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Profound Material

Profound Material

“I’ve always been impressed by the teachings and healing of Michael Mirdad. I am now aware that he is also able to bring the same profound material through his writings as well. I am very much used to having a healing experience occur when I have been in a private session with Michael but I was not ready for the healings that were going to take place over the next days as I read his book, The Seven Initiations on the Spiritual Path. I was amazed to experience profound enlightenment with every chapter. What’s even more profound are the many insights and revelations the book was bringing me. I have read many books, and I have attended many seminars, certifications, workshops, and private healings, but I have never had the chakras explained in the way Michael has in this book. What valuable information! I have worked with the chakras in my own life and personal business, but only viewed the chakras as energy vortexes within our bodies. The Seven Initiations . . . teaches that chakras are not just energy points, but are also the means through which we manifest Divine Lessons in our lives. Being able to identify what chakra I have manifested the Divine Lesson in, gives me great insight to what area of my life is being offered an opportunity to heal and evolve. Some books you read then pass on. This book will remain in my collection, because I know I will be returning to it again, and again for reference.

–Cathy, OH August 14, 2015