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Extraordinary Opportunity

Extraordinary Opportunity

The Healing Intensive is an extraordinary opportunity for people to learn, practice and experience first-hand a variety of simple but powerful techniques to heal the body, mind and spirit. Michael’s authentically holistic approach to health encourages healing at the soul level, which accomplishes thorough and complete healing and release of physical and emotional trauma and abuse. The attendees learned to clear issues from the body and mind from traumas involving anger, terror, grief, abandonment, rejection, frustration, and fear. Besides learning hands-on healing techniques like EFT, massage, acupressure, and Reiki, we also learned techniques for tracking emotions, beliefs, and pain, care of the body, meditation and prayer for healing and spiritual refilling. This healing workshop showed us all how to create a joyful, productive, and abundant life. Michael’s teaching style is highly motivational, deeply inspired, loving, compassionate, injected with lightness and humor and at all the right times. Healing ourselves and others is the most important work we can do, and Michael makes powerful techniques accessible to everyone willing to learn and grow.

Martha VA August 15, 2015