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An Inspiration

An Inspiration

“This book will be an inspiration to anybody who has had a troublesome life. To anybody who is dealing with major issues that make you feel like you’re losing it. Michael Mirdad has a very simple message:

You’re not going crazy… you’re just waking up!

In his view of the soul transformation process there are five stages, which I think many people will recognize:

Dismantling: when your life seems to be falling apart.

Emptiness: when your emotions catch up with all the changes and you feel depressed and alone

Disorientation: when your mind tries to make sense of it all, and can not.

Re-building: when hope comes into your life because things are starting to change.

A new life in which you’ll probably be making new mistakes and get caught up in new illusions.”

GreatSpiritualBooks.com August 14, 2015