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So Honored

So Honored

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to experience five of the most amazing days of my life, while attending the Mastery Workshop. Michael Mirdad is such a gifted teacher with such ability to inspire and challenge each and every one of us from within. He introduced us to our higher self and ignited our relationship with the Christ Consciousness. From the very first moment we arrived, an authentic God light embraced us. The hospitality, which was so comforting, created such an incredibly safe space. As a healer I especially embraced the healing arts such as acupressure and cranial therapy. Physically, I became aware of my strength and endurance through rock climbing, yoga and the obstacle course. Mentally, I was challenged doing exercises in cloud busting, seeing auras and learning the importance of focusing and to “divide and conquer” life’s obstacles. Emotionally, I embraced exercises such as Past Life Regression and Sufi Dancing; while allowing the deepest places of my soul to surface and become exposed, feeling and sharing in the oneness. Learning the progression of my Soul’s journey and the heart aspect of human consciousness was fascinating. I also loved using creative visualization. Spiritually, I was empowered by the importance of letting go and letting God live through me every instant of my life, as we learned effective prayer and affirmation. As Gandhi once said, “What is obtained by love is retained for all time.”

Janet NY August 19, 2015