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Feel So Excited

Feel So Excited

WOW!!! What an amazing experience!!! I am still processing, but I truly see things changing so drastically in my life already and I have only been home for two days. Nothing is the same for me the way that I think, feel, act, etc. It’s like a big fat eraser took everything away and now I am open for everything new. One thing is that I have had a disconnection with my daughter for quite some time now, when I got home, the love that was still flourishing through me that I received from everyone there came out of me and was given to my daughter in a big hug. She said to Grandma “My mommy is so different, she loves me now!!! That was just amazing!!! Everyone here at home has said that I seem so different, sound different, and look different. I just feel so excited, refreshed, renewed and ready for more. I have already made airline arrangements for the next workshop!!!

Shelly TX August 19, 2015