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Secret Power of the Spoken Word

Secret Power of the Spoken Word

Although most people do not consciously realize it, one of the best ways to diffuse energy about something is to talk about it. You may have noticed, for example, that when you are hurting inside about something but then talk about it, it tends to lessen the pain. Unfortunately there is also a down side to “talking” about some things. For example, it also is true that sometimes when you are making plans based on an idea or inspiration, talking about it can lessen the momentum, because you have allowed the creative energy of the thought to leak out through your words. This is why so many masters taught the world to keep their ideas to themselves until the time for manifesting the fruits of your inspiration was ripe for harvest. This is also why the word, “secret” is so closely rooted to the word, “sacred.” We should learn to have healthy, sacred thoughts or ideas that should not be discussed openly, as it would deplete the energy and motivation behind the idea. Of course we are not supporting the concept of keeping ego-based secrets related to hurts and hurtfulness.

In relation to coming earth changes, one reason we opted to write openly about this was to help diffuse the energy around it. In other words, if we allow people to openly recognize the possibility of such changes (or anything else we fear–for that matter), it actually helps diffuse the power it might have had over us AND also helps diffuse the energy behind its creation. So, although speaking and writing about such things is commonly feared to be a negative thing to do, this concern is mostly harbored by students on the spiritual path who only understand one dimension of the laws of how creative thought works. Such people assume that if we think or say something, it will add to the possibility of its manifestation, which is indeed true, but only in the most basic sense.

Increasing the chances of manifesting our thoughts comes not from merely speaking or thinking a thing as much as from the core beliefs behind such statements. The more intensely you believe something, the more likely it is to manifest. This is why it is sometimes important to warn people of problems looming on the horizon. When we accurately pick up on future events, the best thing we can do with those insights is tell people about them so that they might have a chance to change the beliefs held by those people that are causing the potential issue.

Another important tool for changing present and future events is the use of “decrees.” A decree is a lot like an affirmation in that it seems like a short prayer and uses positive terminology. But decrees are far more. A decree is not a mere thought or prayer but rather is more like a love-based, spiritual command, spoken from a place of power and authority–which comes only when a person is centered in their divinity and speaking the power of God into their creation. So although it is sometimes very good to discuss “negative” things, thus diffusing their energy, it is only a good idea to decree (speak with commanding power God) things of a “positive” nature. This is why I (and the group who went on the sacred sites tour) wrote/spoke about the potential of coming earth changes (particularly for the Pacific Northwest) but used decrees to help heal ourselves and the earth.

On that note, please know that in our next e-newsletter we will share some notes with you from our recent Sacred Sites trip to England. In the meantime, however, the prayer of our group (and of many other lightworkers throughout the planet) is to alter the core-beliefs in anyone who is contributing to upcoming earth changes. So, let’s all join forces and perhaps talk a little with our friends about potential changes coming to earth–thus dispersing some energy. You can also try using prayer and/or decrees as a positive approach to shifting a potential problem. At this time, the predictions we shared in our last email (particularly related to the Pacific Nortwest) are still holding a strong vibration for yet another few weeks. Let’s do our part to create a shift in this potential.