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Love Your Bridging Analogy

Love Your Bridging Analogy

Michael, Thank you for the wonderful talk at Unity this past Sunday. I love and relate to your bridging analogy. I didn’t realize it before but this has been what was happening in the healings that I have been a part of. It is now clear that bridging is really a much better way to describe it. It feels much better and more accurate. And I really get that this is my purpose. At the “Buddhist relics” event today, I could see God in each person so clearly. It’s easier when they are coming to a place with such strong spiritual intentions. The veil is much thinner. As you described, there is God in each person but the personality, ego, small self, etc., sometimes is so large, dominant, and in your face, that it’s very hard to see God. And then our own ego-self becomes very dominant in reaction to this. Not much good can come of this. But today it was very much God everywhere and it was wonderful.


- P December 10, 2014