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Your 5-Step Soul-Level Healing Process Works

Your 5-Step Soul-Level Healing Process Works

“Michael, I write to once again thank you and express deep gratitude for the 5-Step Soul-Level Healing Process (found in your Healing the Heart & Soul book). I needed it today and implemented it through rage and tears once again upon my family members. Both of my siblings had been sick and I took care of them but then when I got sick, they both abandon me. They have different values than I do about family.  My understanding is God gave us families to be support and help and strength to one another when we go through adversity. I was in a lot of physical and emotional pain around this and so I did the 5-step process. It took a few hours for it to trickle down and through into me, and it was like cool healing waters. It was like all the promises in the Bible about the giving Love of God and Christ. My heart became full and happy once again, I lost my rage, and even the fog in my mind that was scaring me about my illness went away. Then I was able to get a lot of work done, and just started putting one foot ahead of the next in all the work and planning I have to do to try and get moved. I am happy and at peace again, and feel full. All the suffering I have been through is worth it if it has led me to this wonderful place of being able to connect to God. I am so grateful. Best Wishes to you and all the people whose lives you touch.”


December 30, 2017