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A Freaky Peacefulness

A Freaky Peacefulness

“Michael, I finished reading ‘You’re Not Going Crazy, You’re Just Waking Up” a few days ago, and I wanted to thank you for writing such an insightful book. I loved it. It’s also one of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen. Since my life ceased to be recognizable, that is, over the past couple years, there have been a few teachers who have helped me immeasurably, and you are one of them. I guess it has to do with how the message is delivered. I’ve listened to a few of your sermons (on the Web) and your delivery makes me smile every time. Your sense of the absurd cracks me up and makes me think, and the stuff I learn while I’m laughing and feeling good is the stuff that seems to stick. You are so good at what you do!!! Many thank-yous for helping to make my journey a little bit easier. To be perfectly honest, the sense of peace that I feel inside is kind of freaking me out. It’s been with me for a couple months now and for the most part, it hasn’t gone away. I feel like my mind’s been taken over by an entity that is much saner than I ever was. So much more to learn . . . but in a strange way I feel like I’m already there.”

–Pam, ?

December 30, 2017