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Indeed a Master

Indeed a Master

Dear Michael and Grail Staff: I wanted to send you thanks for another amazing and transformative 5-Day intensive! The Mastery workshop was nothing short of life changing! From the first day as we went through the key attributes and concepts of mastery we were encouraged to pay attention to everything we did throughout the workshop and ask ourselves how we do, or could, apply the mastery concepts. From there—it was all out learning, work, and play! I particularly found the rope-course an amazing learning experience. I was not afraid nor did I question my ability to complete the rope course until I got to the top, stepped onto the first log to cross which was about 6 inches wide and 50 feet or so off the ground, and I realized I was scared to death! Halfway through the course I was exhausted and did not think I could finish. Then I remembered what we talked about the previous day; wait for inspiration, focus, and go. I was able to do this by breathing in peace and love (God), and with the help of Michael, and numerous masters-in-training who verbally supported me from the ground or physically from the course itself, I was able to make it all the way through! I definitely did not go it alone. The rope course was my life—I could go it alone and struggle, or accept the support of the people on the journey with me and find a deep experience of trust, connection, and accomplishment. When I call in the right people, those with a common purpose and connection to God, I can trust they will be there for me with support and love. The life chart we did on the final day really tied the five days together so clearly. It was such a helpful way to look at the various aspects of my life, and map out where I want to go, and what I need to do to get there—with God in the center of all I do. A special thank you Michael. Your tireless efforts to help others know themselves and remember God are like none I have ever seen or experienced. You truly orchestrated the Mastery workshop like piece of music pulling from many resources and blending it seamlessly. You are indeed a Master!

Beth August 19, 2015