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Mystic, and Best-Selling Author
A Rush of Golden Light

A Rush of Golden Light

“Michael, when I first visited Sedona, I had never heard of you, nor previously read any of your books. I knew nothing of your history; no videos, no teachings, no healings, nor your affiliation with Unity of Sedona. But someone I met randomly suggested I attend one of the Sacred Services at Unity of Sedona. So I did . . . for a few weeks. And I listened and wept often at the prayers, and the Truth in your messages. My Spirit guides audibly confirming my steps as I knew in my heart I was walking over the bridge of my old beliefs. At a later time, I experienced a rush of golden Light expand out of my solar plexus towards you, giving you the message of ‘I love you.’ Then, telepathically I heard your reply ‘you don’t love ME; you love the God in me.’ And so it was, and Is. Thank. You.”

–L, ?