Renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer,
Mystic, and Best-Selling Author
Spiritual Teacher of the Highest Order

Spiritual Teacher of the Highest Order

Don’t let his outwardly fun personality fool you. Michael Mirdad is master and spiritual teacher of the highest order. I was able to ask questions about God, meaning, purpose, and how to integrate varying beliefs about spirituality and physicality with practicality and woke me right up! Here are just a few transformations I experienced from attending: 1) Seeing content behind form and the connection of all things clearly, resulting in mind-blowing awareness and intuition; 2) How to achieve mastery over the ego through every phase of thought and movement; and 3) Trust, in the ultimate sense, availing myself to God for the highest good of all (hint: also my highest good). I would now tell anyone else, DON’T WALK, BUT RUN TO A MICHAEL MIRDAD WORKSHOP!


Bettye NY May 26, 2017