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My Husband Thanks You

My Husband Thanks You

Michael, I will remember you with love and gratitude always. I feel like a totally different person—the fear is gone and it is really a new place for me to be. I have had several instances that I would have had much fear and there was absolutely none. Instead, I felt strong and confident. It is so awesome! I find myself crying with such gratitude and love that I don’t have to carry that with me anymore. I can actually breathe and know that I am breathing . . . I can feel my heartbeat . . . There is no more pain at all . . . No more pain!!! Thank you God! The great thing is that when I told my husband about the session, he listened with tears in his eyes and he couldn’t wait to hear more. We are anxious to begin our new relationship, using your suggestions, and I just know in my heart that I am going to be able to finally be present! Lastly, the exercises you gave me have already been having an effect on me. I am also actually beginning to feel sensations in my lower body . . . it is so exciting since I have not inhabited that part of my body in many, many years! It feels fabulous! So, thank you to God and thank you Michael for giving of yourself to help me.

Ginger NY August 10, 2015