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As a result of this profound workshop, I have opened up…frozen emotions are surfacing to finally thaw out. I am at peace with myself; determined to change the direction of my life and create a more holistic, God-centered way of living. With greater self-confidence, I see my life as filled with boundless opportunities unfolding before me: opportunities to heal, grow and experience love and abundance in everything. Had I not experienced it first hand, I would not have believed that a 5-day intensive workshop could have such an incredible effect on my life . . . and so quickly. I already recognize subtle differences in the way that I speak to people, being able to clearly and yet lovingly set boundaries for myself and I have a greater focus and ability to move through things (work, personal obligations) with greater fluidity and clarity. This workshop has awakened my body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit! WOW! I am ALIVE AGAIN, and I am loving it!

Yolanda ONT August 19, 2015