “spiritual beings.” Therefore, every path we walk is a spiritual path. The only difference is whether or not we are conscious participants on our journeys. Being conscious offers a quantum leap forward on these evolutionary journeys and allows us to learn life’s lessons the “easy way” versus the “hard way.” You will no longer see your life through a dark glass. Your mind will be opened, your heart released, and your spirit expanded far beyond their ordinary boundaries.