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Reestablished Connections

Reestablished Connections

After committing to this workshop, I questioned myself as to the practicality of such an adventure. I felt it to be somewhat selfish and irresponsible to take time off from school, making money and my family. But thankfully a good friend had recommended Michael’s books and workshops and so I chose to trust the moment and intuitively felt it to be a necessity. The past 5 days have forever changed my life. I cannot adequately express the appreciation and gratitude for the many gifts that I have received during this time. The abundance of hope, love, spirit, and resources provided were/are invaluable. In addition to addressing issues that have permeated my life, this workshop has reintroduced practices that I had unintentionally discarded, while also introducing new material that I had always wished to explore. This amazing comprehensive workshop incorporated a phenomenal collection of healing modules that blew me away. I still cannot conceive how so many practices were incorporated with such quality and professionalism in such a short time. This concise methodical, purposeful approach to healing was presented in a progression of events with utmost integrity to ones pain while also infusing creativity, spontaneity and humor. The gardens, the woods and the place itself, felt like Heaven on Earth. I felt peace for the first time in a very long while. The group of people involved also blew me away. The individuality and beauty of each one was an integral part of the experience. I feel like I have reestablished connections and made new friends for life.

Karen FL August 15, 2015