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I Feel Divine

I Feel Divine

As I write this, I feel my crown chakra buzzing pleasantly. My heart-expanding. Towards everybody, everything, and most importantly, towards Myself. I feel the intense heat of Spirit flowing through me, and know I’m connected, and more amazingly, know I will always be this connected whenever I want. And I’ve got a feeling I will be wanting more and more . . . Yesterday, a friend called and I almost blurted, “I feel Divine!” instead of “I am fine.” Gentler I am, with myself. And I know what to do, when a friend asks for helps. Confidently, I instinctively sent EFT healing. And I know it helped. I could feel it, feel her sigh, lean back into the warmth and love. I also appreciated how Michael addressed each problem as it arose; good leadership.

Lisanne FL August 19, 2015