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Exciting New Journey Inspired

Exciting New Journey Inspired

“I think what really inspired me to write this testimonial was the fact that I have been going to Unity in Mesa for nearly 10 years but now our minister has had some serious health issues and had to retire and is now in Hospice. When I heard this, I just started sobbing in church. It affected me and of course most of the others who were there and I just started sobbing. There was absolutely no religion in my childhood home. I think it was when I started reading A Course in Miracles and A Return to Love that my life totally changed. forever. Then, I started attending Unity of Mesa and have been going ever since. When Michael Mirdad came to Unity as a guest speaker, my life again was changed and I was so inspired and affected that I have never been the same. I’m sure so many others felt the same way. Of course I purchased several of his books and felt that I was home.”