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Getting My Husband On Board

Getting My Husband On Board

Dear Michael, I want to send you a note of thanks for our session last month when you were in MA. Although, I had a couple of emotional days following, acknowledging the reasons why I was so depressed all the time– knowing I had to do something about it. So I began to make some positive changes in my life with my husband. You advised me to get him to step up and take a more active role. Well he complained a little but agrees to help. I keep hearing your voice saying “it’s going to take baby steps,” so I don’t go crazy when he complains, I just stand firm and tell him he needs to do this. He thinks I’m going a little weird on him but I explained this process I’m going through is to help me come to peace within myself I am hoping that through this spiritual journey that I can become stronger and make changes within myself that will lead to a better relationship with him. Thank you once again for helping me to gain some inner strength and make some positive changes in my life.

D MA August 10, 2015